Before the plan can take shape ya gotta flesh out the “why”.


Why do ya think…

How many people ask why but never think to ask themselves, “why not”?

You, your soul, your body, universal mind, your breathing, your brain.. they have agendas. Multiple agendas. Often ‘mind’ and ‘the organ called brain’ have opposing interests.

Sometimes the soul and our financial income can have opposing forces calling them to do radically different activities, strangely assisting in an identical outcome.

How does that work, you might be askin’?

Remember in basic math, some teachers wanna see the work written out, while other teachers (namely your history teacher) just give you a calculator? That’s what we are dealing with here: Inconsistencies of operation.

Funny too this being done reinforcing young brains to seek for a consistent outcome of learning while hoping to promote effective “doing”. …??

So what can ya do?
Well for starters, when the brain starts asking you ‘why’, ask it back ‘why not’? When the brain starts in with all the reasons as to ‘why not do something‘, ask it ‘why’?

This works every time.

It’s like in meditating. When you try to clear out your mind, suddenly as if a vacuum is created and a million things rush into your “self”, they instantly (in unison I might add) begin chattering away at you. So much for “inner-peace-n-quiet” ‘eh?

Yet, if to do what seems like the reverse, the second you try to think of every-thing at once, your mind goes b l a n k . Suddenly Silence.

Doesn’t it seem like the brain has a freeloader doing everything in paradox?

Artists call it “resistance”.

Here is a few more examples:

  • Christian’s & Muslim’s call it ‘the satan’ or ‘the adversary’.
  • Satanist’s call it ‘the beast or the liar’.
  • Atheist’s call it ‘freaking annoying’.
  • Don Miguel Ruiz calls it ‘the voice of knowledge’.
  • Wayne Dyer calls it “ego”(edging god out)”.

… I just call it like I see it:
Here it is in long-form..

A mentally constructed archetype rooted in a probable predisposed genetically promulgated belief-pattern reinforced thru the seeking out of situations that promote the struggling of two counter-balanced dominating counter-intentions..

..Confused yet?

..but wait!.. there’s more..

..often times backed by the stress-brain’s need to “act/be afraid”; Afraid, because the body – to a certain extent – is a hormone/endocrine drug addict that relies on certain chemicals concocted by the brain’s “doing/non-doing” in order to get its daily fix of.. adrenaline & cortisol, etc.. Because if the stress-brain can be frightened just long-enough, then it has ‘a job’, and thru that ‘job’ the brain – when tricked into sensing itself into POSSIBLY becoming in-active – key word being possibly – now has a sense of “worthy-use”. …..ALL THIS.. because the brain’s sole purpose is to keep you ALIVE. In extreme cases the brain gets so confused that it thinks death is the only way to live. ..luckily this .. for another post later.. but for the sense of this post – Stress Stops HGH = HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE!

Funny how our brains are secretly obsessed with death. As if it is embarrassed of this, so it hit hides this within a complexity of layers.

Since the brain pretends that it is “all of you”, and if we aren’t taught to question this “flat-earth-response” to consciousness-identification via body-parts only, then there seems to be a sense of “doing” even when not doing a damn thing.

…Which we all know, that if we take a second to do our long-hand-math here, that…, thru writing out the PROCESS, .. we gain clarity thru discovery, …we strangely then get creative to seek new layers of & for problem solving in general, …test our inner competency thru experiments like sex, relationships, swimming, thai food, and laughter, ..thus! …(take a breath).. becoming more acquainted with the necessary actions steps that lead us to the inevitable “SOLUTION”: that solution = living well.

Because a problem isn’t a problem, unless you make it a problem. And guess what, …….problems get solved!

A brain would never create a problem it couldn’t solve.

Consider resistance like this: creating a problem that can be solved for the satisfaction of solving a problem in order to gain the satisfaction of having controlled something… especially if since it seems to have been unable to solve certain other issues/problems/challenges/head-aches in life that seem beyond it’s scope of KNOWLEDGE.

So the big question is, who is this archetype? Who is tricking the brain into doing this?

Is it the body? .. sometimes.
Is it stuff our parents / teachers / friends / lovers / bosses / leaders have crammed down our throats? .. sometimes.
Is it our spiritual heroes / political mentors…. sometimes.

Now, if you’re wondering “is it intentional”? Unfortunately those “lacking the wake-up call of consciousness” can sometimes do this seemingly intentionally. Yet really, if someone isn’t acting via their awareness, how can they be 100% accountable for their actions? This isn’t an excuse least that of a total frikkin bummer for all those around them.

Frankly.. I too think describing “ego” in anyway, is falling short. For it is far too simple to just call it any ‘thing’ any ‘way’. Seems like this “resistance” wants to interact with you and pretends to be “not you” when you screw-up (judge), but is “you” when you’ve screwed-up (victim). It seems lost, lonely, tired, frustrated, scared, nervous, confused, angry, cheated, lied to, tricked, offended, and for the most part never seems to “have enough time, sex, or money”. …see what I’m getting at?

Mental Inaction.

Simply put… the brain loves to eat.
And what does the brain eat?
And what does knowledge produce?
Physical Action.
Action produces experiences which can lead to wisdom.
..& wisdom produces…. (drum-roll please *dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt*)

Life is a process.
So it’s time to involve the brain back into that process.
..time too, to remember that the head is just another appendage; albeit an important one.

…..Today, consider taking a few moments to learn something new, and not something knew. Stretch from your comfort zone. Grab a book on financing. How about something on day trading. Go to the punk record store and try your hand at something crusty. Try a new Lebanese restaurant. ..Hell, hit up Wikipedia to brows a few interested tidbits connected to bioluminescence. If at work, consider asking your boss for a new task slightly out of your skill-set.

Challenge yourself before you get challenged by your stress brain.
Your brain will love you for it – that’s “WHY”.

All good plans are built on the effective knowledge gained thru the courageous action of persistent learning via an inspired purpose causing all enthusiastic & initiating/motivating sparks to render us free from all worry so as to allow a lifetime of gracious be-ing & the exponential expression of growth from inner-wisdom that sustains actualized harmonic outer-peace.

..and you can f’n quote me on that.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier