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Mystery, Masters, Beings.

There is no act as if, …
…there is only act as IS.
As in, IT IS.. that you are… being.

Mastery gets confused a lot for being. Yet mastery is attained via being.
Beingness is already happening. Mastery is what we CAN do along the WAY.


Mastery takes practice, patience, & perseverance.. Where as being does not have to do anything.

You already are ‘being’..

Trying to master being is like pretending you don’t exist in order to prove your existence. And that’s silly.

… “inner-real-ness” from the outside?
When the fact is you are both.

And really there is not “a both”.. Duality is misconception.

Human s have been conditioned to perceive being as such and I don’t know why.

This perspective changes the moment we reach our plateau and begin the journey of transcendence.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier