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I was recently asked when I got my start as a life coach, and how it is that I know what I know about how to assist people on this journey called life.

..Well to be honest with you, my first life coaching gig was when was a kid. But that’s for a whole other post…

In short I was born with a strange way of seeing the world around me, let’s put it at that; I’ve been coaching since I was a little kid.

Yet, I knew there was a lot of things I didn’t know about life, and at times got easily stumped on how to help some of the people I knew. So I began reading anything I could on the human condition. And as I got older I also wanted to find out if there were other people like me out there. People that might be thinking about our world, and seeing the world, like I did. This is something I am always on the hunt for. Thus, in my later life I became a heavy researcher and reader.

Since I’ve been doing the life coaching thing I have thus far found a great number of amazing coaches and authors that I feel really make a difference in the lives of folks. Literature and lectures that very much free & transform people’s outlook on life, as well as their lives in general. So I decided to create a list of what I feel are some essential finds.

Some of what I have presented here I prefer in audiobook form. While others I like to have a digital or even a physical book to read. A select few, I have all three. ..I read a lot, …so this is really the essentials.. And yes I do know it is a long list. So I’ll mark my absolute favorites.

Here is a run down of what I’ve come to know as the essentials for living a better life in somewhat of an alphabetical order.



Title : Author : My Media Preference

[“*” = A Great Read & “!!!!” = A Perfect Manual For Life]


Adyshanti – Spontaneous Awakening – audiobook/lecture

Alan Watts – A Conversation With Myself – lecture

Alan Watts – Myth Of Myself – lecture

Albert Mackey – The History Of Freemasonry – book

!!!! Andy Andrews – Mastering The Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success – audiobook

Bob Beaudine – The Power Of Who You Already Know.. – audiobook

!!!! Bob Proctor – It’s Not About The Money – audiobook

Bob Proctor – What To Do When It Isn’t Working – audiobook

* Brian Tracy – Secrets oaf Self-Made Millionaires – lecture

Brian Tracy – 21 Qualities of Self-Made Millionaires – lecture

!!!! Butler Yates – The Occulatum – book

Carlos Castaneda – The Road To Ixtlan – book

Carolyn Myss – Defy Gravity – book

!!!! Charles F. Haanel – The Master Key System – book & audiobook

Charles S. Clason – The Richest Man In Babylon – book

Cheryl Richardson – Stand Up For Your Life – DVD

Christina Donald – Transcendent Dreaming – book

Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas – The Hiram Key – book

Collin Tipping – Radical Self-Forgiveness Practices – audiobook

Dale Carnegie – How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – audiobook

* Daniel Pink – A Whole New Mind – book

Daniel Pink – Drive – book

David Allen – Getting Things Done – audiobook

David Bach – Automatic Millionaire – book & audiobook

David Bach – Start Over, Finish Rich – book & audiobook

* Debbie Ford – The Darkside Of The Light Chasers – book

Debbie Ford – The Shadow Effect – DVD

Deepak Chopra – Chakra Balancing – CD

Deepak Chopra – Creating Affluence – audiobook

Deepak Chopra – Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul – book & audiobook

Deepak Chopra – Soul Of Healing Affirmations – audiobook/CD

Deepak Chopra – Soul Of Healing Meditations – CD

Dennis Merritt Jones – The Art Of Uncertainty – book

Denis Waitley – Winning: It’s All In Your Head – lecture

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming – CD (meditation/hypnosis)

!!!! Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements – book & audiobook

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Mastery Of Love – book & audiobook

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Voice of Knowledge – book & audiobook

Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz – The Fifth Agreement – audiobook

Earl Nightingale – Lead The Field – lecture

!!!! Earl Nightingale – The Strangest Secret (all the different versions) – audiobook/lecture(s)

* Earl Nightingale – 20 Minutes That Can Change Your Life – lecture

Earl Nightingale – The Miracle Of The Mind – lecture

Earl Nightingale – Increase Your Income – lecture

Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth – audiobook

!!!! Eckhart Tolle – The Power Of Now – audiobook

Eckhart Tolle – Stillness Speaks – audiobook

* Eknath Easwaran (translator) – The Bagavad Gita – book

Eknath Easwaran (translator) – The Dhammapada – book

Eldon Taylor – Choices & Illusions – book

Elizabeth Towne – Life Power And How To Use It – book

* Esther And Jerry Hicks – Money And The Law Of Attraction – audiobook

Esther And Jerry Hicks – The Vortex – audiobook

Frank J. Kinslow – The Secret Of Instant Healing – audiobook

Gary Zukav – Soul To Soul – audiobook

!!!! Gary Zukav – The Seat Of The Soul – audiobook

!!!! Genevieve Behrend – Your Invisible Power – book & audiobook

George Ifrah – The Universal History Of Numbers – book

George N. Collins – Breaking the Cycle – book

Hale Dwoskin – Letting Go! – lecture

Harish Joharhi – Chakras – book

Harvey Mackey – Fired Up! – book

Helen Schucman & William Thetford – A Course In Miracles – book

>>> EXCEPTIONAL BOOK!!! >>> Hermes Thricegreat Megistris – The Emerald Tablet Of THOTH – manual

!!!! Jack Canfield – The Success Principles – audiobook

Jack Kornfield – Meditation For Beginers – CD (meditation)

Jakusho Kwong-Roshi – Breath Sweeps Mind – audiobook/lecture

James Gleik – Chaos – book

* James Allen – As A Man Thinketh – book

* James Arthur Ray – Answers To Life’s 11 Most Burning Questions – book

James Arthur Ray – Collapse The World – CD (meditation)

!!!! James Arthur Ray – Harmonic Wealth – book, audiobook, DVD

James Redfield – Celestine Prophecy – book

Jean Jacques Rousseau – The Social Contract – book

Jeffrey Mishlove – The Roots Of Consciousness – book

Jillian Michaels & Mariska van Aalst – Master Your Metabolism – book & audiobook

Jim Rohn & Chris Widener – The Twelve Pillars – book

Jim Rohn – Living An Exceptional Life – lecture

Joe Vitale – The Key – audiobook

!!!! Jon Kabbat-Zinn – Wherever You Go There You Are – book

John Assaraf – Having It All – audiobook

John C. Friel & Linda D. Friel – The 7 Best Things (happy) Couples Do – book

John Demartini – The Gratitude Effect – audiobook

John Gribben – The Search For Superstrings, Symmetry, And The Theory Of Everything – book

John Medina – Brain Rules – book

Joseph Campbell (with Bill Moyers) – The Power Of Myth – book & DVD

Kahlil Gibran – The Profit – book

Kahlil Gibran – The Wanderer – book

Keith Yamashita & Sandra Spataro – Unstuck – book

Kelly Howell – The Secret To Attracting Wealth – CD

Kelly Howell – The Secret Universal Mind Meditation 1 & – CD

Ken Wilber – A Theory Of Everything – book

Ken Wilber – Kosmic Consciousness – audiobook

Kyra Mesich – The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide – book

* Lao Tzu – Tao Teh Ching – book

Larry Winget – You’re Broke Because You Want To Be – audiobook

Laurence Gardener – Bloodline Of The Holy Grail – book

Les Brown – Step Into Your Greatness – lecture

Loretta Laroche – Life Is Not A Stress Rehearsal – lecture

Louise Hay – 101 Power Thoughts – CD (meditation)

Louise Hay – Anger Releasing – audiobook (meditation)

Louise Hay – Change And Transition – lecture

Louise Hay – Dissolving Bariers – lecture

Louise Hay – Forgiveness / Loving The Inner Child – audiobook (meditation)

Louise Hay – Life Reflections On Your Journey – audiobook

Louise Hay – Love a your Body – CD (meditation)

Louise Hay – Meditations To Heal Your Life – book

* Louise Hay – The Power Is Within You – book, audiobook

Louise Hay – Receiving Prosperity – lecture

!!!! Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life – book, audiobook, DVD

!!!! M. Incognito (William Walker Atkinson) – The Secret Doctrine Of The Rosicrucians – book

Marianne Williamson – The Age Of Miracles – audiobook

Mario Livio – The Golden Ratio – book

Mario Martinez – The Mind-Body Code – audiobook

Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal ,Jon Kabbat-Zinn – The Mindful Way Through Depression – audiobook

Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen – Cash In A Flash – audiobook

!!!! Martha Beck – Follow Your North Star – audiobook

Martin E.P. Seligman – Authentic Happiness – book

* Marsha Sinetar – Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow – book

Michael Bernard Beckwith – The Life Visioning Process – audiobook

Mike Dooley – Choose Them Wisely – audiobook

Napoleon Hill – …In His Own Voice – audiobook/lecture

!!!! Napoleon Hill – Think And Grow Rich – book

* Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations With God (series) – audiobook

Neville Goddard – The Power Of Awareness – book

Nido Quebein – How To Get What You Want – lecture

* Osho – Body Mind Balancing – book/CD

Osho – Meeting With Remarkable People – book

Paolo Coelho – The Alchemist – book

Patricia Carrington – Discover The Power Of Meridian Tapping – book & DVD

Pema Chödrön – Getting Unstuck – audiobook

* Pema Chödrön – The Pocket Pena Chödrön – book

Pema Chödrön – True Happiness – audiobook

Peter A. Levine – Healing Trauma – book

Phil Town – Rule Number 1 Investing – book/audiobook

Prentice Mulford – Thoughts Are Things – book

* Ram Dass – Be Here Now – book

Ramana Maharishi – The Spiritual Teachings Of.. – book

Ramana Maharishi – The Teachings Of.. – book

!!!! Ramana Maharishi – Who I Am – book

Raymond Faulkner (translator) – The Egyptian Book Of The Dead – book

Phineas Mollod & Jason Tesauro – The Modern Gentleman – handbook

* Rhonda Byrne – The Power – audiobook

* Rhonda Byrne – The Secret – DVD & audiobook

* Richard Bandler – Get The Life You Want – book/audiobook

Rob Bell – Sex God (exploring the endless connections between sexuality and spirituality) – book

* Robert Sharma – The Little Black Book Of Stunning Success – book

Robert W. Fuller – Somebodies And Nobodies – book

Rudolf Steiner – The Fourth Dimension – book

Rufus C. Camphausen – The Encyclopedia Of Sacred Sexuality – book

Saint Germain – The I Am Discourses – book

Sam Glenn – Kick In The Attitude – audiobook

Seth Godin – Purple Cow – audiobook

Shakti Gawain – Creative Visualization – audiobook

Shawn Achor – The Happiness Advantage – book

Shilo Shiv Suleman & Avijit Michael – Khoya – book/app

Sri Nisargatta Maharaj – I Am That – book

!!!! Steve Chandler – 17 Lies That Are Holding You Back.. – audiobook

Stephen R. Covey – The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – book

>>> EXCEPTIONAL BOOK!!! >>> Steven Harrison – Being One – book

Steven Pressfield – The War Of Art – book

Susie Orman – Women And Money – DVD

Swami A. P. Mukerji – Spiritual Consciousness – book

Swami Sarasnanda – Chakra Meditation – book/CD

!!!! T. Harv Eker – Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – audiobook

* Terry Cole-Whittaker – What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business – book

Thomas Merton – The Way Of Chuang Tzu – book

Thomas Troward – The Creative Process Of The Individual – book

>>> EXCEPTIONAL BOOK!!! >>> Thomas Troward – The Eidenburge Lectures On Mental Science – book & audiobook

Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn Hopkins – Rosslyn – book

Tony Robbins – Find Your True Gift In Your Career – audiobook

* Tony Robbins – Unlimited Power – audiobook

Uell S. Anderson – Three Magic Words – book

W.L. Wilmhurst – The Meaning Of Masonry – (code)book

!!!! Wallace D. Wattles – How To Get What You Want – audiobook

!!!! Wallace D. Wattles – The Science Of Getting Rich – audiobook

Wayne Dyer – Excuses Begone! – book

!!!! Wayne Dyer – The Power Of Intention – book, DVD

Wayne Dyer – Spiritual Solution To Every Problem – DVD

Wayne Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled – book

Wilhelm Reich – Character Analysis – book

William Clement Stone – The Success System That Never Fails – audiobook

William Martin – The Tao Of Forgiveness – book

William Walker Atkinson – Thought Vibration – audiobook

Zig Ziglar – Building a Healthy Self-Image – lecture

Zig Ziglar – The Foundation For Successful Change – lecture


Long list I know, but it is hard to scale back what is important to know and implement.
Happy Hunting!


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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You Are A Home Of Light

As long as your light shines from an outside source only, there will always be a shadow in your life.

As to release your light in all directions from within, embrace your shadow to complete your wholeness/holiness.

Understand, you are the home of light beaming in all directions.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Ganesha Is Rad. He Moves Stuff In Your Way.

…take a breath…

Immediately stop identifying with your illness and problems.
Do not make them “I” statements.
They are not “YOU”, they are a condition of a part of you, but they are not your whole “SELF”.
Your whole “SELF” can conquer every problem and illness because that is how it is designed.
Do not mistake your issues for the entire self, nor your entire life.
You are not your aspectual circumstances.
So discontinue at once the identification with unease / disease because these are not entirely you.
There is a larger part of you that is totally having a great time being alive and is unscathed by just about everything.
So don’t ignore the issues and expect them to go away, but tackle them and fix them with the larger parts of yourself that is enjoying existence.
You are your own ally, come to your own rescue.
That is what divinity is all about.
You can do it.
Enjoy life.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Guru Shmoooroooo

(loved me some Rygar when I was a lad)

…OFF THE CUFF… enjoy

we project/inject/insert our reality into this field of potentialities.
of which we call existence.
…. and we receive what we are based on how and what our connection to it is.

once we know of what we are via this output boomerang, we decide what is enjoyable or not, and thus make changes to our output if need be.

change(s) occur(s) when we adjust ourselves.
thus, in a sense, the experienced-world adjusts to our adjustments.

your world experience is your self experience within the world.
your potentialities are endless and limitless.. but only to that which you have deemed true / what is believable to you.
there are bendable laws and malleable truths, as well there are ones that are unalterable.
… this is so the whole thing will not come crashing down around you.

if you want a new experience, define the desired experience to the best of your abilities and begin to live as though ‘it is’ “now”.
almost like rewinding a tape-measure back into itself.
circumstances are what they are, and will be different for everyone/everything because of where we are in perspective.
yet there are agreements we can share with others if we’d like.

there is no right and wrong, there is however what is wanted and what is not wanted circumstantially.

we make the world as it is because we “are the world”.

the term “world” is but a definition of yourself.
who you know yourself to be is what you experience.

there is a subscribed-to composite-dream-reality that many humans respond to, and live within, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do the same.
check in and check out at your leisure.
that is what existing is all about.
you do not need anything except “to be here” if you want to do anything here… ..where ever that “here” is for “you”.
… the rest is up to you.

the more you experience and learn from the more expansive yourself becomes.
we expand and contract to existence based on how we know to know how to experience existing in/as existence.

.. we can ingest what is already out there.
we can take in what is given out by others or we can reject it, or even continuously change our minds from moment to moment.
but just so you know: fighting something off will keep it there, and ignoring it may not get it away from you either.
(it’s a strange paradox i know – but it will continue to be there because your attention is on it; take your attention away from what is unwanted and place it back onto what is “you”; aka what is wanted. ..this is why war cannot stop war, because war is war.)
the best way to go about such, to get rid of a thing, is to vibrate on a frequency (emotional state / physical activity) in which it cannot travel with or as you.
I say. “as you” because it is easy to get caught up in other people’s drama.
“a refection is “on” reality, but “is” not reality.”
see what I mean?

– emotional disconnection/detachment during times of stress & bullshit.
– emotional attachment/attachment to life when it is awesome.

lastly (well, kind of anyway…);
harm & frustration are errors in action, and as well in/of vibration.
connectivity and separation are states of belief.
beliefs cause emotions, and emotions cause physical stirring, and that stirring will cause a bodily action.
the same goes in the reverse:
what you do repeatedly will alter the state of your beliefs about you/world/existence/life.
not just what is repeated physically but also what is thought repeatedly.
your thoughts are a “thing” within existence… they are the directors to your directing.
of which directs the body towards new states of emotional being-ness.



there is much talk about the soul.
I know not what this word really means, however I do know that “the witness(ing)” that “I Am” can view the thing I call myself.
I chalk it up to being here but not of this “here”. being on my cellphone in Minneapolis while talking to you in Montreal.
here but not here.

is this the SOUL? more than likely.
from what I can gather, it is this witnessing that allows me to adjust what it is that “myself” is doing/receiving when it gets annoying or painful.
think of it like changing your golf swing.
small adjustments can make for better shots.

of all of this, I’ve come to realize that self-rejection is a state of being pushed-out-of-ourselves and thus leaves space(s) within & about ourselves for another intention to enter our experience.
we might do our best to love ourselves enough to be in control of what we can control about ourselves in order to counter balance such a crummy thing. … should such a thing arise.

the more aware we are through: knowledge, experience, failure, success, boredom, and understanding, ..the more compassionate we become to ourselves and thus to the “field-potentials” of that are/is out there.

this life you say you are living is just that:

what & who you experience is “a decision”.
also how long it/they last in your experience to a certain degree by how you treat them/it is a duo-decision.
CO-OPERATION. .. a meeting of the minds ..
how you experience it/them “is” from what & where you draw your decisions/inspiration(s) “from”.
those being: beliefs.

aka: personal truths.

all of this…
… is (from) where you place “I” in (your) life.

might as well enjoy the “I” as well as where that “I” is.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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is god a bus driver?

Science and religion are spirit-sister energy-disciplines.

They are not antagonistic towards each other… although some people within these fields are… to each other, to an idea, towards a data-set, or against a search of self in conjunction with an idea, data-set, hypothesis, theory or philosophy… especially if it conflicts with what they’ve accepted as a truth.

A true scientist that recognizes this, reworks his methods, improves his hypothesis.
A true religious practitioner, if feeling this, alters her perspective and daily practices based on new information.

Why is society fooled into thinking such that these are adversaries?
..what a travesty.

Religion is the arts of social workings, while science is the research of mechanical workings.
Both mechanistic; both social.
Both deal in psychology, politics, morality, philosophy, ethics, action, reaction, cause-&-effect, etc…
Yet neither expose any exact notions of “a god”, God, or not-god.
In this sense it sounds like we are contemplating/conjuring/experimenting with and about a direction of intent, .. doesn’t it?

How about this:

It is said that God is only known when you go within yourself.
It is also said God is only experienced in times of reflection.

..and lets be honest here, God is generally argued about by those without real world personal experience of.. other than what was read about in a few old books.
I mean why would you argue if something was true to you?
You’d just “live it”, wouldn’t you?
If you had irrefutable “personal” evidence, would you waste your years in a debate?
..something to consider.

Either way, sounds like the topic of whether God exists is a “spirit” matter.
As in SPIRITUALITY. .. of which holds the workings of both science and religion, magic, the secrets of the universe, occult findings, ritual, experimentation, art, medicine, alchemy, technology, … trace back the roots of religion and the roots of science and you’ll find a person’s search for self.



“I’m not here to prove to you my personal experiences”..
… this seems to be the closest thing to a battle cry someone with a direct experience would ever have to say if such a need for a debate should arise. … Don’t ya think?

Being comfortable with ourselves enough to enjoy such an experience as “knowing God”.. I mean it’s not like we are talking about cheddar versus mozzarella here, we are talking about the big cheese.
Don’t you think knowing God would put a human’s mind at ease?
You’d think that would be the case…

For those interested in going within:
…. maybe go with researching the idea of identity first.
… this could be an interesting and insightful, fun place to start:
a “search for this elusive God” while connecting with your own identity.

Maybe …Begin the search from within your ‘self’ for yourself first.
Uncover who you are little by little.. like peeling away onion-layers, or by adding an onion to an entrée.. subtract from your selfness / add to your selfhood… try both and experience what is uncovered. .. Reflect, take notes…

Am I the brain’s thinking responses?
Am I the heartbeat?
Am I sexual attraction?
Am I hungry for pizza?
What part of me is hungry for pizza?
How do I know she loves me?
How can I be sure she does?
Am I projecting an image of love?
Am I real, is she real? … What is reality?
Am I the person that others see?
Who am I around myself?
Who am I around this group of people or that other group of folks?
What’s the difference between being alone and loneliness?
Isolation or chosen solitude.. are these mental constructs, or are these social.., or both?

Whether it’s making yourself, breaking yourself, trying new things, destroying bits of yourself, improving yourself, or in studying yourself & others, this is self research.
People make better friends when they give it a shot to know themselves first, don’t ya think?

In my opinion it is a good place to start.
I endorse self reflection and getting to know yourself in this world.

What is under the surfaces of your desires, cravings, and doings…
Who is the doer, the doing, what within you has left it done, or to be done, or undone??
Why are you hesitant? Why are you confident here, but not over here?
And, can I change to become confident anywhere?

…..How can you honestly know ‘another’ unless you first know yourself?
This is a question that has been asked of ourselves for centuries.
It has been said that you can only know what is recognizable.
Do you think this is true?
How can we actually know something unless we can relate to it in some ‘way’?
…Funny though…
Knowing how things work gets you no closer to being, seeing, nor realizing God.
A bit ironic yes/no?
Same with making things, or destroying things, because …neither prove, nor disprove, God.

You.. you are God’s proof.
What you uncover, your personal detective work.. you, your personal experience, ..
..this is a proof of God, …… right?

In this sense a christian, jew, hindu, moslem, satanist, pagan, and atheist are all the same unless they have had a direct personal experience with God.
…Because unless this, then God/Source is still a story.. still somebody elses words.
You’ve got to know for your own sake before blathering on about it.
It’s not about proving anything to anyone else.
It’s like saying pizza doesn’t exist until you’ve eaten some.
It’s like trying to prove that your slice is better than your neighbors slice cuz it has garlic on it.

God, is personal?
is this where I’m going with this?

And then of course there is that pesky question, “can God/Source be experienced?”

…. If you believe so, then you will seek until you are confirmed of such.
If you do not believe, then you will not search (nor search as deeply, nor as hard as someone whom does), and that most certainly will be confirmation enough for you.

It has been said that if you do not believe in magic then you will not see it, nor experience it.
Pagans say this all the time. Christians say this about miracles too. As well scientists and astronomers and archeologists and anthropologists ask us to believe in their findings as well.
Everyone has data! Everyone holds a piece of the pizza! (piece of the puzzle!)
Together we’ve tried to get together and agree on our perceptions and “points of view”… has it worked?? …sort of.. sometimes.. other times not really all that well.

There is an art to COMING TOGETHER.
I starts with being comfortable with who we are, what we personally “know via our own experiences”, and as well, how comfortable have we become in sharing this with others (publicly or privately).


Can an activity conjure up a-god, spur on the sighting of a god, God, or data enough to prove the non existence of?

It is said that some magic and some miracles are real.
I’ve come to know this to be true.
…by personal experience.

Yes, recognizing God begins with belief.
However is knowing God realized only though faith?
Certainly not!
Same is said that “hope alone” will not bring you out of debt, ..only doing something mentally in conjunction with physically will produce a result.
… And yet miracles happen all the time.. Some magic is real.. And,.. and science has uncovered not just our universe, but a multi-verse of unlimited pathways!…
All are personalized and factual to the uncovering detective.
All of this is exciting!

And yet!!
For how many stories of people realizing God during a period of devout atheism?!!
God is infamous for popping into the lives of skeptics.
…this is not new news.

Does God Exist?

Seek to know the self… then you can recognize how you must “be” in this place..
…because “being” is the route.
… or so I’ve heard.
.. and so I’ve experienced.

Maybe a mantra, a prayer, meditation, or posture, or knowledge, or skill-set, … or maybe not..
… Maybe it is basketball, or rock climbing, or cooking for your family… or playing extreme metal music on stage… at some point things begin to click.
You most assuredly at the very least begin to discover and know yourself for the better anyway.
What harm would that do?
Exactly, ..none.



Hearing about a celebrity is not knowing that person.
Neither is watching footage, reading about, or fantasizing about them going to give you a direct experience… And even if you do meet them, they could still be acting.
Something to think about.

God is a only but a subject, a concept, unless you’ve experienced God for your “self”.
Only then is God your personal reality.

……… buddhists and hindus say to treat others as if they are a god in disguise.
.. hmmm… Angels pretending to be humans.. Demons pretending to be humans… People pretending to be artists, doctors, journalists, lovers, bashful, hardcore, sexy, mysterious, grown-up…. Masks are everywhere. What can be known truly known to anyone about anyone else????
What if data in itself is a trickster? What then?

Psychologists have time and time again asked us to recognize that our senses are not always trustworthy when deciphering a situation.
… Hell, even modern satanists have said this in many of their songs and literature.

So ya have ask yourself, how do we know ‘truth’?

Easy. (thankfully) …

ANSWER: You have to ignore the senses and use your intuition; the feeling within your feelings are the key.

…So ok… wait a minute.
With this train of thought…. Why argue at all over science or religion if God is a personal experience set up on “maybe-logic” socially to begin with???

In a sense god/God isn’t in a faith unless you’ve placed it there, via what you’ve uncovered or known to know what to uncover about yourself, the universe, and the connections between it all. ….And…, proof isn’t a set of equations either,… for if it were, than no one would write or discuss the matter any further. It would be a done deal.

Thus, I’m postulating (…)
You are the closest thing to God that can ever be recognizable for the rest of humanity to witness.
You, as in: yourself.
The experiences that you are willing to personalize enough in order to elaborate on/of.. for another to hear about.
… This is the only proof there can be.

… you, you, YOU.

And even this is spotty logic!

For the word ‘rock’ isn’t really a definition…. Or the words; ‘gravity’, ‘human’, or ‘earth’, can mean many things in the eyes of another.

Can we trust anyone who has said they’ve met The Big Colby-Jack in the sky?!?!

ANSWER: You must define your life.
What you experience you must define.
What you are willing to be open to, you must define.
Otherwise what is the purpose of living at all?

…… well ok, there is another reason..
… Oh, ya, … duh…I almost forgot that the reason we are here at all is:


It is said that God is love.
It is said that you are love.
It is known that devoted scientists love their research.
It is also said that believers love their faiths.
.. and atheists love finding and rubbing people’s noses in all the illogical bullshit of organized religions.

So love is kinda everywhere ain’t it?

…. … Seems to me that the commonality here is the word love.
Love thyself, Love others if you can, Love what you do, Love how and who you are, Love is all around you, Love is all there is… etc, etc, ad infinitum.
And it is said that even in the most heinous of failing romances ‘love’ has a funny tendency to uncover everything that “we are” to ourselves and about the other person.

I guess if I was to know God I’d start with love.
….And knowing thyself as love by being love in action, in thought, in feeling… in response.. That ( to me anyways) might be an appropriate course of action??
At least it would open up the ability to meet more people, don’t ya think?

Maybe it is cliché to say that God is Love..
.. however, clichés are notorious for being perceived as truths…
Albeit stereotypical ones.
Probably because they are common relatable truths.


Do I believe in God?
Or a god for that matter?
Am I an atheist?

…Well…. (in story form..)
…I’ll tell ya… There was this bus driver that once told me as I was getting off a bus, “don’t lie, tell her the truth” without even knowing my background! …. As I stepped off the bus in downtown Minneapolis one cold evening I turned and looked at the man perplexed and bewildered. And I’d never even spoken to the driver ever in my life… at all!…
Not ever. WTF.!?!

So how would he know what might happen if I opened my mouth to the person I was going to meet???
I’ll spare you the drama and gory details, but let’s put it this way: the feeling of that encounter still sits within me today. As in, 5 years ago this happened.

For me that evening was pretty fucking odd to have a random bus driver give me advice on something that was about to happen, of which he knew nothing about me, nor the situation…
… That’s some weird shit to say the least don’t ya think?

…Stupidly, stubbornly, … embarrassingly, I did lie.
And as I lied I immediately felt deep down within my soul I was making a huge mistake.

Instantly an image of the bus driver was shaking his head was within my consciousness, and I heard a soft deep calm voice within me say, “when will you ever learn..”

Really odd to me when I think about that night… really odd.
Because of my lie things did not work out between.. well.. as I said, I’ll spare the world my sob story..

In Hindsight:
I should have listened to that (g)od / bus driver.
I wonder how my life would have been different?

… So to answer the question…

Either way, I Am Listening Now.

Namaste, and Good Tidings,
Cordell Klier

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…And just what..
is the direction of all magnets?…

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“all is of the source” by Cordell Klier


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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I'm a Barbie Gurrrrrrrl...

At some point you just start being yourself and stop apologizing for it in look, and mannerisms; Being understood becomes less crucial and wholly relative.

…this freedom opens the gates to anything we’ve ever wanted. Whatever it is or whatever they are, it is time to just do the things necessary to get them nearer to us. And bam! suddenly struggle is a game for the fun of it, ..bam! livelihood and happiness assured.

Smiling more, the best just happens for and to us.
Be You.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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FLOATER!! .. everybody out of the pooool!!!!

“Give up” and you’ll naturally flow into peace. Do not feel that “giving up” brings you down into despair. This is not true at all. “Giving up” means that you surrender to God/Source. … not to your adversary, not to your opponent, to poverty, loneliness, or hopelessness… they are not real anyway. They are just storylines. And all stories are lies; a perspective, nothing more.

A lot of us do not recognize the truth behind the stories because of our worries over money, time, responsibilities, making sure things and people are “taken care of”.. Yet know this, and know this through & through:
Worry will not protect you.

You have no choice but to let go, give in & give up. Love is all there is.

It is where you are at all times; Love.
You cannot “lose”, its impossible to even think of such an event, let alone “be” such a thing. Go ahead, give up, throw in the towel, surrender to what is.. for you are buoyant, able to float above the fertilizer, as well, created specifically to live well and remain happy. Living well and being happy is a choice that no circumstance can change.

Love is all around you. You’ve just gotta open your eyes and give up the battle.
It is okay to let go and float for a while.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Peace Be With You.

“I was whole and happy until I believed that there is no afterlife. ..then I got scared and pissed-off… which eventually made me ambitious, depressed, and like a juggernaut trying to experience all that I could and get all that I could.

I began to fear that God was not real at a very young age.
…because how could a good God be real if his followers were such elitist pricks?

Ya see, I had some extended family members who were very fascist with their Christian ideals… and I mistook their personalities for “what spiritual people acted like”, and drew a template of God/Source/religion/spirituality in my head that was full of .. well, … all the things about life I wanted nothing ever to do with. Except.. being an atheist just seemed stupid to me.. but that is for a whole other interview I guess.

The innocent vision of the God that I was taught to believe in was not really God, but a lie. This sent me down one hell of a path.

Once I lost my faith I began a search for truth and found that I was lied to, but not maliciously. They were just wrong in what they were taught to pass onward. Maybe it started as an innocent lie, or maybe just a young mind, either way I forgive my teachers of this mistake. I now know that my journey to uncover truth was actually a god-given quest, helping me to heal from my fears about death, and to allow for a wiser acceptance that God is all things. And… that if I live now, as in that I am alive today writing this in the first place, that obviously I am eternal.. ..just in an ever-changing existence.”

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Anger or Depression? Fuck them both.



The angry one moves quickly, faster than our need to swiftly get on with life. His mission is one of hurdle, distraction, “flow stop”.

The blissful one is diligent, concise, calm, steady, grace-filled, and poised; moves at the pace of “all” enjoys the present moment, is in not a hurry.

The angry one owns nothing, owes everything, is crushed under the weight of time, unable to be present, anxious of the future, crippled by the sadness of the past.

The blissful one, … Is.

They are both within us.

One enjoys being witnessed, the other thrives on being hidden. One is submerged, the other is subversive.

You know the rest by how well you know yourself.

One engenders the mind with wild thoughts, the other chooses only helpful thinking. Both teach, yet one is a slapping hand of punishment, while other is “overcoming”.

One hurts, & is hurt, acts out, reactionary, & unsatisfied. The other is free, unpained, without a need to be healed, untouchable yet attainable.

Give them what ever name you wish, yet they are both you and never you.

The Self.

One is.
… while the other is not, cannot be, & gone.

Enjoy them.


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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SHE RISES!!!!!! Dicky Mo

That which is to rise, rises.
That which is to fall, never needs rising.
Falling is not truth in the spiritual sense.
Spirit and gravity are not even on the same dimension.
That’s why parents call it “grounding a child”..
…in order for them to understand the weight of their actions.

Our feet have to touch the ground at some point… right?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier