Being cranky sucks. No doubt.
Often I act the crankiest when life feels unfullfilling – more like unfulfillable. Not claiming I’m superman or anything. Everyone gets the blues sometimes.

Yes, I too get annoyed, frustrated, ticked off, peeved, stressed, enter the pain body like it’s a scene from Hellraiser, …throw in some old school blackmetal.. and well… we all have our drill. And sometimes it pulls out a crooked hammer, and undoubtedlyallow ourselves to clobber ourselves. Often into self-pity, or melancholy.

So why does this happen?

Usually, its nutrition. Often it is something leaving our system like the coffee we just drank. Or maybe just a thought that swung into our heads which got us thinking about crap we don’t wanna deal with in a week. Buddhists call this Shenpa. Aka – roughly translated getting hooked. Sometimes the body gets hooked to getting hooked. Who knew..

Frustrating as it is, “getting hooked to getting hooked” is our body’s way of trying to tell us something. Usually something important. Kinda like seeking the silver lining in a cloud, if we can be mindful, even for a few seconds, our present awareness tends to shed some light on this shadowy / prickly little bugger. And away it starts-a-runnin’.

So what can ya do about it? I mean, being that people get cranky for a bazillion reasons, right?

First thing is that I’d advise clients to look into two authors: Eckart Tolle (…don’t scoff.. he’s popular for a good reason), and Pema Chödrön. Both of these authors have done a superb job on sending light on – & into – these subjects. They both have effective tips, and numerous strategies that I’ve used with many clients, and even on myself.

The second thing I would do is a breathing exercise I picked up in yoga. This is possibly the simplest thing you can do when you get stressed or annoyed, even angry. And lucky for you, ya really don’t have to “know” how or why it works. But if you try it even once, even in a half-assed way, you’ll soon see that it does work. And work quite well.

1) While using your right thumb to close the right nostril, take an 8 second slow breath-in thru your left nostril.

2) Then plug both nostrils and hold it for another 8 seconds.

3) While doing so place your focus/awareness on what people call the third-eye / Ajna Chakra – basically the place just above the center between your two eyes.

4) Then finally with your ring finger hold closed the left nostril and breath-out the oxygen / prana out of your right nostril.

Then just take a second to see how you feel.
Are the prickly’s still there? Do you still feel like destroying the new pretension-laden interim director who acts like a six grade lit teacher? Hopefully not as bad as before you tried this breathing exercise. a caveat to neither of those helping: go here and download this free music release. I listen to it a lot when trying to unwind.

And lastly, if that doesn’t work, contact me for a session. Sometimes I can help people right over the phone.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier