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Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Selling Out is a Healthy Thing ... duh!

….. Do what you love, for it will never let you down.
Love what you do, and YOU will never let YOU down.



Artists that have a hard time selling their art only have that as a problem because deep down they do not really want to get rid of it.

To them it is a child they created, nurtured, raised, refined, & perfected. No parent really wants to let go of their kid once it has matured, … and neither do artists.

Artists tend to feel like parents to their work because so much of themselves goes into the art. So not only is it hard because it is a creation that they spent time with, it is also associated with the artist themselves like a phantom limb.

Attachment? Detachment is where freedom exists.

Detachment is where and how and why the art sells.

Once an artist can uncompromisingly create/refine/perfect/ and then let go of the piece lightly, with trust and satisfaction, the art will sell itself. Because… …the artist will have then recognized that selling is also an art and their is more dignity in being a sold artist then an unsung/non-selling artist.

So ask yourself, what is harder? Not selling? Or selling all you’ve created thus far to the point you are out of pieces to sell? In that sense, selling out is a magnificent thing. Its better to have your work sold w/critics asking “who do you think you are”, then going unnoticed, living in the poverty of false pride, and resenting the accomplished, pretending to look cool. IT IS NOT COOL.

Gentle Advice:

Stop associating selling your work with greed and you’ll find that ya can make a good living as a respected artist. Sell your art because its good. Don’t hoard it out of false pride & the bullshit of appearing ‘true’.

…What’s better: talented-poverty or talented-prosperity?

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier