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Ganesha Is Rad. He Moves Stuff In Your Way.

…take a breath…

Immediately stop identifying with your illness and problems.
Do not make them “I” statements.
They are not “YOU”, they are a condition of a part of you, but they are not your whole “SELF”.
Your whole “SELF” can conquer every problem and illness because that is how it is designed.
Do not mistake your issues for the entire self, nor your entire life.
You are not your aspectual circumstances.
So discontinue at once the identification with unease / disease because these are not entirely you.
There is a larger part of you that is totally having a great time being alive and is unscathed by just about everything.
So don’t ignore the issues and expect them to go away, but tackle them and fix them with the larger parts of yourself that is enjoying existence.
You are your own ally, come to your own rescue.
That is what divinity is all about.
You can do it.
Enjoy life.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier


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“all is of the source” by Cordell Klier


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

Good Peace Feeling Great

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I was naïve to think that I couldn’t.
Ignorant to believe that I would permanently fail.
And audacious in my fear to act from the inspired enthusiasm of what my intuition secured for me as “the sure thing”.

My loss of faith never was lost at all.
Faith let me “let it go”.
Because the giver of faith knew from the start
– of which I did not remember at the time –
that WE are not JUST the appearance sameness, but in fact are ONE.

I Am Accomplishment.
I Am Success.
I Am Worth.
I Am Love.
I Am Value.
I Am.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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The Mask Is Dead!

Drop that mask kiddo…. it ain’t solving anything.

The reason why you need a mask..or a label, or title, … is because, “how you are acting”, isn’t you at all!

You think the mask is a form of protection, but its really a roadblock.

And you really aren’t hiding at all .. You’ve actually been tricked into allowing your ‘self’ to be “hidden”.

Hidden from yourself. As to become obscured from your own true nature in order to act from another source altogether.

This is the ultimate form of manipulation.

And ya gotta ask yourself, if you have to use a mask, or a title, to prove a point, or send a message, you’ve been manipulated to do the bidding of a coward.

Authentic people have nothing to hide. And cowardice isn’t in their vocabulary at all.

It is time to become conscious again. step away from the obscurity and re-enter the world authentically.

Only then will the world change for the better, because the real you has finally entered it.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier