Partridge Familiarity?

As long as..
…science continues to seek thru collisions..
…as religions seek thru death..
…medicine seeks within dead organs..
…philosophy thru argument & sadness..
…politics thru competition & rigidity of measure…
…psychology seeking by reverse-engineering-difficulty..
and…mathematics positioning itself via abstractions..

…the answers, our life-force, your animating spirit, and THE solutions-of-ease will never be encountered.. nor actualized as a formalized, 100% socially acceptable subject / know-how.

Cuz, that which is left out is left out.
Here’s a tip – consider not leaving things out when ‘saying’ you’d like to put it all together.

This isn’t assisting anything nor anyone… Nor shall the simplicities of joy & peace be placed within anyone’s lives to replace that which ails all such encounters via the dysfunctions of sublimated know-how-ness.

Health, vitality, growth & renewal, ..wealth, prosperity, well-being & opulence, ..truth and/or miracle; the ‘IS’ that ‘WE ARE’ ..isn’t a course of dead unsolvable materiality seeking theoretical guidance into completion via competition!

Structures of self-honesty begin with enjoyment. Always. Enjoyment leads to physical conclusions, and conclusions write the scene. Cause & Effect (karma). If such a scene violates or disengages our vitality(s), ..simply course-correct.

..can think of it as non-violence if you wish to..

Natural enjoyment / learned enjoyment / focused enjoyment / reinvented enjoyment.. … just, enjoyment. The structure of change isn’t that we cannot change, it’s that we are used to the ease of of non-change.

Talk about being short-changed.

The harmonic dispositions of subjects are of vital relevance now. Thus..

There is no failure that of a search for failure.
And failure is ‘idea’. An idea attributed to a loss of energy to continue within the face of adversity and seeming scarcity of attributes. For as they say in many corporations of employment: we always promote up-the-ladder until they meet with their own incompetence, then we give them the boot.

As long as subjects remain A-Part.. HOW WILL WE EVER EXPERIENCE:
W H O L E N E S S ?

Science is religion is politics is philosophy is psychology is medicine is ..get the point. The missing link is just that, to LINK.

Gone are the days of The Segregation of Know-How to reward as solution and brightness. Illumination is most obvious when all are placed in the same room together… the arguments ensue because the description of truth is just that, “DESCRIPTION”. Separation of description.

How inappropriate to confuse words with self-actualization!


Maybe.. start with these… [irony = more words, ha!…anyway..]…

  • Morphic-Correlates.
  • Field-Relations
  • Life-Systems.
  • Aligned-Process.

…hypothetical my ass!…more like hyper-critical.

(i.e; When someone enters the realm and occupations of morbidity or depression, one should not uncover a wonder about the connection to scarcities, should they?? Of course they should – for they are the ones that entered the door of “hurt” in the first place, and that is what they shall uncover & witness: Hurt.)

For it is scarcity which scant’s all obsolete-inclusive-subject-matter into unreasonable non-correlates. Like law & function could ever be separated??? …come on… THE SCARCITY OF “EACH OTHER” BREEDS FALSE CONCLUSIONS. The missing link is to link them. To work on bridges, interconnection, …not intersection & contrast.

Togetherness. .. I mean really.. the (K)osmos is pretty darn big ta meeee..

Sheeesh.. is it that a fat guy who sat under a tree thousands of years ago figured this out, yet modern peeps still can’t navigate the terrain? Maybe the fat dude is correct, non-violence takes a long time.

What do you think?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier