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What? You Got Sumthin to Say Homes?

How much energy do you spend a day on criticizing? OR sizing people or places up? ..Imagine all the awesome stuff you could be doing instead..

Only announce criticisms worthy of your voice, ..worthy of your energy. For if it is coming from you, coming up from your entirety, as in truly from the whole you, then put your heart into it, for it is probably honesty.

Place your soul within it before you launch it, otherwise discard it and do something worthy of yourself by seeking a “solution” to what you are critical of. Most criticisms are in someway self-referential. So be careful that your criticism isn’t a criticism of yourself. ..that you aren’t just passing the buck.

Bold Appreciation takes guts. And I know you got the guts to find something else to direct your energy towards than on petty criticisms. There is always something lovely there with you, place your attention on that instead.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier