Cordell Klier - Life & Wellness Coach

I believe we are all here within this amazing (k)osmos to live well. A “place” where all people(s) can discover & live their dreams, love their lives, face their transitions with glee, motivation & trusting-excitement, and meet other fascinating people & creatures along the way. To harness blissfully our pure-potential-present-moments with an enjoyable directing of our be-ing via the harmonic flow arising from the opulence that is our birth-right. To contentment, thru fulfillment, & of peace.

I believe we can all find this, do this, be this, live this, and most importantly in a non-bullshit way.

I’ve walked many philosophical paths and I’ve found that all (and I do mean all) lead to the same place. We can all thank the heavens for that!

Cordell Klier is a (sometimes) life coach, (most of the time) author, and (used be a full time artist involved in music, painting, and avant-garde performance art).. However mainly he just likes to sail a lot.

Cordell resides on planet Earth, and travels a lot.

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