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What I’ve learned While Living On Earth.

  • Necromancers became doctors / surgeons
  • Magic became technology
  • Demonology became psychology
  • Alchemy became the food & drug juggernaut
  • Sex-Ecology became religion
  • Architecture came from worry
  • The ultimate aims of fear is murder
  • Unused sex(life) energy will cause war and violence
  • Poverty creates demons & angels
  • The ultimate aim of love is FAMILY & FRIENDS.
  • Want, destroys most of which it seeks.
  • Desire is natural, yet society has been coerced into selling / sealing it.
  • All existence is nature; Looking into the forest through the trees, is akin to looking into space through the planets, or into your eyes within a mirror.
  • Math & Measure are abyssic.
  • Kindness is the most helpful experience ever.
  • Medicine is Music & Herbalogy.
  • Faith & Belief are in all modalities and philosophy.
  • Everyone & All Things share the same mind – yet we are not a hive.
  • Group-Think creates mobs & gangs & exclusion.
  • Politics are false micro-steps towards more stumbling blocks.
  • God was a women killed by a frightened child who fucked up attempting to be (a) GOD???
  • Earth, Water, Fire, Air = Mud –>> It takes a conscious spin to make pottery!
  • Everything is a Drug.
  • Anything is a tool.
  • You can pour a cup of coffee over your head,
    OR you can drink it;
    . . . . . . . … in both cases you’ll learn something.
  • No One Is a Mistake, Nor Unnecessary.
  • Betrayal is as horrible as rape and cruelty.
  • Most schizophrenics are in multiple dimensions at once.
  • Some magick is real, most science is bullshit.
  • Spies are obsessive compulsive stress-brain-addicted paranoids.
  • You are not “words”.
  • Everything is the livingness of the First Being.
  • Everything is Alive & Intelligent.
  • Everyone Is Interconnected To Everyone.
  • Life is female.
  • Goodness & Loving Energy Is All That Is Needed.
  • I’ve Made My Choice…

Namaste / Good Tidings
– Cordell Klier

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Why I Stopped Life Coaching,
And Why I’m Returning to Life Coaching.
By Cordell Klier

Ok, things change.

Recent events in my life have released me from my dark past. Thank God!

I guess third times are a charm.
A charm of good luck.
Again, Thank God.

The universe has been sending me signs to discontinue my shadow work, and to return to life coaching people again.

I entered a stage of shadow work in order to uncover why some events kept returning for me to deal with. To free myself of them, and to sever the energy that seemed almost to be seeking me out.

Well, I found that energy.
It has no choice but to leave me at peace now.


Being honest.

Reluctance isn’t even a strong enough word to describe my initial apprehension to start coaching clients again. But I have decided to trust the barrage of unmistakable messages these last 11 months have forced me to recognize.

As that in hearing them loud and clear daily, I can now see my life has a destiny and it seems to be centered on being a Life Coach… Again.



So why did I stop?


Not that my personal life matters or should matter; I stopped coaching because my past would not let me be.


I was not able to continue with the minutiae of cranky old energies disrupting my livelihood. Old friends would return with the past I had long since buried. With this brought nostalgia, unfinished business, karma, karmic debt, and a few betrayals. And my interests in dark music swung back around again… why, I do not know. But what a lesson it was to bring me.


I discontinued coaching a few years back because… well because I was getting asked the same 4 questions over and over again.

With all this insight behind me my client base had only the same 4 issues… I felt this was really odd.

Of these 4 reoccurring questions I only had actual solutions to 3 of them. Those 3 solutions I have down-packed, simplified, tested, found their truths, and can help change a person’s life immediately. I gave those solutions without apprehension.

But the 4th ever returning question was always a question of how to get rich in money. And/or how to do this quickly.

I do not have this answer yet.

… Although I was on my way at one point in my life, as I eluded to earlier, a series of betrayals sent me & my wife & my fledgling coaching practice back to the starting line. Plus I moved 1,500 miles away to start a new, only to experience betrayal yet again.

But now, I understood why.
This will not ever happen again.

Thank God that crummy stuff is over with.

Moving on.


I wanted to keep my existing clients but long distance coaching isn’t for me.

To be honest with you, phone consultations just seem to impersonal. Add this to myself being an empath, plus not knowing anyone where I now live… let’s just say that finding new clients seemed a little more than daunting. Frustrating really.


Accepting client calls from hundreds to thousands of miles away makes the intuitive insights harder to navigate. Frankly, phone coaching never has felt legit to me. I can do it, but it seems too impersonal, and…

If you are in front of me, I can see it, feel it, get ya what you need to reveal it safely, and then get ya what you need to take steps to heal it.

On the phone, FaceTime, Skype, or otherwise… it’s strategic guess work. For me, that’s not an affective way to coach anyone. Ever.


Thus I stopped coaching because my life was having its own life issues to solve. And after few mishaps with money… I was not feeling comfortable dispensing advice at all. To anyone. About anything.


I had to heal before I could truly ever really be able to help anyone else. At least in my eyes anyway.


I had to let go of my clients, refuse calls, and painfully walk away from something I still excel at.


To recap:

I stopped coaching to relearn some old forgotten lessons, return to earlier interests to see if giving them the boot was a smart idea, and to reinvest in subjects I’d tossed aside too easily as a young man.


Within the last 9 months something extraordinary occurred… and this has had a profound effect on me.

My life is very different now.
I learned what I needed to know.






I’m willing to continue my search to find the missing answers concerning prosperity; apply them to my own life; and only if they are found to be true solutions – will I ever teach them to anyone else. Because I will not teach bullshit.

Sorry to say, too many life coaches teach bullshit.
I will not teach bullshit.


However, if anyone has something else to work out, that has them stuck, in any other level of life, other than how to get rich quick – feel free to contact me.

… And only if you are within driving distance of the Clearwater, St. Petersburg areas of Florida.



On February 1st 2018 I’ll begin talking clients again.
Each session will be:
$20 for one hour
$30 for two hours


– Cordell Klier




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Return To The Land.

When a man is in hell he soon begins to seek a paradise of things upon the land. Forgetting this land is but an aspect of the heavens.. his architecture no longer refers to nature. And thus starkness and walls are built.

The rain and wind his enemy.
The water a commodity, fire a resource.
Dirt, smell, and the sands becomes disgusting.

Separated he falls within the inner mire of death’s secret black dialogue.

Magick replaces his affectionate hugs.

Farther he loses touch with the mountains.. enshrined of idols and gestures..
..blanketed by emblems & symbols, the world no longer real..
illusory and blinding, all things become a terrifying game.

Unsure of an enemy, talismans of binding are forged, weapons, shields, and gangs.. ..secrets to be..

When the men of hell begin to no longer recognize, nor remember the land as their family member.. their family will abandon them to their own falseness. This is seen as how value became a trade-work, and trade grumble towards money & things, and light and vibration are falsely mistaken for value, ownership, and survival.

The false laws of Socio-Political-Religions are enacted.. animals are sacrificed to dinosaurs.. SAVE THE VILLAGE!… and the children are vessels of bloody sex demons… women are worshiped and yet enslaved.. calamity as men yell from the killing hillsides, weapons high – the lost one’s scream, “WE ARE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE!” … you watch and sigh….

…and soon even more lies trample life and living…

….yet you know to fear not….

……children glimpse glimmers of honest returning.. men of hell cast them down with stern faces and fists… a child at ten years must become a surviving man.
… yet he still cries for love..

Music might save him..
Yet as grown man he must escape that which he used to escape.
Addicted the hell of his fathers entangle him again…

In a distance…

Light still is.. soon he escapes into the actual truth of being and time.
… light is not the “value of survival”..
..light is not a fallen god!..
a mystery of the sun!?…

… moon moves the sea… energy and vibration creating anew.. awe and wonder return…

All things a miracle… yet no god ever agreed upon… All remains miraculous.

In the background,
Skepticism soon creates tools and the innerself is slowly abandoned by the men of hell..
Technology overtakes Magick… magick, now a branch of the lost, losing, and lonely… the job is crafted as a way out of the poverty of home-life…

The entangled-false will seem the elite of truth for all they seem to “have”. They are not any truth. You will know this in their eyes.
We all know this… yet we still stare.. slightly hypnotized and entertained.

The escapee wonders, “can both be had, the illusion and the prices of wonderful crafts?”….

While nothing surrounding them from within can remember truth, it is you now that must.

WOULD YOU HAVE BOTH, CAN YOU… will you… …would you.

No longer hypnotized..

Their eyes determine a value on an abstract ever alluring, yet elludes.
You are valuable to them, this they cannot trade, or enslave.

and YOU DO!

The key to transformation is to return to the land.
Make respects to the sea, and again honor the wind & sky.
The stars have you in their sight, go to them nightly – support them.
Greet the ground of the morning with grace and gratitude.
.. the days given to soul-art and kindness..


We all know this is truth.
We all know by our presence of inner peace via the activities which have entrapped us, the oldest of ways was and is the still truth.. for these now-ways are losing us within their illusions of the non-self.
….. A new interface daily will not confuse me, nor should it you.
And if you are or have become it’s webbed-caught-owl – return to what is long before your senses.

We (INVITED) must break free and return to the land.
Respect ourselves! RESPECT IT ALL!
Glide of the wind, farther see father sky.
The waters of life and home call us to renewal.
Answer this fucking call!

Walk from the electronic alters of the false pyramid-prison.
Your Gods are not your body-form nor your ancestral blood-type.
Your energy is not a prison to be feared.
No one is chosen.
All are free.

Express all you must until it is finally out of you… this hell of lost old men…

Cast aside the false beasts of unholy burdens, take back up self-respect, enact again love and honor, reside in the simple along the brave ones, ..
..which to this day still flows of ease, floats safely, grounded in abundant gardens, ever flowering forth towards the firelight cosmos.

The energy is within, carry proud this – your peace.
Grant those before you profound peace.

Put down you damn sword.. you will not need it anymore.
The war is over.

There are not any devils.. but a fear of living life.


“I am the spirit of wind and water
amongst the sun’s firelight and tender ground
these are my brothers the animals
these planets my sisters
this body is creation’s gift
mother is life
father is fearless consciousness
ancestors guide me
future selves open clear my pathways
through heavens and cosmos
this land is not owned by humans
this land is universe
many doors, one room
I cannot fail,
I am success.
brave success.
I treat this Earth with love.
I treat you with love. (CK 2015)”

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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You Are A Home Of Light

As long as your light shines from an outside source only, there will always be a shadow in your life.

As to release your light in all directions from within, embrace your shadow to complete your wholeness/holiness.

Understand, you are the home of light beaming in all directions.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier