Audition for your own life. Everybody knows the phrase Carpe Diem. For those that don’t it’s “seize the day”. Yes it’s a cliché, but in my opinion possible erroneously under-valued. It’s one thing to look around your room and get confronted with the pretense of the modern age, wondering how and why all this is necessary… but really, isn’t it? Isn’t all of it there for a purpose?

Who do you know right now that could use a leg up? Who do you know that could use some of your extra pizza? How about that steam-punk kid playing his banjo for a few cents on the side of the highway entrance, hoping to travel back to California. If you’re worried that he is a vegan, I’m pretty sure he’d eat your extra left over pizza. Does a scenario like this sound odd / lame / dumb / worthless? If so, obviously you’ve not been in a place where worry about your next meal is about the only thing filling up your body and mind.

Homelessness in the US is huge. And considering our infrastructure, money or no-money, there is really zero excuse for even the hard-headed, self-compelled wandering teenager, with hopes in dodging a system that may or may not have seemed to oppressed his sensibilities, with a reason to go – or even stay – hungry. Not to sound preachy, but not everyone has had it as awesome as you. But we are all on this ship together. Why not try your hand at auditioning as someone’s super hero for the day?

We may not make the same kind of choices. We may even think he should get what he has coming to him for being bold enough to get out on the streets by choice. Maybe you think it is plain stupid to do so. Really though, if it was you, wouldn’t you want the kindness of strangers on your journey? Self-induced or not?

Sometimes “carpe diem” isn’t about YOU. Sometimes it’s about “them”. The people you disagree with, but you know they are struggling with something your know you can help them with.

Today, challenge yourself with a good deed today. A deed for someone other than yourself. As they say in the self-help field, “gotta give to get”, right? So my thoughts go out to those on “their” journey. As Basil King put it best, “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid”. Maybe you’ll fail and that kid will be a vegan and scoff at your free meal. But what if he thanks the hell out of ya?

You may or may not get the part of Super Hero today in the eyes of that kid, but sometimes it’s best to give it your best anyway.

Be willing to not get the part, but audition anyway. Ya never know.. he could be “THE CASTING DIRECTOR” of your next life.. For wasn’t it Buddha that pretty much outlined the probability: to respect all things for Tao/God is in all things, even no-thing?

Who could you help out today? What can you spare?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier