OMG! IT'S...

Praise feels good.

But the best that we are isn’t dependent on the thoughts of another. Nor the publicity we output. Nor independently from those that shout our name from across the restaurant with glee.

Although this feels nice, this isn’t the be-all-end-all to happiness, nor maintaining happiness. Why? Cuz you gotta feel it, know it, be it, and receive it, from you first.

Success is the nature of our doing that is consistent in creating (for ourselves) an internal feeling of success that produces (with ease) the external reminders of that certain quality of success (via the money, love, appreciation, gratitude, livelihood, etc.) that surround you.

I can go on for days about how I know some pretty remarkable people that are quite successful at what they do financially, yet come home to feel like shit for the rest of the night. Also know a bunch of folks that are medal-ed with really glowing critical reviews yet they feel lousy about their weight, skin, or how something is worn on their body shape.

Here’s a tip to my friends:
Yes, revel in the compliments. Yet don’t let it be your only source of motivation.
As long as you compare yourself with another, via the insult or praise from an on looker, …well, to put it plainly, you are giving away all your personal power.

So to my friends:


If you cannot love yourself first for whom you are now, in those moments away from the press and the media story, then it’s gonna be damn near impossible to love anything, nor anyone else beyond you. Why? Physics.

How can you possibly give something you FEEL you don’t have?
[Key word in that sentence is FEEL]

As long as you FEEL like you don’t have it to give, you are going to generate a lack there of to give. Same with getting.

Lucky for all of us, LOVE is not in any short supply. ..Actually, you cannot even run out of love if you tried. It is supporting you at all times & in all places.. Ain’t that a relief.

Being told you are awesome is great and you should lavish in some of it for certain, but if you are going home thinking that people are snowballed and you aren’t as great as they say you are.. then it’s time to do some self-work first….get back to that point in which your drive to be amazing was once generated from. Be in that place now.

Oh yes, it is still there. That’s why you are getting all those warm-fuzzies from the public. Your intention is working! be grateful! Have fun with it. Just don’t turn it off when you are alone – what’s the point in that?



The cool thing about life is that a lot of best-practices can apply to damn near everything. There is a system that works on all levels. And that system starts with loving yourself first. No joke.

Not arrogance. Not ego-stroking 24/7. These are fleeting and are like drinking to get courage… never lasts, ..ends in a hang-over. It’s an illusion.

Good, clean, honest resounding self-kindness, self-care, self-gratitude, self… I’m sure you get the idea.. is where you keep that good feeling a-flowing.

You can be great at it all.

…Seriously, you really can.

Just do yourself a huge favor and keep those finely-tuned engines working from within first. And feel good about the attention, sure, but remind yourself to stay humble while feeling it at home as well. I mean, ain’t that why you wanted to do this in the first place?

Keep your attention on what is keeping you a success. Be your biggest rave-reviewing-critic when you are at home with the kids, and taking car of the dogs. No sense in using praise as a way to get high to avoid the daily dredge… then crashin-&-burnin needin another fix from the Paparazzi.

Kill your fear of that daily dredge with a healthy dose of self-care. Consider volunteering somewhere. I mean heck, think about how much publicity you can wrangle up just by volunteering at a homeless-shelter?

Just a thought.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier