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The Art of Kristoffer Zetterstrand

art by KRISTOFFER ZETTERSTRAND (go check him out!)

Consider the following questions before doing anything in regards to your success:

– Would you.. read what you are about to write?
– Would you.. listen to what you are about to compose?
– Would you.. look at you from across the room dressed like that?
– Would you.. continue talking to you while speaking like that?
– Would you.. purchase what you are about to paint?
– Would you.. hang out with you in a place like this?
– Would you.. do business with you giving the situation?
– Would you.. hire you?
– Would you.. eat the food you are preparing for another?
– Would you.. live in the house you are drafting for another family?
– Would you.. believe in you if that was all there was left in existence?
– Would you.. fall in love with you giving what you know about the term relationship?
– Would you.. follow in your footsteps?
– Would you.. follow those that you are leading?
– Would you.. respect your decision-making skills?
– Would you.. you forget what you are about to say because of its delivery?
– Would you.. help you by the way you are acting?
– Would you.. ……..get the picture?

If not.. time to course correct.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier