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FLOATER!! .. everybody out of the pooool!!!!

“Give up” and you’ll naturally flow into peace. Do not feel that “giving up” brings you down into despair. This is not true at all. “Giving up” means that you surrender to God/Source. … not to your adversary, not to your opponent, to poverty, loneliness, or hopelessness… they are not real anyway. They are just storylines. And all stories are lies; a perspective, nothing more.

A lot of us do not recognize the truth behind the stories because of our worries over money, time, responsibilities, making sure things and people are “taken care of”.. Yet know this, and know this through & through:
Worry will not protect you.

You have no choice but to let go, give in & give up. Love is all there is.

It is where you are at all times; Love.
You cannot “lose”, its impossible to even think of such an event, let alone “be” such a thing. Go ahead, give up, throw in the towel, surrender to what is.. for you are buoyant, able to float above the fertilizer, as well, created specifically to live well and remain happy. Living well and being happy is a choice that no circumstance can change.

Love is all around you. You’ve just gotta open your eyes and give up the battle.
It is okay to let go and float for a while.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Peace Be With You.

“I was whole and happy until I believed that there is no afterlife. ..then I got scared and pissed-off… which eventually made me ambitious, depressed, and like a juggernaut trying to experience all that I could and get all that I could.

I began to fear that God was not real at a very young age.
…because how could a good God be real if his followers were such elitist pricks?

Ya see, I had some extended family members who were very fascist with their Christian ideals… and I mistook their personalities for “what spiritual people acted like”, and drew a template of God/Source/religion/spirituality in my head that was full of .. well, … all the things about life I wanted nothing ever to do with. Except.. being an atheist just seemed stupid to me.. but that is for a whole other interview I guess.

The innocent vision of the God that I was taught to believe in was not really God, but a lie. This sent me down one hell of a path.

Once I lost my faith I began a search for truth and found that I was lied to, but not maliciously. They were just wrong in what they were taught to pass onward. Maybe it started as an innocent lie, or maybe just a young mind, either way I forgive my teachers of this mistake. I now know that my journey to uncover truth was actually a god-given quest, helping me to heal from my fears about death, and to allow for a wiser acceptance that God is all things. And… that if I live now, as in that I am alive today writing this in the first place, that obviously I am eternal.. ..just in an ever-changing existence.”

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Life is not a game.

But to game-players, if they play their games long enough without returning to reality, all they can experience is the games they are involved in.

They confuse life with their games. Thus the game becomes serious to them and they place life and death within it where they should not be mentally nor emotionally. When they “rest” at night they are still tethered to the false.. ..Tend to bring their games with them and either trick themselves into their game, or force people to get out of the way. (i.e. industry moving a civilization, or re-routing waterways for profit). Games are a part of life, not the other way around.

Games should be for fun.

There are no need(s) for the money game, nor the education game. People can survive without them. ..can live civil without them. Money should be fun, so should jobs, so should education. As well so should sex, romance, fashion, art, song, eating, sleeping, shitting, pissing, bathing, talking, …creating, inventing.. It’s all the same really when we bring our minds back into reality.

Your heart can only survive in reality. Your soul the same. Otherwise people are being inauthentic.

Most people today at their jobs, in their marriages, with their friends are more like prostitutes. Receiving something by acting one-dimensional, in-authentic. Soulless.. as they say. Not that one can be without soul, but a person trapped within a game they detest will cause them to act in-spite of their soul. Do and be, and live without integrity. And that is a sucky place to be.

For too long people have been tricking their kids into keeping their heads and hearts into the game, that once they leave the game, they lose their heads and their hearts. This is why so much of politics, philosophy, religion, sports, art, the sciences, businesses of all sizes, and corporate structures are more like cults. Cults functionalized on rules and regulations, codes of conduct, ethical criteria, stereotypes.. All of them when ya take a minute to think about it are more like gangs. So many are missing the point of being “here” in the first place. To intermingle, share and enjoy.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life, when seen as un-enjoyable, is only because we’ve confused the game with reality. You, we, I, cannot lose in reality. You cannot win in reality either. Reality is the prize. ..more so an inheritance. Thus there are no winners and losers, just those who experience reality, or do not.

You are either within the formation you are in, or in another… Seen or unseen, felt or not. Noticed, wanted, or ignored, .. Life is.
…Even in what people have called death (re-form-ation), that is still existence.

Life and death are not games. 

When the game is no longer fun you can leave the game. This is no such thing as being a failure for leaving behind a game or structure when it is unsupportive or down-right hurtful. Whether that structure is mental, physical, social, or emotional, life is yours, death is yours, it just simply is, the games can be set aside forever.

Enjoy it.

And when life is no longer enjoyable, get better at enjoying more of it in another way.. a different way.

Life is more than the games we are forced to socially play. You were born free, it is okay to be yourself. …and the more you act like yourself, the better you will feel, and the easier it is to find kindred spirits.

The games we play change us. That is fine. This is normal. But when the game changes your life for the worse, it is time for a new field of play. It simply does not matter if the other players like it or not.

Change when you want to. For this is your “LIFE”.
When it suits you…

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

Good Peace Feeling Great

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I was naïve to think that I couldn’t.
Ignorant to believe that I would permanently fail.
And audacious in my fear to act from the inspired enthusiasm of what my intuition secured for me as “the sure thing”.

My loss of faith never was lost at all.
Faith let me “let it go”.
Because the giver of faith knew from the start
– of which I did not remember at the time –
that WE are not JUST the appearance sameness, but in fact are ONE.

I Am Accomplishment.
I Am Success.
I Am Worth.
I Am Love.
I Am Value.
I Am.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

Self Healing

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It never seems fair that we must heal ourselves, but what a wonderful gift: Self Healing.

The simple fact that “we can”, says a lot about life, consciousness, and the universe itself. The trust that we can handle it all, that is an immense trust.
That is infinite faith.

That we are worthy of a such a gift is an extraordinary kindness bestowed “to us”, yet not upon us…
…this is bliss itself.

To heal, how glorious.
How Divine.



Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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The Mask Is Dead!

Drop that mask kiddo…. it ain’t solving anything.

The reason why you need a mask..or a label, or title, … is because, “how you are acting”, isn’t you at all!

You think the mask is a form of protection, but its really a roadblock.

And you really aren’t hiding at all .. You’ve actually been tricked into allowing your ‘self’ to be “hidden”.

Hidden from yourself. As to become obscured from your own true nature in order to act from another source altogether.

This is the ultimate form of manipulation.

And ya gotta ask yourself, if you have to use a mask, or a title, to prove a point, or send a message, you’ve been manipulated to do the bidding of a coward.

Authentic people have nothing to hide. And cowardice isn’t in their vocabulary at all.

It is time to become conscious again. step away from the obscurity and re-enter the world authentically.

Only then will the world change for the better, because the real you has finally entered it.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Fulfillment by Gustav Klimt


Anything important for you to know, have, or do in your last experience, if missed, uncompleted, or out-right messed-up; either by accident, by obstruction, or even from a lack of acknowledgement to proper guidance; will continue to return to your experience as new forms of the same intention/energy, until the moment you can handle it, transmute it, or enjoy it.

Life in all it’s glory is really this simple:
All things stop reforming on the reaction of enjoyment.

Once something is enjoyed it is then incorporated into your system of being, and is forever there until you decide to reject it, or alter its effect on you. It is then up to you to master the maintenance and up-keep of.

Many folks consider ”exponential growth” to a lack of enjoyment, this simply is not true. When things are allowed to grow there are more opportunities for more happiness, as well as expanded happiness, relaxation, contentment, and resolve. All of which help us to attain peace within. 

It is just that the ”construct of enjoyment” wants to grow as well. …. It is my opinion that enjoyment itself is a certain quality of consciousness that feels ”us” as we feel what we’ve deemed to call ”enjoyment”.

We might be comfortable with current situations at the present, but often the situation is more comfortable with a constant stage of development. And lets face it, enjoyment tends to want to “develop us” as we develop it. 

Experiencing life as life experiences us:
This is what we are here to do.

Life is conscious thru us, and us thru it. Why so many have been led to believe that life wants suffering, frustration, and hostility is anybody’s guess. Yet with a little self-reflection on the patterns within our own lives it becomes clearly obvious that when we are done with things we tend to put them down.

… That is to say that when the feeling of negative reactions are no longer ”hosting us” to feel unhappy or unhealthy, they tend to just stop calling us to experience them. And thus, we are less likely to pick them up again, unless something within us is hiding, and thus seeks the attractive addiction once more. Fear of societal disobedience when being authentic of ourselves tends to keep such addictions attracted to us. Such as social drinking and gossip as confounded ways to alleviate work stress. Of which we all soon find out in our later years to be counter-productive. Of which tend to come from moments of self-reflection. Of which most of us ditch as we wisen-up and learn to react kinder to ourselves and others.

Enjoyment is something that a lot of folks do not trust. Which is a real bummer, and in my opinion counts for a lot of social unrest. As well a physical unrest. People need time to relax, enjoy, heal, and breath. This is simply a matter of health. Not just physical but mental, spiritual, sexual, and social.

Rest & Relaxation are Necessary!

When you ask folks these days about their lives, or how they feel about life working “for them”, there is little faith when something is easy. And thus their value of ’ease and simplicity’ has gone under heavy mis-trust. Which is why so many fall into this false-belief that you have to struggle to be happy, or strive to maintain happiness. Yet really though, this is just internal resistance. An old pattern of thinking and reacting. This can be changed with a little assistance from a life coach or a pro-health practitioner. This nagging resistant energy is from the old paradigm of human thinking when we were first learning the art of co-existence. That exhausting way of receiving and fighting with life in order to survive is slowly but surely on its way out the door.. some even think it is dying all together. Personally I think it is just maturing and learning of itself to simply grow up.


That resistance is fear of change.

Fear of transformation. Fear of growth.

Because growth can seem unpredictable, and “unpredictability” to the stressful side of human reasoning is anything but reasonable, when it feels it has no control over a situation we get f’n stressed out. And thus it forces its wanna-be control over you. And when stress is the master of your intentions and psyche … look out cuz all you are going to see down the road is more fear, suffering and frustrations. All-in-all it is a viscous cycle that perpetuates itself. Lucky for us that hold on humanity has been lessening with each new generation.

Sometimes the greatest form of control isn’t over the elements, over nature, or influencing others to our will, it is the control over our own brain’s reaction to stress (and the unknown) that enables us to live happier lives. Self-control isn’t about holding back. Self-control isn’t about the suppression of a desire for or from something. It is about opening bigger doorways to provide for brighter landscapes and better opportunities to help you enjoy being alive.

Life seeks enjoyment.

Enjoyment is seeking life (as well as ”new life”) to enjoy itself. As in the LARGER SELF. Things will rearrange themselves in order for you to have peak experiences. This is the nature of being.

Humans, like all things alive, in concept, thru intention, and with formation, experience existence in many ways. Interpretation is a matter of reflection. And for many reasons much of our society fears this, and uses excesses as it’s rationale to avoid self-reflection. Yet with a little self-investigation we seem to gravitate to the most pleasurable experiences once we’ve taken the appropriate time to reflect on what has occurred before, … at least of which all of that we are informed to know about in order to reflect upon. If we get stuck reflecting over and over on calamity.. forms of that calamity will resurface. If we reflect on our blessings and fun, these forms will renew themselves until we are satisfied with them. And thus we put the “toy” down.

And only the ones we feel confident are ”right” for us to partake in and of in the first place. To what we know is out there at any given time is what can make us the happiest. We oft to trust that about life, that there is always something new and fun to experience, for there is no reason to stagnate or allow for boredom. Otherwise stay alive within the alternative.. Which is to say, continue to reflect and expect struggle and strife, conflict and frustration. ..But how many times can you bang head against a brick wall before you will finally get up and consider a new and more fun activity to partake in?

Life is only a struggle for those seeking the addiction to struggle. Those that remove themselves from struggle are those that got up and have begun to try something new.


Fulfillment Is About Growth!

Our lives are meant to be enjoyed and made peace with, I cannot repeat this enough. Nothing ever stops until we have made peace with it. Nothing is ever done until we are done. That is to say: full-filled. Fulfilled.

Peace is a re-action.
It is an ”allowing”. … an allowance

Peace is trust.

Trust opens the doors to calmness, relaxation, intuition, and inspiration. Of which, all call us to enthusiastically invent. It is thru invention, creation, artistic and scientific expression that life communicates to and thru us. It is via these expressions that life seeks us to value it. Because once something becomes valuable it no longer seeks a new mode of expression, …simply because it begins to seek to strengthen it’s very reach of such an expression… As well as the longevity of connectivity via such an expression.

From structure to strength, and stability to resilience, existence looks to us to receive it with open arms. We seek the incorporation of it and it seeks of us the same. For this is what makes us “well & healthy” within.

Mutual Benefit.


Acceptance is to allowance and trust, as inner-peace is to health and enjoyment.

Happy healing vibes to you all.
Hope you all enjoy your day!

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Napalm Death! WOOT!
(one of the best grindcore discs ever created)

When you’ve considered yourself as being a negative person for a large portion of your life, and then are strangely asked by the universe to be something more positive we tend to feel very inauthentic. And when we finally admit to ourselves that sometimes while driving in our cars it is more effective to listen to a Louise Hay audiobook than to crank an old Napalm Death demo. And yes, if you’ve self identified as a crust punk at some point in your life, being noticed on the road cranking Louise Hay by a bunch of crust punks is a little embarrassing. That is until you remember how they look like you did as a young adult, then suddenly you get it why being an adult is better than being a kid. And there is nothing to be ashamed of for being happy.

It feels embarrassing to be optimistic when you are used to the companionship of the let-down. And many of us when we try affirmations for the first time seems fucking lame and full of bullshit. How much of a liar have you become to yourself trying to convince yourself that everything is going to be okay but nothing externally in your life is telling that story at all. We’ve all been there.

My advice always is, to take a step back and realize that sometimes our external lives need time to get caught up with our new intentions, and caught up to our new way in which we are about to start living our lives… whether our old selves like this idea or not.

Change is gooey and full of awkwardness.

So how do we get to a point where we are less embarrassed to be less ‘hard-core’? To be more open to that which at first seemed stupid and untrustworthy, but as we’ve realized that pessimism isn’t working out too well, that we’ve gotta try a new way and level of thinking about life. Or at least feel less at wits-end with it. Maybe even less volatile towards it. .. That is to say other people and new experiences.
it isn’t until long after our growing do we really come to know the truest of all hardcore people on the planet are the ones that standup for peace and level with the public in ways like trailblazers like Louise Hay. But of course we don’t know this as kids. Nor do we relate when our lives are filled with toil and drama.

As a pessimist we tend to see change as hostile. We don’t like it, we don’t trust any part of it. We align in it BS politically motivated progress and thus get annoyed at the pure mention of the word: Change.

As an optimist we tend to see change as exciting. We make associations to it that evolves our spiritual understandings, and our natural reaction to the idea or the word becomes one of trust. But getting there when you are not there is tough. .. or more so, tough the first few tries.

There are many psychological studies that show massive amounts of evidence showing that pessimism and optimism can show similar results, but the effects on our bodies when looking at the two are quite dramatically different.

Optimism promotes health and vitality, while pessimism simply does not. So why are some of us attracted to the need to criticize and hate things even before we confront or meet them? That I don’t have an answer to. And I don’t think anyone will ever find an empirical answer about why negativity is so attractive to some of us. Albeit some authors and scholars have tried. The best they’ve come up with is our EGOs.. This may never be identified, nor does it want to be I’m presuming. …but that isn’t really the issue here. The issue here is on:

What can we do to begin to identify less with the negative and more with the positive.

Well for one thing, change no matter how you slice it up, is like a breakup. In a breakup we are leaving a familiar attachment. We are adjusting former agreements. We are repositioning ourselves for the benefits of something ((hopefully)) of a better fit to whom we’ve recently began to become. What was once familiar has now become a burden. Breakups are rarely easy. But once over free us to a new level of self understanding.

Like a warrior after the war is over, the pessimistic look on life seems to be that of “maddening silence”, instead of calming vastness, .. non-exciting, just plain dull. And since drama was the one thing the pessimist could count on, all of a sudden, all that is left is you being alone and having to deal with… you. ..just plain, you. And for some, that is excruciating.

Pessimists hate that. I outta know because I used to be one. Although while being a pessimist I was under the misconception that I was being a realist. … oh how wrong I was…

If I wasn’t complaining about something or someone, than I felt under-fueled. And I’d start sending out all that I could to seek something to hate-on. Yet ironically, when around anyone that was acting like I was, suddenly I was Mr. Chipperpants. I guess I was so negative that being contrary to even negativity just made sense. Ludicrous no matter how you slice it. Had to change I was going to..

So how did I get out of it?
How did I come around?

Mainly once you lose all your friends to sadness, or watch your friends fall apart over and over again because of either your sadness, or the sadness that they to had become addicted to, I just woke up one morning and had the thought, “life has to be more than this, otherwise what’s the damn point????!”

The first year of “trying to be happy” there was a lot of waxing and waning. Lots of ups and downs. Confusing patterns began to emerge from within me…, identity issues galore, getting annoyed at my interests.. and as to how everything in my life was either crass or scary, often even anger filed sarcasm, I knew that I need to get out from under all this social pressure to be ticked off all the time. Even the comedy I liked was being toted by people who hated and mistrusted life. I was closed in at all sides, so I had to get drastic.

The next thing I did was to begin a purging of all that was dark and spooky, angry and depressed within my circle of influence. That meant people, places, music, movies, books, websites, a lover or two, and even had to limit my interactions with certain members of my family, just to stay afloat for one solid day without giving into being even a little bit annoyed. This luckily worked for me. But it took a few years, not gonna lie.

I think the toughest part was giving up friends that I had known for years. And good ones too. Solid friends that would give you their bullet-belt to wear when a blackmetal band was in town… yet I knew it had to be done otherwise my life was going to continue to suck and I felt i had no other choice.

But like all things, time healed a lot of the anger being throng at me during that time for leaving my group of friends. And ultimately all parties were made better for it. I am even back to being friends with some of them that used to make me anxious earlier on. Yet now they are a lot of fun to be around. And frankly so am I.

My best friend was the hardest to walk away from. Had he and I not parted ways for a number of years, neither of us would have had the space and the time to reflect, realign, and grow into something more fun. All in all I’m glad it was done. Thankfully, so is he.

So what did I do that made for the best remedy for me? Well of course it was the hardest thing for me to do, naturally. That being, since I was a music-head, and being that a lot of my music was evil, spooky, angry, lost, sad, depressing, or viscous… I had to get rid of a bunch of it, and/or hide some of it into a box for a few years to be left in a basement. At least until its hold on me was less like an addict in search for a spoon and a lighter. I needed distance.

I also did this with my DVD collection, and book collection. About a month in it began to amaze me how media can keep people locked into bad relationships with others via it’s negative content. Just like drinking friends, I had begun to realize that I had depression friends! How bloody weird is that? And our relationship stayed intact with the more negative songs, movies, & books we co-experienced together. that was a real eye-opener.

When not being inundated with the cultures that were fueling my criticism of the world around me, my life began to slowly evolve into something very different. I actually was feeling better about my mornings and about going to bed at night.

Did I Miss The Darkness?

So did I miss all those bands, all those books, all those movies. Fuck yes I did! And sometimes like a smoker misses a good cigarette after great sex, life had something missing…

…at first I wasn’t sure what was missing. And I’d go back to listening to negative music from time to time in search for it. I’d even watch a few David Lynch films here and there just in case. But sure enough, it would change my mood in to something I didn’t want to feel, and thus alter my reactions to life, and people, and my work.. And where as before, I thought being sad and lonely made me more creative and productive, holy shit was I wrong about that! I now I had a different lifestyle to compare it to. Depression makes you create sloppy results and it takes forever to finish anything when you are depressed. This was another huge eye-opener.

When I look back at how and who I was back then, I looked really put together and very much seemed powerful, but was I!? Hell no. But now look at me? I don’t look all that different, still fashionable, still listen to Darkthrone from time to time, but I’m not scoured with all that shit at all times. And nor am I addicted to what was missing. Because guess what that missing feeling was? …f’n DRAMA!

I was addicted to DRAMA! … ME? Mr. Level-Headed sound-artist… Ug! Charlie Brown! Once I recognized this, this was the life changer and there was no going back. Once you catch wind of something like this it is like surviving cancer. You just get grateful of everything and life suddenly becomes easy.

The Changes

You can guess what else started to change in my life?? My body.

I started to feel more relaxed. It's amazing how less anxious about life you are when you aren't digesting 30 movies a week about the apocalypse, zombies, Satanism, Christians being assholes killing in the name of Christ, conspiracies of the bank institutions, and murder mysteries chopped full of be-headings, rape, and body parts. Not that ever really liked that stuff, but everything I gravitated to back then always had such components. And even my habit of porn started to decrease slowly too. Now I am more aware of how it actually makes me feel.. Lonely and guilty. And guilty for what? I still don't have a damn clue – that's the funny part?!!

That's when the really noticeable changes from the perspective of others started to take place. I began to feel like a different person and people saw this. Some got worried about me, my brother and his wife thought I was going crazy. And I guess I was was, but a good crazy. And guess what that new-me finally discovers/uncovers in all this craziness…? That all my negativity was a disguise for childhood embarrassment. Embarrassment for being scared of the dark! .. of all things!

Talk about a shock to the system. and how subtle… to get over my embarrassment of my fear of the dark sent me right into all things dark and spooky. This is where I learned first hand that, “You can say that you don’t want something, but because your mind is so focused on it, that is why you keep having to deal with it.” . Thoughts become things. My life is living proof of it.

All those years of thinking I was all tough and powerful was really more about hiding how embarrassed I was a kid. And for years I was so self-identified with my character armor that I thought the armor was me. Luckily I found that it wasn’t. And lucky for all those around me as well.

I mean there was even a time when I was afraid to wear anything other than black. How twisted is this. As a kid I fear darkness and now as a young adult it is all about black, and black to the point where I feel nervous not being seen in it?? When I put on my first pair of brown shoes as an adult I so self-absorbed with the changes in my life that I thought people were looking at me weird. All because I was wearing brown boots instead of black. …Talk about silly. …And it is amazing how different you feel when you wear color instead of khaki and black! You feel energized!

Post Change

Now, today, I freakin’ love color and only use black when I’m wearing a formal suit for a function. But my attire isn’t the only noticeable changes to the person I was, it was very much seen in the level of new people who were coming into my life post my changes.

When I wasn’t so intimidating to look at from a distance I began to find that I was really a friendly and personable guy. And that I didn’t need all this armor to protect myself. And in fact, that shield is what was keeping those good experiences away from me back then! The protective shield was actually a barrier! The metal made me actually weak! I mean it is HEAVY metal right? My subconscious was literally bogging me down via my own interests. … ug… And Today… David Lynch films just leave me feeling annoyed instead of being intellectually stimulated! That’s a biggy for me… What the hell had I gotten out of all that stuff I still don’t really fully understand, other than to conquer fear.

Fear Conquered

… Bet you’ve guessed it by now, yep, that’s right: avoidance. Avoidance of self, or others, or duties, you name it, I was avoiding it. Why? Embarrassment no doubt. It was at the root to everything I was doing. So I had to replant my interests in other things and pull out that damn weed for good.

Don’t get me wrong here….

It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good freaky movie from time to time, or that I will ever stop buying Darkthrone CDs. But the constant bombardment of that stuff is what made my life miserable. Now it is just from time to time do I raise a beer and sing “in the shadow of the horns”. But those nights are fewer and fewer these days.

And definitely, it wasn’t the getting rid of the negative influence that changed me, because it was I that wanted to change from the get-go. And it was I that kept up the trying of new things while being more open to new people, places, food, music, etc that released me from me cage(s). Just that I was now no longer dependent on the low-feelings for self-identification that I thus able to be very well-rounded in my pursuits of a happier way of living life on Earth.


I don’t live an all-or-nothing life.

For me that is lying to myself. A lifestyle which is far worse to me then staying whom I was when I was trying to live behind a barrier of uncomfort and hiding me fear on my shoulders. I don’t do what a lot of other people have done when changing their lives. That being: to move from one trap into the next, ever seeking the better experience via constant avoidance, and the like. Now I am more free-flowing, and the instant the up and down, the dark and light, the love and fear of life ask of me to take part in things, I act out of choice now. But if I had to make a solid choice, as to which I had to choose at any given point in my life, obviously I have been choosing to love life and non longer fear it. Cuz fearing it sucked.

Certainly there have been days when I get sucked into a argument with someone. Sure, there are nights when I allow myself to become frightened by a movie or something I see on Hulu. But I know now that it was my choice, and with choice I was no longer a victim to it unwillingly.

I guess for me I had to run into the wall over and over again in order to finally fall to my ass and recognize that I could go in a different direction. Lucky for me I didn’t contract too many lasting scars from banging my head. But had I jumped from the negativity farm into a fascist way of only looking at the world with a naive outlook that life is always bright shiny and what have you, I’d still be a miserable wreck.

Now I can exist in a freedom to choose.
And that has made all the difference.

New Choices

This is how I got happy.
Not by pretending, but by being practical.

Without the negative influences I was more clear to start yoga, do meditation, and admit that I am spiritual thru-&-thru. And yes I do affirmations all the time. Affirming that life is great helps a fuck of a lot!

I also don’t hate religions like a lot of people do when they leap from the negative to the positive. Religions are still fun for me to read about and dabble in. I just do it from a new direction now. Instead of debunking them, I learn from them. And sure they are crutches, but ya know, some people break their legs, and life would suck for them without a crutch to get them out of bed in the morning.

Frankly I’ve studied and experienced all sorts of religions, and brotherhoods, and what-not. All of which say the same thing, we are spirit having a human experience, that feeling like shit isn’t optimal, and to know yourself thru-&-thru is where all your treasures lie awaiting. In my opinion we don’t move from Enslavement to Obliteration. For me it was Embarrassment to Optimal-Living.


Life doesn’t have to suck, nor does love, nor does anything. Often times, being fed-up is the motivation we need to do the big 180° turn around, to excuse ourselves away from all the Jerry Springer drama that is calling us to contribute to. For me it was to stop watching shows like that as a starter. To stop watching Fox News was also a smart move on my part. Because really, it isn’t news if all you are seeing is bankruptcy, killings, tornadoes, and sex-scandals.. that’s not news, that’s negativity. And really what is so scandalous about people fucking in politics? I’d rather watch people screwing each other and getting off, than people screwing each other out of each other’s money and livelihood. But that’s just me.

I write this not as advice, or as a prescription to follow word for word. Not that I would ever do that to begin with, but I write this to say that it’s possible to make huge social changes in life. And I know a lot of psychologists challenge the notion that people really don’t change who they are via self-help and all that comes with it. But really it isn’t that changing who we are is via self-help? I mean when someone is waging to kiss me instead of kick me, I’d say that I’ve changed who am. And it was what I learned from self-help that got me there. Fox News and Napalm Death sure wasn’t turning my life around..

Growth is possible if you are kind & patient with yourself.

The process of transformation isn’t easy, and it does call for some drastic alterations that often the closest people in our life get really mad at you about. But if it means that you are opting to have a better outlook on life, and are making your way towards a better lifestyle, then I say, more power to you! And give them time, they will come around, and if they don’t.. that’s nothing you have to worry about.

I did it. And so can you.

Cordell Klier

Ps – If you want to set up a life coaching session, or get some advice in change, or are just wanting some tips on your love life, give me a holler.

PPs – and yes that title is a goofy take on ‘F.E.T.O.’ from Napalm Death, as well a Mick Kenney‘s label. … F.rom E.nslavement T.o O.bliteraton