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I was naïve to think that I couldn’t.
Ignorant to believe that I would permanently fail.
And audacious in my fear to act from the inspired enthusiasm of what my intuition secured for me as “the sure thing”.

My loss of faith never was lost at all.
Faith let me “let it go”.
Because the giver of faith knew from the start
– of which I did not remember at the time –
that WE are not JUST the appearance sameness, but in fact are ONE.

I Am Accomplishment.
I Am Success.
I Am Worth.
I Am Love.
I Am Value.
I Am.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier


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The Mask Is Dead!

Drop that mask kiddo…. it ain’t solving anything.

The reason why you need a mask..or a label, or title, … is because, “how you are acting”, isn’t you at all!

You think the mask is a form of protection, but its really a roadblock.

And you really aren’t hiding at all .. You’ve actually been tricked into allowing your ‘self’ to be “hidden”.

Hidden from yourself. As to become obscured from your own true nature in order to act from another source altogether.

This is the ultimate form of manipulation.

And ya gotta ask yourself, if you have to use a mask, or a title, to prove a point, or send a message, you’ve been manipulated to do the bidding of a coward.

Authentic people have nothing to hide. And cowardice isn’t in their vocabulary at all.

It is time to become conscious again. step away from the obscurity and re-enter the world authentically.

Only then will the world change for the better, because the real you has finally entered it.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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oney And Survival Are Not The Same Thing.


The people who have money treat money as money. Not as anything else.
They don’t see money as more than anything other than: a means to an end result.

That’s it. That’s the big secret. Period.
Confusing money with life, love, happiness, and whatever else, and you have an equation with a result that simply will add up to nothing but more trouble than it is worth.

Seriously, let me repeat this:
Everyone I know that is wealthy treat money like it is money. They all have the same mantra, “it’s just money”. They all say it when they make a bunch, or when they have to spend a bunch. Why? Because they trust that there is more to be made, earned, spent, saved, trusted, converted, managed, played with, or given to charity.

…………….. On the other hand..

The people I know who don’t have money tend to treat money as if it was their survival. And let’s get honest here, survival-thinking makes us act like animals. Yes, we have animal natures to a certain degree, but we are more than just an animal.

All things are divine, yes, but not all things have the minds that we have. At least not with the abilities (yet) to use as we can ours. The ways in which we can use our brains is different. Thus there is no reason to make the mistake that money is survival. It is a common error, but an error none the less.

Living in survival mode causes fear. And very few people on planet Earth make good decisions about money when afraid. Fear destroys our trust in life, and steals the courage away from the rational mind. And when dealing with your money you need the full range of your mind’s capacities to think, feel, and respond.

… if the brain and body are filled with cortisol when stressed out or afraid, self-destructive habits can begin to arise, and self-sabotaging beliefs will take root.

… if allowed to take over our consciousness, in even the most basic daily routines will make us slaves to money. Instead of our money working for us, we become desperate and dependent on it unnaturally. To make money  out to be more then what it is can wreak havoc on our lives

Stated again: We cannot confuse money with survival. They are not the same.

Such as,
… if we feel we do not have enough we will either hoard it and never spend it on what might make us happy – thus what’s the point in having it?


We will over spend it out of fear that there will not be enough coming later. Thus, “better get what we want now, just in case”. But how do I know this?


This was always my problem with money and credit. I didn’t trust having it because I had a belief that someone would eventually take it all away from me.

When I was a teenager we lost our home to my father being laid-off when the plant he worked at closed down. And around the same time my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly there after we burned through our savings rather quickly thus having to move from a nice sized home to a cramped small apartment. And we also had to get food from the food shelves for a while. From then on I never trusted the money-job-work-for-a-living-system enough to even want to waste my time-saving even a single penny. I believed money wasn’t worth anything and proved to be an unreliable concern. As well I could no longer really view money as being “my own” ever again.

It took me twenty years to realize that my outlook on money came out of a momentary scenario of calamity and misfortune. Of which my family got out of it in a few short years, but even then, our family dynamic and how we all viewed survival, money, health and happiness was never ever quite the same.

Thus, I was in survival mode from the very first day I started working for money. Of which I never believed could ever be mine from the get-go. What a debilitating way to exist…. And I began to talk myself into thinking I could never be responsible enough to provide for myself and nor would i ever really want to. Which of course left me emotionally dependent on others, as well as almost never satisfied. Always feeling like there was never enough, I became stuck in a huge rut of which I felt generally like being a captured prisoner. I felt owned. A slave.

This crummy misguided outlook on life destroyed 90% of my romantic relationships as a young man. I nickle-&-dimed my way into poverty with fast-food and $20 music CD’s. ..Leaving the people around me to pick up after my money messes. This went on for years And for those years I never understood why I could never save money.

Now I know where that “hell” came from. It came from being afraid. It came from make a decision in the midst of fear. This I made a huge error. … Had my brain been not under stress, I sincerely doubt I would have made such a wrong connection between money and my survival.


When money is viewed as what it is – a way to live beyond mere survival – we mentally and physically loosen up which helps us enjoy more of what life has to offer. We also calm down quicker and our better at conflict and crisis management when we can trust money and why it is there on Earth. When we can begin to see money as just what it is, “money, we allow the flow to move in and out as it naturally does like everything else in life. Thus also allowing us to flow as well. When we “flow” this of course improves the quality of how we see our own lives. When we can see our lives as something qualifying as more than mere surviving, we find that appreciating life is more frequent, and much easier to maintain then, say when we are stressed out.

My silly advice is to keep your animal-nature for sexy-fun-bedroom-play, sports, ..and/or even certain spiritual practices. But try considering using your courage and your rational mind to work with your money.

..To see money as it is: numbers; sometimes but not always in the form of metals, stones, gems, commodities, property, printed paper or stamped cotton.

Know the value of that which has a price and you’ll begin to take the focus off what you don’t have in order to return it to what you do have. …Of which, what you track expands. You will always get more of what you place your habitual focus on. That is just how life was meant to work for us, and that is how it does work. This is why when we mix-up money and survival things go hay-wire.


Teach your stress-brain to get the “F” out of all that is the money-game of human living. You will not regret it for second there after. Money is a game, and jobs are not survival. That is the first thing you have to come to understand. Money should not be personalized ever. Neither should a job. Learn to adapt and go with the flow. Change course when that flow begins to lean in a direction you aren’t willing to go. It’s really common sense when you look at it with non-mistaken eyes.

Granted it ain’t easy, heck i know that first hand. It’s hard to admit you are wrong about money, but if you want out of poverty or at least to move into a bracket that feels more like “you”, then it all starts with how you see and believe what money actually is.


Survival is survival.

Jobs are jobs. (Jobs.. the possible building blocks to a profession in some cases… but I’ll leave all that for another post.)

Money is money.
Happiness is happiness.

Money can make you happy for a short moment or two. Maybe even a whole day or a few consecutive days, but the high quickly wears off and you are left being where and who you are, money or no money. Happiness can help you direct your money in more appropriate directions, sure.. But do not mistake money, survival, and/or happiness as the same entity, otherwise you are looking at a tough road ahead.

When you want to get happy research happiness.
When you want to get rich research how to build wealth.
When you want to get survival skills watch animal planet… Giggle… I keeed, I keeeed.

Hopefully you get my silly point. 🙂

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Cordell Klier's Essential Reading List


I was recently asked when I got my start as a life coach, and how it is that I know what I know about how to assist people on this journey called life.

..Well to be honest with you, my first life coaching gig was when was a kid. But that’s for a whole other post…

In short I was born with a strange way of seeing the world around me, let’s put it at that; I’ve been coaching since I was a little kid.

Yet, I knew there was a lot of things I didn’t know about life, and at times got easily stumped on how to help some of the people I knew. So I began reading anything I could on the human condition. And as I got older I also wanted to find out if there were other people like me out there. People that might be thinking about our world, and seeing the world, like I did. This is something I am always on the hunt for. Thus, in my later life I became a heavy researcher and reader.

Since I’ve been doing the life coaching thing I have thus far found a great number of amazing coaches and authors that I feel really make a difference in the lives of folks. Literature and lectures that very much free & transform people’s outlook on life, as well as their lives in general. So I decided to create a list of what I feel are some essential finds.

Some of what I have presented here I prefer in audiobook form. While others I like to have a digital or even a physical book to read. A select few, I have all three. ..I read a lot, …so this is really the essentials.. And yes I do know it is a long list. So I’ll mark my absolute favorites.

So as to not waste anymore time…

Here is a run down of what I’ve come to know as the essentials for living a better life in somewhat of an alphabetical order.



Title : Author : My Media Preference

[“*” = A Great Read & “!!!!” = A Perfect Manual For Life]


Adyshanti – Spontaneous Awakening – audiobook/lecture

Alan Watts – A Conversation With Myself – lecture

Alan Watts – Myth Of Myself – lecture

Albert Mackey – The History Of Freemasonry – book

!!!! Andy Andrews – Mastering The Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success – audiobook

Bob Beaudine – The Power Of Who You Already Know.. – audiobook

!!!! Bob Proctor – It’s Not About The Money – audiobook

Bob Proctor – What To Do When It Isn’t Working – audiobook

* Brian Tracy – Secrets oaf Self-Made Millionaires – lecture

Brian Tracy – 21 Qualities of Self-Made Millionaires – lecture

!!!! Butler Yates – The Occulatum – book

Carlos Castaneda – The Road To Ixtlan – book

Carolyn Myss – Defy Gravity – book

!!!! Charles F. Haanel – The Master Key System – book & audiobook

Charles S. Clason – The Richest Man In Babylon – book

Cheryl Richardson – Stand Up For Your Life – DVD

Christina Donald – Transcendent Dreaming – book

Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas – The Hiram Key – book

Collin Tipping – Radical Self-Forgiveness Practices – audiobook

Dale Carnegie – How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – audiobook

* Daniel Pink – A Whole New Mind – book

Daniel Pink – Drive – book

David Allen – Getting Things Done – audiobook

David Bach – Automatic Millionaire – book & audiobook

David Bach – Start Over, Finish Rich – book & audiobook

* Debbie Ford – The Darkside Of The Light Chasers – book

Debbie Ford – The Shadow Effect – DVD

Deepak Chopra – Chakra Balancing – CD

Deepak Chopra – Creating Affluence – audiobook

Deepak Chopra – Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul – book & audiobook

Deepak Chopra – Soul Of Healing Affirmations – audiobook/CD

Deepak Chopra – Soul Of Healing Meditations – CD

Dennis Merritt Jones – The Art Of Uncertainty – book

Denis Waitley – Winning: It’s All In Your Head – lecture

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming – CD (meditation/hypnosis)

!!!! Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements – book & audiobook

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Mastery Of Love – book & audiobook

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Voice of Knowledge – book & audiobook

Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz – The Fifth Agreement – audiobook

Earl Nightingale – Lead The Field – lecture

!!!! Earl Nightingale – The Strangest Secret (all the different versions) – audiobook/lecture(s)

* Earl Nightingale – 20 Minutes That Can Change Your Life – lecture

Earl Nightingale – The Miracle Of The Mind – lecture

Earl Nightingale – Increase Your Income – lecture

Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth – audiobook

!!!! Eckhart Tolle – The Power Of Now – audiobook

Eckhart Tolle – Stillness Speaks – audiobook

* Eknath Easwaran (translator) – The Bagavad Gita – book

Eknath Easwaran (translator) – The Dhammapada – book

Eldon Taylor – Choices & Illusions – book

Elizabeth Towne – Life Power And How To Use It – book

* Esther And Jerry Hicks – Money And The Law Of Attraction – audiobook

Esther And Jerry Hicks – The Vortex – audiobook

Frank J. Kinslow – The Secret Of Instant Healing – audiobook

Gary Zukav – Soul To Soul – audiobook

!!!! Gary Zukav – The Seat Of The Soul – audiobook

!!!! Genevieve Behrend – Your Invisible Power – book & audiobook

George Ifrah – The Universal History Of Numbers – book

George N. Collins – Breaking the Cycle – book

Hale Dwoskin – Letting Go! – lecture

Harish Joharhi – Chakras – book

Harvey Mackey – Fired Up! – book

Helen Schucman & William Thetford – A Course In Miracles – book

>>> EXCEPTIONAL BOOK!!! >>> Hermes Thricegreat Megistris – The Emerald Tablet Of THOTH – manual

!!!! Jack Canfield – The Success Principles – audiobook

Jack Kornfield – Meditation For Beginers – CD (meditation)

Jakusho Kwong-Roshi – Breath Sweeps Mind – audiobook/lecture

James Gleik – Chaos – book

* James Allen – As A Man Thinketh – book

* James Arthur Ray – Answers To Life’s 11 Most Burning Questions – book

James Arthur Ray – Collapse The World – CD (meditation)

!!!! James Arthur Ray – Harmonic Wealth – book, audiobook, DVD

James Redfield – Celestine Prophecy – book

Jean Jacques Rousseau – The Social Contract – book

Jeffrey Mishlove – The Roots Of Consciousness – book

Jillian Michaels & Mariska van Aalst – Master Your Metabolism – book & audiobook

Jim Rohn & Chris Widener – The Twelve Pillars – book

Jim Rohn – Living An Exceptional Life – lecture

Joe Vitale – The Key – audiobook

!!!! Jon Kabbat-Zinn – Wherever You Go There You Are – book

John Assaraf – Having It All – audiobook

John C. Friel & Linda D. Friel – The 7 Best Things (happy) Couples Do – book

John Demartini – The Gratitude Effect – audiobook

John Gribben – The Search For Superstrings, Symmetry, And The Theory Of Everything – book

John Medina – Brain Rules – book

Joseph Campbell (with Bill Moyers) – The Power Of Myth – book & DVD

Kahlil Gibran – The Profit – book

Kahlil Gibran – The Wanderer – book

Keith Yamashita & Sandra Spataro – Unstuck – book

Kelly Howell – The Secret To Attracting Wealth – CD

Kelly Howell – The Secret Universal Mind Meditation 1 & – CD

Ken Wilber – A Theory Of Everything – book

Ken Wilber – Kosmic Consciousness – audiobook

Kyra Mesich – The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide – book

* Lao Tzu – Tao Teh Ching – book

Larry Winget – You’re Broke Because You Want To Be – audiobook

Laurence Gardener – Bloodline Of The Holy Grail – book

Les Brown – Step Into Your Greatness – lecture

Loretta Laroche – Life Is Not A Stress Rehearsal – lecture

Louise Hay – 101 Power Thoughts – CD (meditation)

Louise Hay – Anger Releasing – audiobook (meditation)

Louise Hay – Change And Transition – lecture

Louise Hay – Dissolving Bariers – lecture

Louise Hay – Forgiveness / Loving The Inner Child – audiobook (meditation)

Louise Hay – Life Reflections On Your Journey – audiobook

Louise Hay – Love a your Body – CD (meditation)

Louise Hay – Meditations To Heal Your Life – book

* Louise Hay – The Power Is Within You – book, audiobook

Louise Hay – Receiving Prosperity – lecture

!!!! Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life – book, audiobook, DVD

!!!! M. Incognito (William Walker Atkinson) – The Secret Doctrine Of The Rosicrucians – book

Marianne Williamson – The Age Of Miracles – audiobook

Mario Livio – The Golden Ratio – book

Mario Martinez – The Mind-Body Code – audiobook

Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal ,Jon Kabbat-Zinn – The Mindful Way Through Depression – audiobook

Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen – Cash In A Flash – audiobook

!!!! Martha Beck – Follow Your North Star – audiobook

Martin E.P. Seligman – Authentic Happiness – book

* Marsha Sinetar – Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow – book

Michael Bernard Beckwith – The Life Visioning Process – audiobook

Mike Dooley – Choose Them Wisely – audiobook

Napoleon Hill – …In His Own Voice – audiobook/lecture

!!!! Napoleon Hill – Think And Grow Rich – book

* Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations With God (series) – audiobook

Neville Goddard – The Power Of Awareness – book

Nido Quebein – How To Get What You Want – lecture

* Osho – Body Mind Balancing – book/CD

Osho – Meeting With Remarkable People – book

Paolo Coelho – The Alchemist – book

Patricia Carrington – Discover The Power Of Meridian Tapping – book & DVD

Pema Chödrön – Getting Unstuck – audiobook

* Pema Chödrön – The Pocket Pena Chödrön – book

Pema Chödrön – True Happiness – audiobook

Peter A. Levine – Healing Trauma – book

Phil Town – Rule Number 1 Investing – book/audiobook

Prentice Mulford – Thoughts Are Things – book

* Ram Dass – Be Here Now – book

Ramana Maharishi – The Spiritual Teachings Of.. – book

Ramana Maharishi – The Teachings Of.. – book

!!!! Ramana Maharishi – Who I Am – book

Raymond Faulkner (translator) – The Egyptian Book Of The Dead – book

Phineas Mollod & Jason Tesauro – The Modern Gentleman – handbook

* Rhonda Byrne – The Power – audiobook

* Rhonda Byrne – The Secret – DVD & audiobook

* Richard Bandler – Get The Life You Want – book/audiobook

Rob Bell – Sex God (exploring the endless connections between sexuality and spirituality) – book

* Robert Sharma – The Little Black Book Of Stunning Success – book

Robert W. Fuller – Somebodies And Nobodies – book

Rudolf Steiner – The Fourth Dimension – book

Rufus C. Camphausen – The Encyclopedia Of Sacred Sexuality – book

Saint Germain – The I Am Discourses – book

Sam Glenn – Kick In The Attitude – audiobook

Seth Godin – Purple Cow – audiobook

Shakti Gawain – Creative Visualization – audiobook

Shawn Achor – The Happiness Advantage – book

Shilo Shiv Suleman & Avijit Michael – Khoya – book/app

Sri Nisargatta Maharaj – I Am That – book

!!!! Steve Chandler – 17 Lies That Are Holding You Back.. – audiobook

Stephen R. Covey – The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – book

>>> EXCEPTIONAL BOOK!!! >>> Steven Harrison – Being One – book

Steven Pressfield – The War Of Art – book

Susie Orman – Women And Money – DVD

Swami A. P. Mukerji – Spiritual Consciousness – book

Swami Sarasnanda – Chakra Meditation – book/CD

!!!! T. Harv Eker – Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind – audiobook

* Terry Cole-Whittaker – What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business – book

Thomas Merton – The Way Of Chuang Tzu – book

Thomas Troward – The Creative Process Of The Individual – book

>>> EXCEPTIONAL BOOK!!! >>> Thomas Troward – The Eidenburge Lectures On Mental Science – book & audiobook

Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn Hopkins – Rosslyn – book

Tony Robbins – Find Your True Gift In Your Career – audiobook

* Tony Robbins – Unlimited Power – audiobook

Uell S. Anderson – Three Magic Words – book

W.L. Wilmhurst – The Meaning Of Masonry – (code)book

!!!! Wallace D. Wattles – How To Get What You Want – audiobook

!!!! Wallace D. Wattles – The Science Of Getting Rich – audiobook

Wayne Dyer – Excuses Begone! – book

!!!! Wayne Dyer – The Power Of Intention – book, DVD

Wayne Dyer – Spiritual Solution To Every Problem – DVD

Wayne Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled – book

Wilhelm Reich – Character Analysis – book

William Clement Stone – The Success System That Never Fails – audiobook

William Martin – The Tao Of Forgiveness – book

William Walker Atkinson – Thought Vibration – audiobook

Zig Ziglar – Building a Healthy Self-Image – lecture

Zig Ziglar – The Foundation For Successful Change – lecture


Long list I know, but it is hard to scale back what is important to know and implement.
Happy Hunting!


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier