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Would We Want A World That Looked Like This?
Artwork by Yu Cheng Hong

It’s Your World, Right?

What does it say about the money-making-experience in this country that there are millions of books written on the subject of how to de-stress our lives within the workplace?

What does it say about the management of our companies that the employed hate their bosses more often then not?

What does it say about our kids that they are annoyed by their own parents, as well as also finding their teachers untrustworthy of an education?

What does it say about us that we should under-value our selves at any point when going after our dreams and desires?

What does it say about modern life that real adventures is inches from being replaced by movies and video-games?

What does it say about a society that values the painting more than the painter.. or that we value the painter’s philosophy more than the works of the painter?

What does it say about our values that movie-sets are finely crafted by artisans yet modern homes and modern furniture are about cost-effectiveness and mediocrity of design for the sake of profit?

What does it say about us that we aren’t seeking a better way to live within our own lives here within the blue-skies of planet Earth?

What does it say about our laws where people are being fined and arrested for having and eating out of their own gardens?

Where are the visionaries?

Where are the adventurers?

Where are the explorers?

Where have you all gone?

What does it say about individuality in this country that people are afraid to stand-up for themselves, or stand-up for someone else?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Time Is An Illusion

..planets move around each other… stars move in and out…suns grow and die.. moons spin closer and father, orbiting and disengaging…electrons hold things electromagnetically.. quasi-particles do their weirdness.. ..neutrons, protons… the little and giant universe(s)… multi-verse…

Seems vast, and a hell of a lot to take in. ..Even harder to fathom how we are not only within it all, but made up of it all, and thus it isn’t just out there, or in a textbook, but we are in fact living and breathing it every moment of our lives. The universe is within us… This is pretty amazing when you take a second to think about it.

…duration, “clocked” & measured by the rotation of things.. cycles established out of the growing and falling of leaves.. the coming of lots &/or very little rain… temperatures rise and fall… bodies start out small and fat, then grow taller and wrinkly… fresh paint fades and cracks.. bones become oil.. coal into diamonds…

The marvels of ‘PROCESS’ (that is to say the transition from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ and how we are altered by the traveling) are eager for us to sort out and discover the bliss that makes all this(aka the world we live within and around) “do its thing”.

But! ….we have jobs, kids, money, rent, business expenses, travel woes, annoying SA employees, driving on the highways at 5:30 amongst thousands of others trying to get home ASAP.. even the fear of farting in public can be daunting for some. So how do we stay within the marvel and sheer awesomeness that is “life” enough to enjoy “living”?

Does it really take a beer?
Does it really take a prayer?
Does it really take sex.. to stay within this “feeling”?


Such odd concepts…

…really odd..
………….How certain are we that we know anything really about what they are?

Ask any yogi on planet earth (or any physicist for that matter) and you are going to hear a very different interpretation of things than what your are allowing your senses to perceive right now. Morning sun & Evening stars… Moving in and out of a shadow of ourselves, and this is “time”? I wonder about this interpretation…. Sleeping and waking… ..this is time too, huh… …how certain are we of this? Clocks are a measure of universal movement.. but are clocks, time?

No. They are not.

What you do today is what is done tomorrow. And what you’ve done tomorrow is done forever because Time Is An Illusion. …but an illusion that is working with, for, and thru us! .. how cool is that?!

It is hard to care about what you don’t understand, as it is hard to understand what you don’t care about. And when you have “choice”, you tend to begin to “expect” choice. But really it is to our benefit to simply “respect” choice. And I’ve begun to wonder if people understand what choices time and space hold for us within our normal every-day lives? Time and Space are taken for granted in our culture, and our restless economy via the media reflects that everyday.

There is so much talk today about time, time-loss, efficiency, maximization of doing within a certain time, time-cost, time-differentials, blah blah blah… I say, enough already. Cut to the chase? Stop the chase and handle the goods, because what we are really talking about here is what are we doing within “this time”? …This time around…, Is it the same as before, perhaps? Are you doing something totally out-of-character; something entirely new?

Are we expanding our horizons, or contracting in panic? Getting funnier and lightening up, or finding anger and resentments? Mastering something awesome like Tai Chi? Growing your respected internal spirit-gardens?.. Unfolding your athletic potentials? …or Watching someone act it out on Netflix?

The mind takes us everywhere when we will not take the time to understand or try to be: “here”, by doing something “NOW”.

Living WELL is not living via brain only. Doing so is why so many people are lost in there stuff, searching for who they were now that the stuff is all gone. That’s the real rat-race. Work to buy, buy to have, have to use, use till obsoletion, sell to make back what worth is left of the item, start the cycle over again. The cycle has no end, and really, nor do we want it to end. …….That is until we begin to feel like something is missing. Having, doing, fixing, finding, thinking, financing, are nothing unless you know why and how to be fulfilled within the ‘PROCESS’ that the cycle is offering us.

Whether it is subjectively, ephemerally, financially, philosophically, or thru the athletics of body choices, within & without a compass for our travels abroad this “THINGS-UNIVERSE” (to which we appear to be an aspect within) is quite non-navigable. We need a compass. Compassion is that compass. Compassion for ourselves, and compassion for those around us.

The frustration is seen with every new gadget created as well as with each new music band trying to make “a better sound”.. ..all the way to the likes of each new business venturing to discover the formula of competitor obsolescence. The world has changed, thus utilizing the Stark-Fist-Of-Removal approach to life, spirit, and business is not effective any longer.

Time is a funny that way. Things change no matter how off or on our clocks seem to be.. whether it’s the right time for us or not.


Three of the major aspects of our society today. People want life to be easy, and they want to be above the shit. …But without compassion, you’ve got zero way to appreciate and thus retain what and when ease and over-sitting has been achieved. This is how and why chaos tends to have America by the balls recently. Sure its cyclic… and the cycle is a matter of choice.

In life, really what we are concerned with here is:
Power Consciousness Bliss
[BTW the word ‘compass’ is in the word ‘compassion’]

Ease comes from applied power. Which thru the lens of the compass attained thru compassion, nurtures the foundation that stems from our moments of being consciously aware of our choices.
Of which, if we respond to ourselves honestly, will cause Bliss… ..and bliss is less of the idea of our needing to understand and/or our wanting to over-sit any particular something, as it is about curating and sustaining a certain flow.

Bliss is about cultivating FLOW.

  • F.uther L.essoning O.ur W.oes
  • F.uture L.everaging O.ur W.onder
  • F.ullfilling L.oving O.ptimism. W.ellness

…basically, doing what you love to do and being self-sustaining thru it.

What is your formula for success?
What is your plan of attack?
What is your mode of operation that quantifies release, relief, and relaxation? And are you doing anything about it right NOW?

This is your time.
..Time to start doing something about it, wouldn’t ya say? 🙂

Need help unlocking your FLOWhit me up for a session and lets see if together we can unlock the doorways to your hidden potentials.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier