Do so by crossing your path first.

“You can not get sick enough, to heal one person on this planet. And you cannot get poor enough, to make one person wealthy on this planet. ..And you cannot get confused enough, to un-confuse one person on this planet. No amount of you feeling bad…” …will help anyone feel better.
– Wayne Dyer (from: The Power of Intention DVD)

…I added the last part after the quote because Wayne lectures like he thinks; kinda all over the place, and in his lecture never finished the full quote. For he went on to speak about our connections with Source. …But, ya know.. what a mind that man has. I know the above quote is also paraphrased from a few other ‘sources’, another words, said in a many other ways by many others, but regardless, Wayne is spot-on with this. And by spot-on I mean right-on; “Correct-a-mundo

When a personal-issue in your life becomes a problem, doesn’t it always seem like the best thing to do is reverse-engineer the problem in order to help us witness how you got to where you are now in the first place? To find out where ya went wrong? To identify what ya did, and how not to do those things again?

..I mean this seems on the on-set as being a logical course of action, right?

Yet, ain-it goofy.. doing so, many tend to use this process as a way to beat themselves up and then get stuck in the past via self-blame, or.. worse still, create feelings of hostility, shame, and blame for another.

This is why I ask people to cross their own paths first before heading into the direction of their goals and dreams. Getting into the real you is beneficial. It’s one thing to start a new adventure when you’ve fleshed out all that lurks within the darkly-lit corners of our creepy and weird parts. But without identifying all that we can do in-spite of them, is going to lock us up with what it is we are trying to replace.

When someone wants something it is because there is a trickster in our under-developed strengths that is seeking it’s uncovering. And the universe loves to help rediscover our latent-powers by putting us in the hands of those that call us out on our own shenanigans. Those shenanigans being the laziness of the survival-conscious-affected-brain.

Path Of Water as they say… hmmm.. really… seems with a closer look that being liquid is more like being… let me explain….

Here’s the way out:

Survival-Consciousness will not solve your problem. Survival-Consciousness is another way of complicating matters thru “reactive” thinking/doing/feeling/being. AKA: victim-mode. AKA: this is happening “tooo” me. AKA: my only control is to deflect and/or absorb. …I ain’t got control! I need someone else to do it for me.

…eeegadz, this never works, does it?
No. It. Does. Not.

Cuz it squashes your personal power doesn’t it?
Sure. does.

…..water is powerful. and it’s time to redefine what really means to be “liquid”.


If you intend for this problem to be solved you have to focus on “a” solution.
Not on the problem.

You’ve gotta look toward (and move toward) the feeling you intend, the effective course of actions you intend, and focus your ‘attention’ on what you ‘intended’ in the first place, `cept doing so in the “NOW”.

The caveat to this is, ..well.. this: To stand in the midst of a “want”, is to produce more “want”. – Cordell Klier

…or how about this quote:

“The law of flotation was not discovered by the contemplation of the sinking of things.”
– Thomas Troward

Consider using a different set of tools.
Consider seeking a new way of be-ing.


Survival-Consciousness’s sole purpose is ‘to be at a level of “survival” in order to help you get “stronger-of-mind_&-body”. Survival-Consciousness actually has no way of ever seeing beyond it’s own drive to be within survival-mode. ::: Because doing anything, or thinking anything, about any situation that it can be connected with, is done so in order to “learn-better-growth-methods” (AKA: the work-out), because it does this for ‘you’ to learn how & when to “survive” most efficiently, quickly and with ease. All this, just in case a similar scenario pops-up that isn’t “created by you”.



… But living life isn’t just about “survival”, is it? …if it was we’d not have an entertainment industry, or orgasms, would we?

At some point in life we have to become consciously aware of this; mature our actions as to stay outside of this level of “exercise”. So we can use the benefits of that exercise in order to live a richer and fuller more passionate, healthy, fun, loving & lovable, filled-with-love, life!

So, …
…what do we know about physical exercise? Without rest & healing.. how are we ever going to ENJOY living? We’ll stay sore all the time from all the lactic acids in our muscles, and instead of producing stronger muscles, we’ll begin to produce SCAR-TISSUE.

When was the last time you felt “free” and “at ease” when thinking about your “surviving”?

To much survival and we got scar-tissue.

This is what it means when someone says they have lived a “hard-life”.

And where it may be fun for someone to retro-respond to a past survival-scare that has produced a scar, via telling a funny story during a martini night at Moscow On The Hill, it really makes little sense in consistently seeking out more survival-scares in order to “live well”, in order to tell tails of more woe, now does it?

No. It. Does. Not.

In order to stop from feeling “wet” you have to get out of the “water”. And I can assure you that Survival-Consciousness is about staying “wet”. Cuz that is its function.

So it’s time to get out of the “water” by telling a better story about our lives.


Remember how easy it is for us to want to reverse-engineer (AKA: backtrack) in order to find our answers/way-out? Keep this in mind the next time you do anything that produces a result that didn’t quite “work-out”: What you track, expands. What you resist, persists. When you say, I don’t want “______”, guess what you are going to get?


It’s on your mind.
You just spoke about it.
That means its in your brain, and on your mind.

Energy flows where your attention goes.
That’s the saying. That’s the truth.

If struggle is on your mind, you get struggle. If ease and peace are on your mind, ya get peace & ease. It’s that simple.

When you see someone struggling, you will not be helpful resonating/being on their level of woe. Or in their level for that matter.

It’s like gossip. When you sympathize you’ve opened the door to entering their world, but by no means are you to enter it. Doing so just fucks you up too. You must rise-above in order to stay “within” in order to be of any real help to anyone – including yourself!

Ever hear of the practice of “laying on of hands” or how about the popular practice of Reiki. Yes, the laying on of hands is used by “the crazies”.., Reiki on the other hand seems to be used by the not-so-crazies. But tell me that you don’t feel better when someone “takes your hand”, gives you a hug, rubs your shoulders, wipes your tears, “forehead to forehead”, helps you stand up, makes you a meal, gets you to work on time? ..I could go on-&-on with examples.

But isn’t the real purpose of life to be in a place where we are the producers? We are the supporters? We are at calm in order to help others stay calm? Healers first, by healing ourselves first?

I know that sounds conservative? But really isn’t it just physics? In order to push or pull something you need leverage. And you cannot gain leverage by standing in the exact spot as what is trying to be moved.

Am I right?

The picture above ^ of the hands… when you first looked at it.. which hand was the helping hand? The one on top. The comforting hand?

I know perception is a bitch. But what’s a real bitch is when we are being comforted, but that comfort isn’t what we were thinking we needed, got it anyway, and decided that it felt more like pain because someone was helping us trying to “clean the wound”, as they say.

Whether it’s energy work, or physical work, sometimes the practitioner gets into the places where our real power is unfortunately stuck, and knows there is a need to “give us a gentle push”. But since we aren’t 100% trusting of the practitioner, in congruence when of aware of the push on the get-go, because we are constantly hiding & protecting that power… so much so into NON-ACTION / R E S I S T A N C E / … that often we get startled, taken-back, and because that block is attached to a belief, we get defensive, sad, angry, annoyed, hostile, and/or really pissed off.

This is natural. And certainly a jolt to the protecting-system that is our survival consciousness.

In order to take someone’s hand in guiding them towards a healthy difference in their life or ventures, they have to have their hand out as a way to show us that they need a hand to begin with. But what’s in a hand-out if that person doesn’t assist themselves first by taking their own hands out of their own fear-filled pockets in support of themselves? Know what I mean? …Especially if they’ve already got perfectly good hands to begin with.

A fish?
.. Or being shown how to fish more effectively?

We all know the answer to this conundrum.
A wise choice is the teaching of fishing.. and it can feel like you are being an asshole by refusing to give the fish, but really it won’t help anyone.


To act as an example; to teach thru example; to live exemplary.

This is what inspires people.
This is what evokes the assistance of others

As a Life & Wellness Coach I tend to walk a fine line between pusher and supporter. Trust is always the key. Trust in/from the helper and trust from/in the helpee. Friendships, working relationships, lovers, business partners are no different.

Trusting the structure-of-support first is a must before you’ll ever go to it in the first place. So be mindful of your choices in seeking support. Be mindful that your greatest support is you before anyone else. And we support ourselves via the stories we craft about ourselves.

– – S T O R I E S – –

Our stories are important. But more important is how we tell our stories. .. to ourselves, and to our companions.

Think of a story like you’d think of a train hauling cargo. Picture the tracks as the energy that is being directed by your mind via the production of your e-motions (Energy-In-Motion). Now consider the train-cars as the intentions that you are considering to “move-forward-with”. And consider the words you impress upon the subconscious as what is being hauled within those train-cars. …..When you state, “I don’t want to go at it alone”, and since the subconscious treats each word as something to be hauled by this train forward, … take a guess what’s being “moved-forward” by YOUR train?

The words you keep repeating in your story. I’m alone. I’m lonely. I’m poor. I’m still making progress. I’m hoping to get better. I’ve been feeling better for the last three months.. but I’m feeling sad now because….

Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep off the forward moving train-of-thought that which you’d like to leave behind?

Your subconscious doesn’t know any better, because it looks at each word like it is a physical object. And those physical objects all have an emotional correlate. And those correlates creates chemicals in the brain that cause functions in the body that produce movement and physical energy that not only works in-&-thru the physical body, but also flows out of it. And the people, places, & things around you harmonize or dis-harmonizes with you.

Repulsion & Attraction.

This is how “moving-on” & “leaving-behind”, & “letting-go”, & “for-giving” works.

In order to get what you intend: you (as in yourself; on your own) have to be of the mind-set that you are already surrounded by what it is you are trying to produce (within the now). …Doing so, by ridding yourself of what it is you want to move away from, by letting-go (purging). And thus to begin filling up your mind with what you are moving forward “WITH” in order to produce said, “intent”.

Attention on Intention is what I think Mr. Wayne Dyer was getting at in his lecture. And it’s certainly what I’m getting at here as well.

Being mindful of how you speak about your problems and desires is a “best-practice” as they say in the business world. So, staying aware of our words/symbols is a good idea when communicating. An idea that can make or break the flow of corroboration when seeking the advice or assistance from a friend, co-worker, or family member is how we communicate our intentions. For you may be carrying with you a disguised-problem within your intended solution.

Friends, family, your Life-Coach, coworkers, bosses, lovers, and pets will pick up on these disguised-attention-seekers – and if you don’t want them along for the ride (baggage) you have to throw them from the train.

I think we all really know what to do, it’s just that we don’t feel like we have the confidence to do so. But really, if we’ve got the confidence to fail more than once, at a great number of things, than I’d say we have more than enough confidence to actually get, do, be, feel, say, think, react, & live the way we ARE.

  • Life isn’t survival.
  • Life isn’t work.
  • Life isn’t money.
  • Life isn’t do.
  • Life isn’t struggling.
  • Life isn’t suffering.

All of these phrases are counter productive!

Stop thinking them!
Stop Mentioning them!
(irony.. I know…errrm…)

Ya know that old saying, “getting a wrench stuck in the gears”..? Well it’s time to pull it out of the gears and start using it on your gears. Intelligent well structured plans will throw a wrench into your life every-time!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
We get what we intend when we Stop Being a Tool and Start Using Our Tools.

Do all you can do now within your capabilities, and all that is outside your skill-sets and abilities the universe will send your way.

Hold faith in yourself.
This is how you truly help others.

If a person comes to me and says, “i can’t because I don’t want to”, guess how my universe is going to respond? 😉

But if a person comes to me and says, “I’m better at these things and am doing them to the best of my abilities, and I’d like to have another help me with these “______”‘s …chances are likely that if you stay persistent and faith-filled the universe will rush in and come to truly help you.

“Chance favors the connected mind”.
– Steven Johnson

Connections favor those providing worth.
Be worthy in mind, heart, soul, and body, thru doing & non-doing and you’ll be able to help anyone that crosses-your-path.

Cross your own path first.
If you can’t handle your own waters, chances are no one else will either.
When you can’t handle the waters your in, give me a call, maybe I can help, … just be mindful as to not drown your coach in the process …giggle.

….as per usual.. long-winded but hopefully helpful.

Namaste /Good Tidings
Cordell Klier