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Here are a few quick snapshots of the music
& sound-art I released when I was a younger man.

… however I am not sure if this is all of it… ***wink wink*** …

Most of the time while I was creating this stuff, I was struggling to understand life, and death, and the in-between, as well as all the other weirdness-es that existence has to offer.

And yes, ({cough}) I used to be involved in gothy, darksidery, blackened, occulty, spooky underground music for the first half of my music career.

The second half of my 20+ years in music I went all “artsy-fartsy”.  Eventually simple tones, fuzz, silence, and simply recording nature took the forefront.

At one point I was signed on 12 different labels at the same time. ???!
… How silly. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

I no longer release music publicly.
… at least not under my own name anyway… 😉

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier