The title of this post is kind of an inside thing.

Today is about being authentic.
Knowing we aren’t someone else’s idea of perfect.

You’d think that being yourself 100% would be the easiest thing to do in life. Ya know, standing up and asking out the cute guy. Standing up for yourself at your job. Telling the waitress how cold the tilapia is and that it is freaking you out. Yet we all know – no matter our age – that the pressures of life, love, our occupations, and the fowls of society can sometimes strip-off a few layers of integrity in order to get us thru the hour. We don’t wanna with all of our hearts, and yet we do it anyway.

– The dress code may may be black tie, but today we are bright green.
Be bright green. Let them take it as a statement, even though it isn’t.

– The songs maybe about lost love, but today we are in love.
Be in love, pester yourself not with the jealousy of another.

– The voice maybe screaming damnation is on high with vengeance, but we are enjoying the summer day. Be grateful for your martini and your friends, let the fundamentalist scurry away in horror.

Appeasing the sensibilities of the frustrated & rigid at the expense of yourself isn’t going to help anyone. Not even in the short turn.
Not them. Not you. …naught anyone.

Today, consider rising above the expectations of others. Do so by not lowering yourself into their requirements. Obligation and the dreadful “ought-to” will not make the day brighter for them no matter what you do when you aren’t in the spirit of the occasion.

– The club may be filled with darksider punks & emo kids, but wear the white suit anyway.

– The job may be losing it’s marbles over a spreadsheet, yet go out to lunch anyway.

– …Even your own thoughts maybe annoyed and gregariously spouting, “God is a bullshit concept and it’s all a lie, you are totally being idiotic for falling for this crap – you know better, come on man!”, ….and yet, … something within you feels that today, for some reason-or-another, “ya, I know.. I get it, …but it just fits better knowing she’s there, that she may actually exist…. today it just feels healthier, ..scientifically unprovable or not”. So let her be there.

There’s always tomorrow. There’s always tonight. There’s always peace somewhere. There’s always a choice.

So choose from what you’re feeling with your heart. The center of your chest. Go with your gut. Choose from your soul. …Choose from your vagina! …Choose from what ever feels the best.

Follow your bliss.
I mean.. ya can’t please everyone.

More importantly, would you really want to?

Sometimes the bright green tie makes the dinner engagement better; the spreadsheet is still going to be there in an hour; and often skeptics are skeptical of themselves.. so what’s the harm in believing in a deity for a few moments??

Don’t be tricked into thinking you are somehow having to be irreverently bold just to be you – no matter how contradictory it may seem to others. heck for that matter there’s no sense in feeling even wrong, just because something within you is moving in a different direction then that which is surrounding you. You’re not an asshole no matter what they think, feel, or say.

Sometimes our bodies choose. Sometimes our soul chooses. Sometimes it’s our hearts that have the right of way. Give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack.

A Great book on this subject also has a great title, I highly recommend it:

What You Think of Me is None of My Business.” It’s by Terry Cole-Whittaker.

I dig this book. It cuts right to the heart of the matter.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier