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Life is not a game.

But to game-players, if they play their games long enough without returning to reality, all they can experience is the games they are involved in.

They confuse life with their games. Thus the game becomes serious to them and they place life and death within it where they should not be mentally nor emotionally. When they “rest” at night they are still tethered to the false.. ..Tend to bring their games with them and either trick themselves into their game, or force people to get out of the way. (i.e. industry moving a civilization, or re-routing waterways for profit). Games are a part of life, not the other way around.

Games should be for fun.

There are no need(s) for the money game, nor the education game. People can survive without them. ..can live civil without them. Money should be fun, so should jobs, so should education. As well so should sex, romance, fashion, art, song, eating, sleeping, shitting, pissing, bathing, talking, …creating, inventing.. It’s all the same really when we bring our minds back into reality.

Your heart can only survive in reality. Your soul the same. Otherwise people are being inauthentic.

Most people today at their jobs, in their marriages, with their friends are more like prostitutes. Receiving something by acting one-dimensional, in-authentic. Soulless.. as they say. Not that one can be without soul, but a person trapped within a game they detest will cause them to act in-spite of their soul. Do and be, and live without integrity. And that is a sucky place to be.

For too long people have been tricking their kids into keeping their heads and hearts into the game, that once they leave the game, they lose their heads and their hearts. This is why so much of politics, philosophy, religion, sports, art, the sciences, businesses of all sizes, and corporate structures are more like cults. Cults functionalized on rules and regulations, codes of conduct, ethical criteria, stereotypes.. All of them when ya take a minute to think about it are more like gangs. So many are missing the point of being “here” in the first place. To intermingle, share and enjoy.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life, when seen as un-enjoyable, is only because we’ve confused the game with reality. You, we, I, cannot lose in reality. You cannot win in reality either. Reality is the prize. ..more so an inheritance. Thus there are no winners and losers, just those who experience reality, or do not.

You are either within the formation you are in, or in another… Seen or unseen, felt or not. Noticed, wanted, or ignored, .. Life is.
…Even in what people have called death (re-form-ation), that is still existence.

Life and death are not games. 

When the game is no longer fun you can leave the game. This is no such thing as being a failure for leaving behind a game or structure when it is unsupportive or down-right hurtful. Whether that structure is mental, physical, social, or emotional, life is yours, death is yours, it just simply is, the games can be set aside forever.

Enjoy it.

And when life is no longer enjoyable, get better at enjoying more of it in another way.. a different way.

Life is more than the games we are forced to socially play. You were born free, it is okay to be yourself. …and the more you act like yourself, the better you will feel, and the easier it is to find kindred spirits.

The games we play change us. That is fine. This is normal. But when the game changes your life for the worse, it is time for a new field of play. It simply does not matter if the other players like it or not.

Change when you want to. For this is your “LIFE”.
When it suits you…

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier