My posts can get lengthy. I write like I talk. Some people love this about me, others get annoyed and bored real fast. So I’ll cut to the chase on this one and keep the story’s out, while keeping the good stuff right up front.

Compassion is everything when someone is hurt.

Look at the word ‘hurt’ and how it is used in sentences.

“I’m going to hurt you”.
“this hurt me bad.. that is to say it still hurts today”
“I’m sick of hurting my family.”

A feeling, an action, a result.

Hurt and pain are different when dealing out the card-deck within someone’s sense of suffering.
Gentleness and patience is the key here. Especially when dealing with ourselves and our hidden hands. The card up our sleeves can either save us, or really get us in hot water.

There’s an old saying that I think is Buddhist if I remember correctly… Goes something like this:

Lashing out in anger is like picking up a hot coal, holding it for a moment, and then throwing it at someone. …Sure, the person getting hit might get a welt or a bruise, and obviously pissed at you. But you were the dummy that held that hot coal, and now you got a permanent burn-scar.

About a situation like this, my brother (during his teen years) might coin you a stupid asshole moron.
All funny judgments aside… doing something like that isn’t going to make you the brightest bulb on the tree.

Tonight… I just felt the need to speak on behalf of compassion.

“You can’t be too kind about someone who’s been so hurt.”
The Character of Oscar Wilde spoke this line in the movie WILDE.

That line has stuck with me for years. I’ve always admired this saying. Whether Oscar Wilde actually said this is up for debate. Eitherway, the person whom wrote it is aces in my book. (…odd, that’s a phrase I’ve never written before until now….aces???.. anyway…)

With all the lay-offs in Minnesota this week, take a moment when dealing with people. They’re gonna need your compassion, tolerance, and patience. Bare with them. Be there for them. Stand by them. Or let them ‘be’ for a while if they need it.

My thoughts are with you Minnesota.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

ps – .. if you do have a loved one that could use some assist thru this, consider sending them my way. Maybe I could help.. To Request a Session