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by Luke Chueh (go check out his art!)


Indecision is what happens when we are either mentally stuck within the momentum of past social conditioning via repetition, or when we feel that our emotional-survival amongst ‘the many’ may be threatened with isolation, obscurity, and/or having to do it all on our own?

Indecision could mean that we are currently stuck within the momentum of past-doing(s) & thinking, but maybe, ..just lightly afraid of moving forward into the unfamiliar because of what we THINK we “saw” happen to another person as a young kid. Or, what we THOUGHT we “saw” on TV as a kid, of which we had mistaken-ed as real, but real just-enough to freak us out from trying it ourselves as an adult.

When I’m coaching people during a session this scenario comes up a lot. Thinking the failures of someone else’s past are somehow going to continue today within their lives. And thus, why try at all to break free and do something unique or new.

So let me ask you this, since you are reading this.. Are we really ever trapped? Is that the decision of indecision really working? Isn’t indecision a-decision because of past obligations, or passed opportunities? Such as, ..the future is pulling us one way, and the past/passed is pulling us another way…


Consider this: If you gotta ask yourself whether doing something or not is going to hurt you or anyone else via a seemingly simple decision like choosing a place to eat, then that’s your “tell” right there that maybe try something else… Or muster up the courage to get in there and try a gyro.

Consider having another go at breaking free from the fears of the past.
….realize that indecision is A Choice.
Yet a choice that isn’t working.. obviously.


Indecision isn’t about mastering anything other than listening to your heart.
Because, indecision is a decision not to act.
It is as simple as that.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

What would feel worse to you, not trying at all, or failing never to have tried?
Having a hard time with this.. considering speaking with someone age 75 and older…


There is an old Samurai tradition of making a decision within the spirit of seven breaths. Meaning: that once the enthusiastic-intent chooses you and your body, then it is best to do it quickly and with precision. When I’ve felt this impulse and acted on it, it has never let me down. I was glad I did what ever it was that inspired me into action. Learn to tell the difference between inspired-action and whimsical-impulsiveness.

Inspired action blooms in the heart.
Whimsical-impulses generate from thinking.. usually that of loss, or scarcity.

Instead of wasting all that energy on the internal-deliberation that eventually exhausts us from doing anything at all, act quickly with intent-&-purpose, thru poise-&-respect in order to conserve your emotional energy in order to do the task well.

Truth is, that if you follow your heart, you are going to get what you want in life because this process has a funny way of helping everyone to know where to go to learn the skills to get them within eye-sight of that prize screaming their name in the first place. ..Which is why they want it in the first place. Communication via goal and the seeker is a two way street.

Connections are like that.

Nature is decisive.
You are one with nature!
Act as nature, act decisively.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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The Art of Kristoffer Zetterstrand

art by KRISTOFFER ZETTERSTRAND (go check him out!)

Consider the following questions before doing anything in regards to your success:

– Would you.. read what you are about to write?
– Would you.. listen to what you are about to compose?
– Would you.. look at you from across the room dressed like that?
– Would you.. continue talking to you while speaking like that?
– Would you.. purchase what you are about to paint?
– Would you.. hang out with you in a place like this?
– Would you.. do business with you giving the situation?
– Would you.. hire you?
– Would you.. eat the food you are preparing for another?
– Would you.. live in the house you are drafting for another family?
– Would you.. believe in you if that was all there was left in existence?
– Would you.. fall in love with you giving what you know about the term relationship?
– Would you.. follow in your footsteps?
– Would you.. follow those that you are leading?
– Would you.. respect your decision-making skills?
– Would you.. you forget what you are about to say because of its delivery?
– Would you.. help you by the way you are acting?
– Would you.. ……..get the picture?

If not.. time to course correct.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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What's on your Plate For the Day?

Can anyone love you more than you love you?
Can you love another more than you love you?

Some say the soul cannot be. Some say truth cannot be. Some say art is a lie. Some same life is a lie. …some say a lot of things..

Some say the blue sky is “out there”.. but look again.. for you are within it. It surrounds you at all times. … might even be within you too…

One might say that the Spiritual Must Earn The Material, just as the Material Must Earn the Spiritual. Such, .. might be misguided. could something like this ever be separate?

To believe that the seeming separate self is an illusion, just as to believe that there is only a body, or that the body is a lie.. thru defining-out / motioning-away that which one refuses to master or try to understand.. may be at the heart of misfortune.

Why would anyone want to miss-a-fortune?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Having a rough time getting your dreams to come true?
..try this on for size.. this comes in all sizes..

Here are some simple steps to getting the life you want.



  • Crystallize your desired vision into a well thought-out goal.
  • Back your goal with enjoyable desire that produces happiness, health, wealth, & well-being.
  • Chunk out your goal into easily attainable action items.
  • Do this by chunking backwards from your “crystal-clear-goal” towards the “why, who, what, where, & how” you are this very moment. ..chances are you are closer than you think..
  • Do that first action-item right now! No-Excuses! You can read the rest of these steps after you’ve completed your first action-item. ..consider bookmarking this page for when you come back.

…did you do your first action-item?
…… seriously did you? Hold yourself accountable, for it is your life.

..ya did it???

..okay.. lets move on.


  • Align yourself with great people already accomplishing this goal of yours.
  • Do this by studying their minds and actions, or seek out others to whom you can learn these conditions from.
  • Get within their flow by applying what you’ve learned from them.
  • Consider the mantra, “I am surrounded by the conditions I intend to produce.”


  • Continue to learn from your mentors while receiving what you’ve aligned yourself with.
  • Release gratitude for your mentors and all that you’ve received.
  • If you are receiving things (or conditions) not desirable to you, consider your point of focus.
  • Begin sending gratitude thru the course-correction process via continual self-re-assessments.
  • Then, reconsider why you are getting what you’ve gotten – chances are it is either a stepping stone towards your goal, or.. you’ve been placed closer to your goal, but just didn’t know it.
  • Recognize your point of attraction(s), then if necessary re-invent your belief-structures into something “limit-less”.
  • (Remember: You can have both! All-or-Nothing thinking will get you no-thing. This-or-That believing will get you one-or-the-other. Strengthen your receiving-muscle by “knowing” you can “handle” and appreciate both. ..let the world waste their time dividing things into categories, if they both make sense to you – if they both harmonize with you, they are yours.)


  • Continue to build upon what you’ve learned and earned.
  • Track what you’ve acquired: physical & non-physical.
  • (The Butterfly Effect = sensitive dependents upon initial conditions; or – SMALL AMOUNTS OF INPUT CREATE LARGE AMOUNTS OF OUTPUT)
  • …oh and..

  • Attention = Perception. Persistence. Perseverance. RECEIVE.


  • Have fun while you are doing it by giving into the ease of staying focused on your goal while being patient.
  • (Reminder: obstacles are training-mechanisms strengthening your resolve and skill-sets to handle the maintenance of your desired goal.)
  • (..Last Reminder: there is an incubation period in everything we do. When we begin to create something or bring something into existence, we must understand that nature has certain laws attributed to growth and growth-potential(s). For many “success” is the quickening of this duration-process via the cooperation of others.. You can do it! Be bold! Be Patient!)

Some of this may sound simplistic, trite, or far too easy…
..If that someone is you, my question to you would be, “why does getting what you want in this life have to be tough, stress-filled, or complicated?”

…Did you know that “stress”, “doing”, and “motivated-action-via-an-enthusiastic-drive” are totally separate things?

..Plus, ..all three of them produce totally distinct qualities. And each of them have very different affects/effects on your personal energy levels.

…just a little something for that intelligent-voice-of-resistance (who loves to pretend it is you) to chew on while you get crackin!


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier