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About The Dork In The Picture:

“Cordell Klier is a life coach without any political or religious affiliations.”

“(He) … is also an author of three abstract books, and used to be a full time artist involved in music (200+ underground & above ground audio releases), textural abstract painting, and avant-garde performance art..  …who currently is really enjoying sailing. And occasionally does marketing graphics for the cool kids and other fun people around his neighborhood.”

“Cordell resides on planet Earth,
and digs traveling the planet with his wife
when they have time.”

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– Life & Wellness Coach.
– Performance Artist.
– Author of 3 Abstract Books.
– Sound Artist. (w/ 200+ International Releases)
– Creative Graphic Designer.
– Brand Consultant.
– Abstract Painter & Artist.
– Photo Nerd.
– Traveler / Sailor..
– ..Goofball.

This site is dedicated to my Life & Wellness Coaching.
It is mainly a blog, which means there is a ton of thoughts
swirling within it.  Have fun!

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First off, please understand upfront that I HAVE NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS affiliations of any kind – I Belong To No Group, & I have refused Initiation Into Every Single Group That Has Ever Asked Me To Join..  Yet I study everything I can get my hands on.  I hold nothing back when researching and am not afraid to delve into the strange deep corners of universe.  If and when I discover something helpful, I give it all a few tries within my own life first.  Then, I record my personal results and track my progress with it.  And if the results have a lasting and healthy impact in my own life, living conditions, or life-style, then I might offer it up “as a suggestion” to any of my clients.  But not before I give any-&-all new information, modalities and methods a few personal trial runs myself.

If it has worked for me, you will see the proof.
If it has not worked for me, you will see the proof.

With this, I guess you could say that I am a rigorous explorer,
and a rigorous guinea-pig test-subject to all things:


As well, know this about me,
“..humor is huge part of my life.”

R e q u e s t   a   F r e e   C o n s u l t a t i o n

……… or ……
To get a general idea of what I am like during a session,
start with reading my first ever blog entry.
Feel free to rip on me for all the grammar errors


(what is a Gambit?)


My goal is to assist people with improving the areas of their lives in which they are struggling. As well as enhance their core strengths while exposing hidden abilities whenever possible. It is way too easy today to throw out words like, “coaching”, “transformation”, and “success”, and not get somewhat wrapped-up into the genres of self-development & self-help. However terms are what they are, and my methods and modalities are all across the board.

People are people, and I start there.
I do so in a non-judgmental way, by beginning wherever my clients are at, and proceed from there.

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I believe we are all here within this amazing (k)osmos to live well. A “place” where all people(s) can discover & live their dreams, love their lives, face their transitions with glee-filled-motivation while trusting their excitement. As well, to meet and enjoy the company of other fascinating people & creatures along the way. To harness blissfully our pure-potential-present-moments with an enjoyable directing of our be-ing via the harmonic flow arising from the opulence that is our birth-right. To contentment, thru fulfillment, & of peace.

“Joy in life is the key.”

I believe we can all find this, do this, be this, live this, and most importantly in a non-bullshit way.

I’ve walked many philosophical paths and I’ve found that all (and I do mean all) lead to the same place. We can all thank the heavens for that!



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Cordell Klier's Reading List

“… As long as your light shines from an outside source only,
there will always be a shadow in your life.
As to release your light in all directions from within,
embrace your shadow to complete your wholeness / holiness.
Understand, you are the home of light beaming in all directions.
Therefore it is okay to completely be yourself all the time.”

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier



– Personal Development
– Life Style
– Relationships

– Wellness
– Joy
– Mindfulness
– Overcoming Struggle
– Goal Setting

– how to live a more Authentic Life
…. amongst other related topics.

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Some of my abstract art from the early 2000’s
can be found here:
mnartist website


Cordell Klier does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. In the event you use any of the information in this column or during a session with me for yourself, neither Cordell Klier, contributors to this website, nor the publisher accepts responsibility for your actions.

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