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Indecision is what happens when we are either mentally stuck within the momentum of past social conditioning via repetition, or when we feel that our emotional-survival amongst ‘the many’ may be threatened with isolation, obscurity, and/or having to do it all on our own?

Indecision could mean that we are currently stuck within the momentum of past-doing(s) & thinking, but maybe, ..just lightly afraid of moving forward into the unfamiliar because of what we THINK we “saw” happen to another person as a young kid. Or, what we THOUGHT we “saw” on TV as a kid, of which we had mistaken-ed as real, but real just-enough to freak us out from trying it ourselves as an adult.

When I’m coaching people during a session this scenario comes up a lot. Thinking the failures of someone else’s past are somehow going to continue today within their lives. And thus, why try at all to break free and do something unique or new.

So let me ask you this, since you are reading this.. Are we really ever trapped? Is that the decision of indecision really working? Isn’t indecision a-decision because of past obligations, or passed opportunities? Such as, ..the future is pulling us one way, and the past/passed is pulling us another way…


Consider this: If you gotta ask yourself whether doing something or not is going to hurt you or anyone else via a seemingly simple decision like choosing a place to eat, then that’s your “tell” right there that maybe try something else… Or muster up the courage to get in there and try a gyro.

Consider having another go at breaking free from the fears of the past.
….realize that indecision is A Choice.
Yet a choice that isn’t working.. obviously.


Indecision isn’t about mastering anything other than listening to your heart.
Because, indecision is a decision not to act.
It is as simple as that.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

What would feel worse to you, not trying at all, or failing never to have tried?
Having a hard time with this.. considering speaking with someone age 75 and older…


There is an old Samurai tradition of making a decision within the spirit of seven breaths. Meaning: that once the enthusiastic-intent chooses you and your body, then it is best to do it quickly and with precision. When I’ve felt this impulse and acted on it, it has never let me down. I was glad I did what ever it was that inspired me into action. Learn to tell the difference between inspired-action and whimsical-impulsiveness.

Inspired action blooms in the heart.
Whimsical-impulses generate from thinking.. usually that of loss, or scarcity.

Instead of wasting all that energy on the internal-deliberation that eventually exhausts us from doing anything at all, act quickly with intent-&-purpose, thru poise-&-respect in order to conserve your emotional energy in order to do the task well.

Truth is, that if you follow your heart, you are going to get what you want in life because this process has a funny way of helping everyone to know where to go to learn the skills to get them within eye-sight of that prize screaming their name in the first place. ..Which is why they want it in the first place. Communication via goal and the seeker is a two way street.

Connections are like that.

Nature is decisive.
You are one with nature!
Act as nature, act decisively.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier