Yes.. In this Do-Do-Do-World there is sometimes an inertia that takes us speedily passed those moments where we know it’s time to chill the “f” out. But do we do it?

..I mean really do it?


Why? …(you’re gonna laugh at the fact that I’m saying this, cuz I think the “WHY” is the utmost in all occasions..) But really, who really cares why. If you’ve got the opportunity to relax, smell the lilacs, , wellllll then… face the music and dance your little butt into something comfy, cozy, sexy, slutty, dapper, whatever.. call up some of your peeps and hit the lake, the mall, the cigar bar, the bike path, or take the long afternoon lunch with the boss and hit the nine.

Whatever it is, you are allowed some time to have fun. To Chill Out. To rest. To find that sonorous tone in the wind by the North Shore.. or that glint in the eyes of the sexy piece of whatever across the street.

Go ahead. Take the moment and let it in. Let it be what it is.. LOVELY!

..Why? Cuz you’re lovely.
And you really freakin’ deserve it!

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier