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No matter how smart you get, more people have got to ask the question: what are you getting smart for? All these wisdom seekers and intelligentsia.. ..trying to fix the issues of the past as if this will rebuild our current state of affairs. It will not.

We need a quantum leap in what we are getting smart “about”, what we are getting wise “about”, ..create a new “why”. Cuz that’s the key isn’t it, the why. Imagine a why not based in survival fear, or about money, or the arrogance of religious and political conquest. Imagine a place in human society where the words Faith & Belief, & even the term God don’t get people fighting, worrying incessantly about doing the right thing, or being the perfect person. It must go so far beyond these that such are rendered unnecessary thoughts, worries, or fears.

There is no measure / split between science and religion, between spiritualism and process.., perennial philosophy, nor the idealism of economics, someone’s lifestyle or human welfare in the general sense, ..all just an idea no matter how you sharpen your tooth with them. All are irrelevant without compassion aren’t they?

There needs be a new jumping-in / jumping-off point long before we even consider moving into this new era / area / arena. Otherwise we are back to square one.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier