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Does a rock from the forest know it is a forest-rock, if say brought to the city and left there?

Is it the contrast that helps it to know where it is supposed to be?

Would it effect it’s longevity in it’s current form? Would it become newly attached to it’s surroundings enough to allow an altering of its shape if it enjoyed no longer being a forest rock? Or would it break apart quicker and lose it’s shape, crumble faster & faster into sand, because it lacked the strength to continue as a forest rock while in the city?

How about a city rock that is left in the jungle? Would it miss it’s home in the city? Will it adapt?

Being that all rocks are of the universe, and are said to have one origin, then in order to be self-claiming as a city rock or a forest rock, this rock would have to have forgotten it’s origin entirely as to now self-identify as something other than celestial; or as divine.

Could an aspect of that celestial rock long to be a city rock, say if it could hope for a place to call home when feeling disenfranchised from it’s whole-origin? this a way for it to cope, perhaps?

How about a forest rock, or a jungle stone, or beach sand?

What if something only knew of it’s current place via it’s current memory recollection, yet had a ”feeling” that it was meant to be somewhere else? A feeling that doesn’t contain a description per-say, just that they have an intuitive notion that they are in the ”wrong place” and thus need to be transported to said intuition… AKA some-place-else…?

What about the human notion of the self? The self as a lover, or as a scientist, or as a child, or as a homeless man? Are we, they, them, us, you, ”I”, are we ourselves, as say self-identified by our environment? Identified by what we are because of what we do and have?

Isn’t “nurture” simply that we’ve been genetically in one place for a long enough while as to have forgotten our origin, and thus only feel as though we belong here? With these people, as this thing?

That is to say we have “imprinted”? Or is it that some of us only do such under certain circumstances, while some others wish to go ”home”, or at least feel as though they are ”home” some where else entirely?

Or…, is it that some of us decided that our origins sucked, and thus hoped for something better, thus set out to explore existence internally as seemingly opposed to exploring the adventure externally?

… …

I’m venturing the guess that all of the above is true to a certain point.


Do I believe that rocks are conscious? To a certain point yes, otherwise would they have form at all? Is consciousness form-producing or form-retracting? Again I’d venture a yes on this as well. But how would I “know”? How does anyone qualify as saying they “KNOW”? Hmm?

Do you, know?

Religious people whom study the hell out of their beliefs tend to come up with a similar notion that all of the gods had one origin. Some others tend to venture the guess that they have one source and that one origin is ever shifting, ever illusive, non-quantifiable by human or god-like intellect, because our source is beyond intellect alone and thus can only be ”known” in the context of the trans-personal.

Hindus even say that all gods are Krishna. And that Krishna is all things from the aspectual to the composite whole, and everything in-between including the nothingness.

Science says much of the same about the material universe, that it’s origin are of the same event.

… From the ancient philosophers to the modern ones, most folks tend to agree that we come from a singularity. A point of origin. The center point. Absolute zero. Some call that zero point God. Some think that term is crap. I’m not disputing any of it. Because for me it is all relevant when I look at the past way humans would interpret the universe. At some point science grew from the same beginnings as did religion, politics, ethics, philosophy, magic, mathematics, language, .. And in a lot of cases they are all considered to be ART at some point.

Now I don’t agree completely with Joseph Campbell on everything he says, but I do feel he is spot on about everything is a myth. That is to say that all things derived into a ”yes” has it’s origin in witnessing. Now as to whether that data was collected via a perception that could register an appropriate determination to do, say, feel, think, and be from what was deduced is for a whole other book entirely.

To be honest, for me, ”There is an intent for things to ’be’, and to their certain aspects of their form to ’become’.” …Something else? Something greater, lesser? What?

Is it self-generated change & alteration, or co-created transformation? Are we like a seed that grows, origins and destinations inherent in the initial structure? .. Or are we like a spiral universe that seems to both contract and expand simultaneously?

Either way, any way we perceive it our experience, that if-and-or-when our ”becoming” includes their/our entire form or not, is subject to the individual.. At least some tend to think. Yet where is this ”intent” within them enough to do so, isn’t there? And how come only certain aspects (humans) of ”the whole” feel such enough to claim such? And are thus motivated by this invisible intent/energy to conclude such as to make laws and correct actions from such and impose such onto others? …

I cannot say that I know why this is or why it is allowed, but I can venture a guess that I have simply forgotten the answer. Maybe we were all supposed to forget? Frankly I do not know.

That is to say, that information of ”that answer” is still within consciousness somewhere, some place, and thus accessible to me (again) …yet, that is also to say, if I allow it to be found by the ”me” that ”I am” today in this moment. …because of my current composite form, and my perception being altered by an experience of forgetting, that once re-known or remembered (re-member-ed), would I still make the same determination of knowing as I once originally did?  Being that consciousness is non-verbal… What about our city/forest rock?


Does that rock, or I for that matter, allow it to arrive, or it allows me to arrive again within consciousness to said “knowing”?

… If all things being fundamentally unified then I’m understanding it to be the same thing. But how can I or anyone be certain of certainty? For example water is also snow, and also the ocean, and also steam, as well as the clouds. Thru pressure and temperature ”things” transform. And I’m only assuming knowledge changes form and formlessness as well. But again, that is only a presumption. .. Maybe just a pretense even.

It’s my understanding that empirical truth isn’t illusive, ….just that a piece of it is within us all and we are trying to access it. Being that together as a whole we all make up absolute truth! …The rock at home, or seeking a home/new home, I’m going to make the presumption absolute truth is within it as well at some level of experience. The human, together with all other things within and outside of the known, as well as the unknowable cosmos, are of “being” via the same “event” … And thus of the same consciousness.

At least what my rational side of me thinks….


Which of course makes me wonder about the notion of when something’s beginning to seem undesirable. Like a location of living, or relaxing, .. Or even dying. How is it that we all have the same origin yet we can still get pissed-off at certain aspects of a people, a place, a thing, or even a feeling that belongs to the whole as possibly not belonging “here”? How is it that we can recognize that ”here” is great, but ”there” is not-so-great? Where is this “there” anyway?

You are like me, or I am not like you? And how is it, that depending on this ”feeling”, our moments are ”unique” (is that the right word?) enough as to qualify as being something I should either stay away from, or get closer to?

Is it that all things when aspectual-ized find a certain comfort in believing it is distinct from the whole? A self-unity, or autonomy? Or is this superior feeling of autonomy simply because it hasn’t an/the ”entirety” to reflect on it’s larger being-ness? At least enough to know it is a missing piece, or that it is simply missed at all?

I mean really, …

…What is this separation for? What is this spacious-ness for? Whom is it for? The aspect(s) of the whole? Or for the whole? Is there really a separation, or is this spacious-behavior just the result of an illusion, a forgetting of our connection? Of source thru each other? Isn’t that just another whole string of questions?

Talk about a lot to take in…

….. ….. …..

If I had to venture an opinion, being that I feel most things are just that, I’d love to say simply for the fun of it, … but even that is too loosey-goosey even for me justify as a ”real” explanation.

But really that is certainly an aspect of our experience whether trying to reconnect to our course, or source, or not even knowing/remembering to do so in the first place. Or possibly doing all that we can to avoid or dodge such a concept.


Of this notion, based on the data-collected by my own life, I’m going to say, Yes: That all disconnection is an illusion.

But hold on! ..and yet, then I’m struck by the contexts of ”power sources”. Like that of a computer needing to have an energy source. A cellphone needs to charge it’s battery, people need to eat ”food”. Is the reason why creatures, places, and what is called a ”thing”, only have a certain lifespan because we have forgotten where to plug ourselves back into ”source”? Are we immortal?

So many darn questions??? ….Again, I’m going with a yes on this as well.

…but how can I be certain of that answer?

Life experience.

That is all most of have to justify any answers to anything. Read a lot, do a lot, be a lot, .. As any older person on this planet you hear the same thing(s) time and time again:


..and of such a list, I’d love to say that it is simply a matter of personal choice as to how and why we live the lives we do. That also even includes what we experience… And that well maybe the case probabilistically, but the fact that I am writing this at all leads me to ”feel” that I’ve made this determination of a ”yes”, because of the way it makes my body and emotions feel when I say out loud to myself; ”I am connected”.

For me on a person level, I do feel better connected to the whole tree so to speak, then say to be a lone branch hoping to survive without a taproot. ….On top of the ground instead of being rooted within the ground sounds freaky.. even though this is the hope of the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to be singular, forever autonomous, self-empowered.. but how does that feel as a human. … Sometimes, I’m okay with that. Other times it seems a bit boring and lonely.

Now don’t get me wrong here, …Maybe it is ”within” certain “branches” to know to survive longer and stronger (or stranger), simply because of this seeming disconnection. Misanthropes do it all the time… Who am I to judge such a thing, who is really? …when ya think about it.. Yet for me, it is that it seems to feel healthier being connected to something larger, than any other probable “illusion of the self” that is separated from its origin. …But as I’d stated earlier, that is just me.

… … … Or is it?



When I look at religious people whom are comfortable with their surroundings they tend to enjoy their lives. And thus follow suit by living like most folks would whom are happy. That is to say like all those that surround them. They play by those cultural rules and adhere to said customs. And yet on the other-hand when I look at those that seek to explain ’away’ any of the mass religious connections to themselves, because of a feeling that ”religion is man-made”, or somehow ”phony-bologna”, thus, not ”empirical truth”, because they are seeking actual truth (what ever that is), such folks tend to either be very happy in their search, or just as miserable as those that feel oppressed by a certain culture or belief-system. … Thus, zero comfort.

So maybe it isn’t just me that certain folks are happier searching, than believing… while certain others are happier believing, than seeking anything else… And yet while even more others really could care less, and just go with whatever and wherever.

…Really though, what I am getting at is simple:

“…those that connect with their environment and enjoy the experience, tend to question less, allowing themselves to just simply be! Or they ask that others get the “f” out of their way. That is of course unless.. the desire ”to question” arrives from within them. And those same people are now off searching for a-new, and questioning the happiness of their current seeming experience(s) with or without the inclusion or exclusion of others.

Where and why did such ‘a question’ have to come into being for these folks?

I mean what gives, right? I mean everyone who gets the <em>knock on the noodle</em> to start questioning their existence tend to search for other things post being complacent, right? Is complacency and happiness the same thing on some level, then???

Do you know that answer? ..think about it for a moment or two… So many people that ”succeed” in life’s money game all talk about never trusting comfort, for it makes you stagnant – thus no progression, no further expansion, equaling slower and smaller rewards in life. Yet others say all outside (external) work is nothing without the internal (spiritual, mental, emotional, philosophical, ’the whys’- wise) work? So is comfort complacency?

When the question arrives within us to search for something else, asking, ”why is this”, isn’t the right question to be asking ourselves. The better question is “what is this asking us”? And what is it asking us to do once we figure that out, or <strong>figure that into</strong> our current state of things? For asking ”why is this” just brings in more reasons to question why. Thus folks tend to get even more confused and bewildered. But to ask ourselves, what are we to do with the question, is how life really gets astounding and cool.

I mean once we get beyond the awkwardness of not really understanding why there is a questioning of the things surrounding us to begin with that is….



So ok, what about those folks that have grown up hating where they are, whom they are with, and what they have been made to do with their lives since an early age, maybe even from ”day 1”?

What if there is not a calling from inside of them to ”remember” that there are other places, and people, and things to do out there in the universe that are pleasurable? I cannot say that I have ever met a person that doesn’t question their frustrations, as well as their happiness from time-to-time. Which brings me back to the forest rock that has become a city rock – for whatever reason…

A rock is a piece of the earth, so we say.

If we pulverize it can become coarse sand. If pulverized further, it may become fine-sand. And if pulverized further again, probably will turn into dust. But can it really ever disappear entirely once created? .this ink about this…

What happens when we add water to that dust? Yep, it becomes muddy… And if allowed two dry it then forms into what we call clay, …that is to say if the compounds are correct to make clay, otherwise it just returns to dry dust. And dust and mud and dirt are everywhere.. Even in space.. Space dust.

This has always puzzled me about life. Is the universe here to simply create dust?


What is moving all ”this” around? What is holding our shape as the shape that we are today, within this moment?

Some religious traditions say we are nothing more than clay and mud, while others say we are star dust. And science pretty much says the same thing, … I’ve realized that on a certain level we are both. At least made of the same fundamental things.

Unless of course until you study Hinduism and Buddhism, and/or begin an adventure into quantum studies. For much of these notions and investigations have been determining that reality on all levels at some point ‘return and yet come from’ absolute nothingness.

This shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but if it does, sorry to burst your bubble. We think we are made of stuff, but what is this “you” that you call ‘a you’? The stuff you are seeing yourself as, or the area in which you the thing seeing the stuff is…. Or more are you just so as to be the “act of witnessing”? .. Maybe all three at once? I tend to side on all three at once. But that is just me.

The seer. The seeing. The seen.

Certainly Buddhism is more of a way of life and a philosophy then say a religion. ..and Hinduism is much more about worship and superstition like Christianity or most other religious traditions. Then you add Shamanism & Druidism into the bunch and now we have an onslaught of of similar differences all pointing from the same position, just toward unique locations philosophically. Philosophically on how our daily routines ought to be played out. Even though their intentions are fairly similar, but distinct enough to hold an argument over who is fucking correct.

My answer is none of them. Why? Because they act and think differently.

No coherence = No truth.

Where as if we look at science, these same certainties and traditions apply just as uniquely here as well. And the same sort of arguments happen within science as well. Classical physics vs. string theory. Quantum mechanics vs. electrodynamics and thermodynamics. Multiple worlds theory and particle physics.. The arguments of who is right and whom is wrong seem to be endless.

No coherence = No truth.

Which is why so many folks publicly in the last hundred years have begun a comparative search to see where they might all blend together. Some folks in the comparative-religious community are doing the same investigating as folks within science. Not surprising. And I find it also not surprising that the amount of logical connections that are showing up are far similar picture-wise about the universe (including our lives within it) as say, that of the before mentioned rock. Of which I find fascinating and really fucking cool.

Everything is connected.

But as to what and why, that is still being debated. And funny cuz that is the same debate that has been going on for thousands of years.

So what really has changed? .. Not sure…

The big question to me is, is this rock homeless? Is this rock ever transient? Is this rock returning to it’s wholeness, or ever micro-sizing itself into renewal? A renewal of form because it wants to forget it’s origin? Or that since it seems to have forgotten it’s connection to source in the past, that it ”feels” it has no other choice but to re-invent, de -or- re evolve into something else entirely? Either with or without the whole?

…Or am I just super-imposing human thinking and philosophical notions onto a rock?

Ah, now their is a question worth investigating!


From what I’ve seen with my clients, family, friends, coworkers and the like, it seems to simply be a matter of choice. Not so much whom has the stranger case of something being ”right or wrong” empirically, but what and more so ”is” correct for that individual.

>>>>>>>> CHOICE IS EVERYTHING!<<<<<<<<<

Often times when a person ”feels” out of place they have a hard time knowing logically why. Like all is going well but there is a pull in a new direction? Being that I know a bit about particle physics and quantum studies, I just chalk it up to ”things that seem separate, because they ’seem’ to be in two different places via locations, but really are the same thing. Just that the folds in space time trick our perception into an illusory notion of separation. So which component pfnperception has the stronger pull to make them move in the same/strongest direction is something more than likely outside or inside that is (as of now) unknowable.

What really moves us?

Some call it god. Some call it source. I call it pretty cool what ever it is. Because I’ve found that if you trust that strange calling, and act on it, life becomes awesome. But if you don’t, that is when complacency sets in. Complacency really isn’t all that comfortable. ….And we all know frustrations build walls. Complacency leaves trails of resentments, and often can kill love lives, and work lives, like a silent tornado secretly ripping thru everything until there is nothing left to hide within & from… Leaving you standing there wondering why this has happened? I doubt a rock feels complacency… But I sure know certain folks that act like a rock, and tend not to budge no matter how complacent and frustrated they get about their lives…. Bet you know a few people like this as well.

Really though, it is because we didn’t get on the boat that was calling us. We forgot to trust that a negative ”feeling” about where we are now is telling us to move elsewhere, because our happiness is ”out-there”, and not here.


The universe is huge place compared to us humans. Lots of room to grow and do.

Thus we don’t have too stay where calamity and frustrating people reside. And only we know why we aren’t like those around us… And how we go about that is completely a personal thing. …Either it is because we have changed, or those other folks have, and now it is time to move on… Or at least away for a while.

Still, the need to expand and grow is always going to be there, and will not let us ignore it, ..god knows on many occasions in my own life I have tried… But to no avail. …it is just up to us to live with the negative, or trust what it is telling us to do, which is usually get out it the negative.

It is hard “to be”, when something within us hopes us “to be” elsewhere.


The world via communications-technology has made it easier to realize just how small/large our planet is. At least in how you and I can interact with one-another. Personally I think it is way-awesome-sauce!

That there is a lot to believe in, to play with, a lot to do, partake in, and have fun with/of in life is really cool.

Really there is no limit to the things we can do with our lives if we are open to it. Even if only opened a little bit… Because our lives are like that rock. If we allow for even one small crack that could let water (FLOW) in…, ..eventually we will become either mud, or sand, or dust. And really that is where our bodies are heading no matter how you want to see it anyway. So it is up to you. Crack under the weight and pressures, or go with the flow and be transported to a better place.

You can worry about why there is this need to change, or just simply have fun and go with it? Either way it is up to you.

Because you are lucky that you aren’t like a stationary rock, aren’t reliant on something else to move you from point A to point B.

You are a co-creator. You have a say in what your life is like, and where it takes place, and why.

It has been my experience that the universe-at-large even respects our ”changing-minds”. I found that it does so because what would be the point in a universe where in once we’ve decided on such-n-such, that it is forever holding you to that regardless of whether or not we have changed via the process? .. Get where I’m going with this? The universe, SOURCE, God, or what ever you want to call life itself, isn’t trying to mess you up and kick you down. Consider this the next time you change your mind. Maybe the mind-change is exactly what is needed… for you and even the universe at large… ya never know, right?

What is really ever is set in stone? Aren’t we really set in (based in, rooted in, contained by, allow from, and entirely OF..) existence? 🙂

Something to think about.


If such things are on your mind and you want to talk about it, consider setting up a session with me.

Cordell Klier