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Anger or Depression? Fuck them both.



The angry one moves quickly, faster than our need to swiftly get on with life. His mission is one of hurdle, distraction, “flow stop”.

The blissful one is diligent, concise, calm, steady, grace-filled, and poised; moves at the pace of “all” enjoys the present moment, is in not a hurry.

The angry one owns nothing, owes everything, is crushed under the weight of time, unable to be present, anxious of the future, crippled by the sadness of the past.

The blissful one, … Is.

They are both within us.

One enjoys being witnessed, the other thrives on being hidden. One is submerged, the other is subversive.

You know the rest by how well you know yourself.

One engenders the mind with wild thoughts, the other chooses only helpful thinking. Both teach, yet one is a slapping hand of punishment, while other is “overcoming”.

One hurts, & is hurt, acts out, reactionary, & unsatisfied. The other is free, unpained, without a need to be healed, untouchable yet attainable.

Give them what ever name you wish, yet they are both you and never you.

The Self.

One is.
… while the other is not, cannot be, & gone.

Enjoy them.


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier