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Making our way takes everything we got..

How to Become a Chump & a Sucker

– believe that everything is a trap or a trick.
– that you are about to be taken advantage of.
– those whom you are about to meet will find you annoying or even worse really stupid.
– nothing you do will be as successful as all the others out there already doing it.
– that no one likes you because you aren’t rich, or do because you are.
– believe nothing you are ever going to do will make difference in the world.
– think that you are alone and that’s why you feel lonely.
– believe that you are cool cuz you can drink them all under the table, are lazy, and talk about getting laid a lot, ..or even worse because you don’t drink, work too much, and pretend that sex is over-rated.
– work for and with people that don’t appreciate you.
– date people to prove a point.

…and finally..
– be as self-centered as possible, but instead of being centered within the self, be self-critical and self-judgmental in a self-deprecating manner.

– – – – – – – – – OR – – – – – – – – –

How to Remain a Valuable Success & a Lovable Fun Guy

– forgive yourself and everyone you know and don’t know / or don’t know yet.
– give thanks to anyone and everything that has inspired or helped you along ‘the way’.
– work from where you are and with what you got while progressing toward a worthy ideal.
– relax as much as you need to.
– do work that you love.
– … as much as possible, be around people that you love & love you.
– always listen to the silence within and ignore the chatter without.
– move when inspired, go with your enthusiasm.
– live steadfast within your faith.
– remind yourself daily that all is well in your world.
– love is not only everywhere you place your heart, but is all around you, at all times.


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier