Since Your Playing The Game.

Truly creative people aren’t very predictable.
Truly entertaining people generally are.

The mark of a Master is one that creatively entertains and pulls out at its peak, leaving one to desire more.. Yet returns to, when one craves it most.

A Good Listener does none of this.
Listeners, are present.

Creative Entertainers, are transient.

Masters, know both these tricks of mind.
Masters, are.
Are, thru being.
Being, thru all things at all times of all places.

The Financier seeks them all from the shadows.
Patiently awaiting the profitability of all.
Gracefully reduces their fall into a gentle float.
Walks back into obscurity.

The Boss sets the tone & pace of..
… yet should never directly interact with any of them, lest come to ruin all good things.

For the Boss is the ever hungry fan seeking the need and attention of all.
For the Boss has but one skill: to point.
To make direction.

…our choice if to follow; for how long.

The Student of this takes heed and to-head of this.
Tries on all hats.
Defends that which isn’t accomplish-able.
Yearns for what which is incorporable.
Challenges the self.
Requires the ambition to leave when things get thick.
Yet sticks it out anyway.

Gain is relief.
Gain is doing.
Gain is non-doing.
Gain is goal as goal for the sake of goal.

Maintaining, is key.

Honestly speaking:
Goal is goal.
Gain and goal aren’t to be mistaken.
..such as alone-ness, and loneliness.

Simple this all seems.
Simple yet, not sweet; yet not sour.

Pleasure, is derivative.
An attitude.

Suffering: strung along by the persistence of the future’s pull; the drag of self-reflection; the releasing cage.

Trust, is the measure of one’s release.
From all this.


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier