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oney And Survival Are Not The Same Thing.


The people who have money treat money as money. Not as anything else.
They don’t see money as more than anything other than: a means to an end result.

That’s it. That’s the big secret. Period.
Confusing money with life, love, happiness, and whatever else, and you have an equation with a result that simply will add up to nothing but more trouble than it is worth.

Seriously, let me repeat this:
Everyone I know that is wealthy treat money like it is money. They all have the same mantra, “it’s just money”. They all say it when they make a bunch, or when they have to spend a bunch. Why? Because they trust that there is more to be made, earned, spent, saved, trusted, converted, managed, played with, or given to charity.

…………….. On the other hand..

The people I know who don’t have money tend to treat money as if it was their survival. And let’s get honest here, survival-thinking makes us act like animals. Yes, we have animal natures to a certain degree, but we are more than just an animal.

All things are divine, yes, but not all things have the minds that we have. At least not with the abilities (yet) to use as we can ours. The ways in which we can use our brains is different. Thus there is no reason to make the mistake that money is survival. It is a common error, but an error none the less.

Living in survival mode causes fear. And very few people on planet Earth make good decisions about money when afraid. Fear destroys our trust in life, and steals the courage away from the rational mind. And when dealing with your money you need the full range of your mind’s capacities to think, feel, and respond.

… if the brain and body are filled with cortisol when stressed out or afraid, self-destructive habits can begin to arise, and self-sabotaging beliefs will take root.

… if allowed to take over our consciousness, in even the most basic daily routines will make us slaves to money. Instead of our money working for us, we become desperate and dependent on it unnaturally. To make money  out to be more then what it is can wreak havoc on our lives

Stated again: We cannot confuse money with survival. They are not the same.

Such as,
… if we feel we do not have enough we will either hoard it and never spend it on what might make us happy – thus what’s the point in having it?


We will over spend it out of fear that there will not be enough coming later. Thus, “better get what we want now, just in case”. But how do I know this?


This was always my problem with money and credit. I didn’t trust having it because I had a belief that someone would eventually take it all away from me.

When I was a teenager we lost our home to my father being laid-off when the plant he worked at closed down. And around the same time my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly there after we burned through our savings rather quickly thus having to move from a nice sized home to a cramped small apartment. And we also had to get food from the food shelves for a while. From then on I never trusted the money-job-work-for-a-living-system enough to even want to waste my time-saving even a single penny. I believed money wasn’t worth anything and proved to be an unreliable concern. As well I could no longer really view money as being “my own” ever again.

It took me twenty years to realize that my outlook on money came out of a momentary scenario of calamity and misfortune. Of which my family got out of it in a few short years, but even then, our family dynamic and how we all viewed survival, money, health and happiness was never ever quite the same.

Thus, I was in survival mode from the very first day I started working for money. Of which I never believed could ever be mine from the get-go. What a debilitating way to exist…. And I began to talk myself into thinking I could never be responsible enough to provide for myself and nor would i ever really want to. Which of course left me emotionally dependent on others, as well as almost never satisfied. Always feeling like there was never enough, I became stuck in a huge rut of which I felt generally like being a captured prisoner. I felt owned. A slave.

This crummy misguided outlook on life destroyed 90% of my romantic relationships as a young man. I nickle-&-dimed my way into poverty with fast-food and $20 music CD’s. ..Leaving the people around me to pick up after my money messes. This went on for years And for those years I never understood why I could never save money.

Now I know where that “hell” came from. It came from being afraid. It came from make a decision in the midst of fear. This I made a huge error. … Had my brain been not under stress, I sincerely doubt I would have made such a wrong connection between money and my survival.


When money is viewed as what it is – a way to live beyond mere survival – we mentally and physically loosen up which helps us enjoy more of what life has to offer. We also calm down quicker and our better at conflict and crisis management when we can trust money and why it is there on Earth. When we can begin to see money as just what it is, “money, we allow the flow to move in and out as it naturally does like everything else in life. Thus also allowing us to flow as well. When we “flow” this of course improves the quality of how we see our own lives. When we can see our lives as something qualifying as more than mere surviving, we find that appreciating life is more frequent, and much easier to maintain then, say when we are stressed out.

My silly advice is to keep your animal-nature for sexy-fun-bedroom-play, sports, ..and/or even certain spiritual practices. But try considering using your courage and your rational mind to work with your money.

..To see money as it is: numbers; sometimes but not always in the form of metals, stones, gems, commodities, property, printed paper or stamped cotton.

Know the value of that which has a price and you’ll begin to take the focus off what you don’t have in order to return it to what you do have. …Of which, what you track expands. You will always get more of what you place your habitual focus on. That is just how life was meant to work for us, and that is how it does work. This is why when we mix-up money and survival things go hay-wire.


Teach your stress-brain to get the “F” out of all that is the money-game of human living. You will not regret it for second there after. Money is a game, and jobs are not survival. That is the first thing you have to come to understand. Money should not be personalized ever. Neither should a job. Learn to adapt and go with the flow. Change course when that flow begins to lean in a direction you aren’t willing to go. It’s really common sense when you look at it with non-mistaken eyes.

Granted it ain’t easy, heck i know that first hand. It’s hard to admit you are wrong about money, but if you want out of poverty or at least to move into a bracket that feels more like “you”, then it all starts with how you see and believe what money actually is.


Survival is survival.

Jobs are jobs. (Jobs.. the possible building blocks to a profession in some cases… but I’ll leave all that for another post.)

Money is money.
Happiness is happiness.

Money can make you happy for a short moment or two. Maybe even a whole day or a few consecutive days, but the high quickly wears off and you are left being where and who you are, money or no money. Happiness can help you direct your money in more appropriate directions, sure.. But do not mistake money, survival, and/or happiness as the same entity, otherwise you are looking at a tough road ahead.

When you want to get happy research happiness.
When you want to get rich research how to build wealth.
When you want to get survival skills watch animal planet… Giggle… I keeed, I keeeed.

Hopefully you get my silly point. 🙂

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier