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Can anyone love you more than you love you?
Can you love another more than you love you?

Some say the soul cannot be. Some say truth cannot be. Some say art is a lie. Some same life is a lie. …some say a lot of things..

Some say the blue sky is “out there”.. but look again.. for you are within it. It surrounds you at all times. … might even be within you too…

One might say that the Spiritual Must Earn The Material, just as the Material Must Earn the Spiritual. Such, .. might be misguided. could something like this ever be separate?

To believe that the seeming separate self is an illusion, just as to believe that there is only a body, or that the body is a lie.. thru defining-out / motioning-away that which one refuses to master or try to understand.. may be at the heart of misfortune.

Why would anyone want to miss-a-fortune?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier