….we already know the answers.., for they are embedded within the questions that we know to ask ourselves.

The real questions exist outside of the realm of our knowing.
And when you run into difficulty, it is sometimes best to ask for guidance, seek mentor-ship, or do some research & development.

“Seek and you shall find…”

Everything is already within you – R&D is just our human way of unlocking the door.

“…knock, and it is opened unto you.”

When meditating on enlightenment, running into the door of enlightenment can be a profound experience. Without being sure how to get passed it we tend to get confused and uneasy.

A word of advice: consider focusing on a doorway, and not a door.
…running into a doorway hurts & gets annoying after a while. Doorways on the other-hand make a heck of a lot more sense when trying to “get-with-it”.

Food for thought.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier