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“I WANT TO CHANGE!…blah!.. damn it!” …

..”Okay.. but into what?” I asked.

“Fuckin anything other than this crap!”

“… how about into a rhinoceros?”, I responded respectfully but with a glint of humor in my eye.

She instantly could see how silly a comment like that was without specifics. Being exceptionally smart, she stopped her explosive uproar, composed herself, and muddled thru her tears, “touché, ….you douche-bag”. This, right before we both started laughing uncontrollably. Break-Thru!

“Why in the world did you choose a rhinoceros?”, she snorted thru laughter. “You coulda said something like ‘lawyer’ or something, and I would’ve gotten the point.”

“ ya needed a good laugh.” “Frankly so did I.”, as I giggled.


Lets take a second to be forth-right in our thinking. Directing the course of one’s life without being specific can just lead you down a path of .. actually, let me back up a moment.

Trajectory is a word rarely used in regards to one’s life and life choices. Knowing where you are going, what to look out for, who’s comin with, why ya doin’, expanding your in-flight knowledge, and how to get there while having fun – that’s the plan ain’t it? And ain’t it always.

So what’s the first step in anything that you need to due correctly? Yep, ya guessed it. Be specific. Draw a map. Why? Cuz navigation and focus is key.

Sure some people may be able to get there on instinct alone, but can you?

I’ve seen people “do” on instinct alone. It takes a long, long time to “do it while having fun”. I’m talking about the merger between the vacation & the vocation.

My friend Marie is a potter. An exceptional one at that. Has a hard time keepign items in her Etsy account cuz of it. I keep telling her to find someone to keep it updated for her cuz she is always busy at the “wheel” makin new stuff all the time. ..No, the quote from before wasn’t Marie. But both have had similar conversations with me about damn near the same reason. Marie gets it. She is smart about it. ..and has faith in her trajectory. Which is why she has success. Sure, even Marie gets challenged, but it’s not by her success. And the woman from before, her struggle is with her day job.

Life without a destination seems to only be for a certain few who can handle it. Generally those who’ve got lots of people’s couches they can crash on. But once they’ve burned thru all the couches at least twice… then what?

..then there is..
Life with a direction.
Life with a reason.
Life, backed by unwavering self-confidence.

Add these three together with a good business model, and you’ve got the start of a great little venture. As Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, Dale Carnage, (..the list goes on & on..) have all stated, in all of their literature, for the last hundred years – tested over and over again my millions of people – something around the likes of: You not only ‘can’ get you anywhere you need to go, but I’d say, 90% of the cases in fact “will” get there. No questions asked. Of course these guys all used phrases like “faith”, “burning-desire”, and the likes. But don’t get lost in the semantics: the rule of doing to succeed at just about anything is pretty simple. …But a bit tough to get it all out in one or two sentences.. let alone a paragraph – so bare with me here.

That rule is:


Brainstorm. Think gigantic. Nothing is impossible.

Set a/the/your goal. You can do it, I promise you that you can “IF”!… You link your inspired goal to your “higher self“. This will give you all the energy you need in all situations that may seem challenging during the on-set. If ya don’t, you’ll lose steam really fast and it will soon become a “job” and not a profession. This also helps to keep resistance at bay. And without this you are looking at a non integrated vocation/vacation. Chances are you already have that… eeek!

Meditate on your goal everyday for at least 5 minutes in the morning or just before bed (although 20 minutes is best). Keep something in your pocket at all times that can help remind you that your goal is beside you at all time. Make a business card, draw a picture – anything works. Create visual reminders of the goal and surround yourself with these sources of inspiration. Place them all over your home, car, and/or office. Get silly about it. Get real about it. Whatever or however – just do it. We’ve all heard of vision boards. …there’s a reason why they are so talked about it. They work. Consider making one.

Next, Research till you have found a few people who did it first. Consider taking advice only from those people doing so now, or those that have achieved it within the last ten years. Or if time-tested the same achievement strategies could still apply today. [Relationship advice on the other hand, may or may not be the same 100 years ago – You’ll know what’s correct for you by how you feel about it while you are researching it. Listen to what your body is telling you by how you feel.] Apply what you’ve learned from them into an action-plan. Make a chart, future-cast into stages, make a benched-mark progress log, write a letter to yourself, …whatever it takes for you to see a map or plan of action, this will keep you on point. What You Track Will Pay You Back. ..You’ll never see a wealthy person with an unkept bank account. Even if your goal is to get laid at the club tonight, get crystal clear by creating action steps. Test your actions steps beginning to see yourself having, doing, acting, smelling, looking, thinking, feeling, (take a breath) and being who you are once that “goal” is reach/obtained/achieved. THINK LIKE AN ATHLETE!! Visualize yourself accomplishing it. Practice by pretending at home. Act like a kid, pretend you are already there. Start to dress like the person you are going to be now with what you have now. Improvise. You did it when you were a kid. You can do it now. If ya gotta do it in secret, do it in secret.

Now, it’s all about persistence and recalibrating the plan. Be stead-fast with persistence, even in the face of scrutiny and opposition(especially then). Take not the advice of those who’ve given up and are “worried for you”. Or even those who are concerned with you “failing” – these people will not have your best interests in mind. And besides failing is bullshit. It doesn’t even exist to begin with. Failing just means you stopped. And guess what? You can start again at any time. Ignore the naysayers like the plague. Even if they are family, best friends, or people who pretend to be your competitors. Keep your two eyes on the prize at all times. Competition is a lie, and ignore all those scarcity arguments. They are the inventions of the fearful.

As it’s been stated, Roadblocks are what you see when you take your eyes off the prize – take this to heart and store it there. This has been said in a ton of different ways by a lot of successful people. Take that little sentence and memorize it. Teach it to your friends. Have them dish it out right back at you when you get discouraged. As long as your goal is aligned with your heart you should have zero reason enough to keep you doing those little things that seem annoying, but are integral to getting you to where you are headed. I.E. – having to retailer your plan. And if you can find someone to hold you accountable to your goal – you’ll be unstoppable, revised plan or not.

Which leads to: finding like minded people. There are a million ways to do this. Do a Google search. Get on Facebook. Craigslist. Go the coffeehouse down the road and put up a flyer looking for these people. Grab a flyer that seems like you. Pick up a paper, hit the want ads, the seeking people section. Heck, try writing to the editor asking them to write an article about it. See who, what pops up.

Trust the world around you, For You Are Not Alone Ever. And there are plenty of people looking for you as well. Be diligent. If you there, They are there too.

Once you have an accountability support structure in place; be that a business partner, lover, friend, or a coach, knowing your goal; acting as if; doing as if; thinking as if.. now its time for the tough part. Nope, it’s not the achievement. I know movies and TV love to make this the point of all their stories, but I can assure you it certainly is not. The tough part is what seems like the easy part, but is actually the hard part. MAINTENANCE.

And with that.. Let’s talk a little about Maintaing the dream…
PT. 2 Coming Soon.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

Being cranky sucks. No doubt.
Often I act the crankiest when life feels unfullfilling – more like unfulfillable. Not claiming I’m superman or anything. Everyone gets the blues sometimes.

Yes, I too get annoyed, frustrated, ticked off, peeved, stressed, enter the pain body like it’s a scene from Hellraiser, …throw in some old school blackmetal.. and well… we all have our drill. And sometimes it pulls out a crooked hammer, and undoubtedlyallow ourselves to clobber ourselves. Often into self-pity, or melancholy.

So why does this happen?

Usually, its nutrition. Often it is something leaving our system like the coffee we just drank. Or maybe just a thought that swung into our heads which got us thinking about crap we don’t wanna deal with in a week. Buddhists call this Shenpa. Aka – roughly translated getting hooked. Sometimes the body gets hooked to getting hooked. Who knew..

Frustrating as it is, “getting hooked to getting hooked” is our body’s way of trying to tell us something. Usually something important. Kinda like seeking the silver lining in a cloud, if we can be mindful, even for a few seconds, our present awareness tends to shed some light on this shadowy / prickly little bugger. And away it starts-a-runnin’.

So what can ya do about it? I mean, being that people get cranky for a bazillion reasons, right?

First thing is that I’d advise clients to look into two authors: Eckart Tolle (…don’t scoff.. he’s popular for a good reason), and Pema Chödrön. Both of these authors have done a superb job on sending light on – & into – these subjects. They both have effective tips, and numerous strategies that I’ve used with many clients, and even on myself.

The second thing I would do is a breathing exercise I picked up in yoga. This is possibly the simplest thing you can do when you get stressed or annoyed, even angry. And lucky for you, ya really don’t have to “know” how or why it works. But if you try it even once, even in a half-assed way, you’ll soon see that it does work. And work quite well.

1) While using your right thumb to close the right nostril, take an 8 second slow breath-in thru your left nostril.

2) Then plug both nostrils and hold it for another 8 seconds.

3) While doing so place your focus/awareness on what people call the third-eye / Ajna Chakra – basically the place just above the center between your two eyes.

4) Then finally with your ring finger hold closed the left nostril and breath-out the oxygen / prana out of your right nostril.

Then just take a second to see how you feel.
Are the prickly’s still there? Do you still feel like destroying the new pretension-laden interim director who acts like a six grade lit teacher? Hopefully not as bad as before you tried this breathing exercise. a caveat to neither of those helping: go here and download this free music release. I listen to it a lot when trying to unwind.

And lastly, if that doesn’t work, contact me for a session. Sometimes I can help people right over the phone.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier



I wrote a book a while back. ..let it set there for about two years before deciding to sell it. I wrote it as if something had escorted me out of the way so it could translate thru me. Got spooked as to how honest I felt writing it. Shocked more that I actually lived so much of it.

It’s entitled, “ALL IS OF THE SOURCE

Maybe you’ll find it interesting.
And if you care to book a session, I give it free to all my clients.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

“Sometimes things get out of control to get us back in control.”
– Stacy Sabin

My girlfriend eloquently placed these words into my ears about 10 minutes ago. She is belly dancing in Chicago now with world renown belly dancer Rachel Brice. Sounds like she is loving it. Her words…, spoken in the face of possible income loss, are reassuring. And just what I needed to hear. Often she’ll say things like this with astonishing timing. I’m in Minnesota watching the state government being an inch from shutting down.


So lets talk about job loss briefly thru a few quotes.

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.”
-William James

“People are where they are because that is exactly where they really want to be – whether they will admit that or not.”
-Earl Nightingale

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”
-Dale Carnegie

“Let go, and let God (Source / Tao / The Creator Numero-Uno / Cosmic Consciousness / The Architect of the Great Work….)”
??? I’m still not sure who said this

….and one more from good ‘ol Earl..

“Success is the progressive realization of worthy ideal.”
-Earl Nightingale

Is there really anything else to say?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier