Cordell Klier - Life & Wellness Coach
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to actualize their dreams into full reality. Yet I know people feel that way all the time. So know that you are not alone.

The first advice I give anyone is, “if you think you can, you will”, yet my only caveat is, “are you willing, as well as set-up, to maintain it long-term”?

Many life coaches, healers, psychologists, counselors, spiritual advisers are wonderful at helping people find and cultivate their potentials, as well as their ambitions. ..Still, have you ever lived your dream but only slightly, or funnier yet, had it only stuck around for about a month, a week, or even a day? If so, I’m certain you are thinking ‘what gives?’, ‘what a crock of..#*$^!’, or ‘why is this failing now?’

If you are like most folks post “The Secret” era, goal setting tends to seem like all the new year resolutions that get ignored once ‘the seemingly real you’ has entered the new year. Aka – Starts out pretty cool, and wow are you initially motivated… but only for about a week or so, then the old inertia-filled patterns come back full-swing.

That’s why I am here, and I most definitely can assist you back on track.

Whether it’s keeping the weight off, keeping the ex gone for good, keeping the business running, or staying amidst what I coined a few years back in my digi-book ALL IS OF THE SOURCE, “your awareness of, your connection to” during times of stress and strife, I can help you manage and organize that handful / head-filled with worry and glut of self-sabotage right out of your life.

I can guide you thru the rough patches with practical advice that is effective. The only thing to keep in mind is that I will challenge your beliefs, I will dig into what I call the “4th layer”, ..which is a layer about 4 layers deep into your thinking, reacting, and expectations in life. I do this in order to uncover your subconscious intentions/motivations to do or not to do the things in life that are either tripping you up, or causing you strain.

In my line of work it’s all about release, freedom, healthy results, then MAINTENANCE!

Ever wonder why so many movies & literature expose God/Tao/Source/Creator-Numero-Uno as a janitor? Ever wondered why that is? It’s because at the end of the night, you have another morning waiting for you that if you haven’t simplified the work ahead of you, or stream-lined your personal status-quotient – you will feel like living the life of your dreams is more like a full-time job.

So if you (like many others) have made the shift, accomplished the goals, but seem to still have issues with staying aboard the “awesome ship”, I encourage you to request a session. And lets see if – together – we can keep ya where you know you are supposed to be.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier