Well maybe not entirely. A lot of folks are in what I call the Post-“Secret” era. And I’d say about 3/4 of them are stuck in this, “bring me, bring me, bring me” trance. Restlessly asking for more, More, MORE! .. yet still feeling like it ain’t enough. Nor is it really filling the hard-drive of our souls. The burn out is apparent on a lot of people’s faces. And really it’s to be expected and truth be told – totally A-OK. I mean sure that Sunday tastes awesome, but did ya need the largest size? Are you sure ya need 2 more pairs of kitchen midst? Really dude, how many cars do you really need?

It’s time to snap out of it… at least for a moment. Maybe just for today. Certainly Abundance is the birth-right of all creatures, yet I’d like ya to consider that maybe, just maybe, your gods aren’t the servers at Applebees..?? So why not give’em a well needed lunch break.

Back when you were a kid getting up and running around like an idiot was fun. And you really never needed an excuse or a new toy to do it. You just saw everything as the excuse to act like a goofball and have fun. That is to say “make fun” out of anything and everything. Remember those days? Any corner in your house was a new adventure. The washing machine was the tallest building ever – and you are going to surmount it!

Today (when no one important is looking of course), find the corner in your house that is calling you to act freely, and without restrain to fully express your enjoyment, frustration, need for silence, or.. maybe give your new found expanding awareness a moment to take in the room from a new angle. Who knows what you have forgotten about? A CD you bought last week but never really listened to it. A painting: how the colors are actually more orange from that angle cuz of the cloudy day. Or maybe, that small moment of “new” is just enough time to slow that head chatter down a notch.

One of the things I tell all my clients is “Re-Acquaint Yourself With Your Present View”. Because it’s easy to lose sight of what we have if we aren’t fully grateful thru are use of all that now sits on the shelves of your home. Consider your couch as a shelf. You are sitting on it. What are you doing with your body, mind, heart, soul, skill-sets, ambitions right this very second?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier