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Would We Want A World That Looked Like This?
Artwork by Yu Cheng Hong

It’s Your World, Right?

What does it say about the money-making-experience in this country that there are millions of books written on the subject of how to de-stress our lives within the workplace?

What does it say about the management of our companies that the employed hate their bosses more often then not?

What does it say about our kids that they are annoyed by their own parents, as well as also finding their teachers untrustworthy of an education?

What does it say about us that we should under-value our selves at any point when going after our dreams and desires?

What does it say about modern life that real adventures is inches from being replaced by movies and video-games?

What does it say about a society that values the painting more than the painter.. or that we value the painter’s philosophy more than the works of the painter?

What does it say about our values that movie-sets are finely crafted by artisans yet modern homes and modern furniture are about cost-effectiveness and mediocrity of design for the sake of profit?

What does it say about us that we aren’t seeking a better way to live within our own lives here within the blue-skies of planet Earth?

What does it say about our laws where people are being fined and arrested for having and eating out of their own gardens?

Where are the visionaries?

Where are the adventurers?

Where are the explorers?

Where have you all gone?

What does it say about individuality in this country that people are afraid to stand-up for themselves, or stand-up for someone else?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier