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“all is of the source” by Cordell Klier


Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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FLOATER!! .. everybody out of the pooool!!!!

“Give up” and you’ll naturally flow into peace. Do not feel that “giving up” brings you down into despair. This is not true at all. “Giving up” means that you surrender to God/Source. … not to your adversary, not to your opponent, to poverty, loneliness, or hopelessness… they are not real anyway. They are just storylines. And all stories are lies; a perspective, nothing more.

A lot of us do not recognize the truth behind the stories because of our worries over money, time, responsibilities, making sure things and people are “taken care of”.. Yet know this, and know this through & through:
Worry will not protect you.

You have no choice but to let go, give in & give up. Love is all there is.

It is where you are at all times; Love.
You cannot “lose”, its impossible to even think of such an event, let alone “be” such a thing. Go ahead, give up, throw in the towel, surrender to what is.. for you are buoyant, able to float above the fertilizer, as well, created specifically to live well and remain happy. Living well and being happy is a choice that no circumstance can change.

Love is all around you. You’ve just gotta open your eyes and give up the battle.
It is okay to let go and float for a while.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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Fulfillment by Gustav Klimt


Anything important for you to know, have, or do in your last experience, if missed, uncompleted, or out-right messed-up; either by accident, by obstruction, or even from a lack of acknowledgement to proper guidance; will continue to return to your experience as new forms of the same intention/energy, until the moment you can handle it, transmute it, or enjoy it.

Life in all it’s glory is really this simple:
All things stop reforming on the reaction of enjoyment.

Once something is enjoyed it is then incorporated into your system of being, and is forever there until you decide to reject it, or alter its effect on you. It is then up to you to master the maintenance and up-keep of.

Many folks consider ”exponential growth” to a lack of enjoyment, this simply is not true. When things are allowed to grow there are more opportunities for more happiness, as well as expanded happiness, relaxation, contentment, and resolve. All of which help us to attain peace within. 

It is just that the ”construct of enjoyment” wants to grow as well. …. It is my opinion that enjoyment itself is a certain quality of consciousness that feels ”us” as we feel what we’ve deemed to call ”enjoyment”.

We might be comfortable with current situations at the present, but often the situation is more comfortable with a constant stage of development. And lets face it, enjoyment tends to want to “develop us” as we develop it. 

Experiencing life as life experiences us:
This is what we are here to do.

Life is conscious thru us, and us thru it. Why so many have been led to believe that life wants suffering, frustration, and hostility is anybody’s guess. Yet with a little self-reflection on the patterns within our own lives it becomes clearly obvious that when we are done with things we tend to put them down.

… That is to say that when the feeling of negative reactions are no longer ”hosting us” to feel unhappy or unhealthy, they tend to just stop calling us to experience them. And thus, we are less likely to pick them up again, unless something within us is hiding, and thus seeks the attractive addiction once more. Fear of societal disobedience when being authentic of ourselves tends to keep such addictions attracted to us. Such as social drinking and gossip as confounded ways to alleviate work stress. Of which we all soon find out in our later years to be counter-productive. Of which tend to come from moments of self-reflection. Of which most of us ditch as we wisen-up and learn to react kinder to ourselves and others.

Enjoyment is something that a lot of folks do not trust. Which is a real bummer, and in my opinion counts for a lot of social unrest. As well a physical unrest. People need time to relax, enjoy, heal, and breath. This is simply a matter of health. Not just physical but mental, spiritual, sexual, and social.

Rest & Relaxation are Necessary!

When you ask folks these days about their lives, or how they feel about life working “for them”, there is little faith when something is easy. And thus their value of ’ease and simplicity’ has gone under heavy mis-trust. Which is why so many fall into this false-belief that you have to struggle to be happy, or strive to maintain happiness. Yet really though, this is just internal resistance. An old pattern of thinking and reacting. This can be changed with a little assistance from a life coach or a pro-health practitioner. This nagging resistant energy is from the old paradigm of human thinking when we were first learning the art of co-existence. That exhausting way of receiving and fighting with life in order to survive is slowly but surely on its way out the door.. some even think it is dying all together. Personally I think it is just maturing and learning of itself to simply grow up.


That resistance is fear of change.

Fear of transformation. Fear of growth.

Because growth can seem unpredictable, and “unpredictability” to the stressful side of human reasoning is anything but reasonable, when it feels it has no control over a situation we get f’n stressed out. And thus it forces its wanna-be control over you. And when stress is the master of your intentions and psyche … look out cuz all you are going to see down the road is more fear, suffering and frustrations. All-in-all it is a viscous cycle that perpetuates itself. Lucky for us that hold on humanity has been lessening with each new generation.

Sometimes the greatest form of control isn’t over the elements, over nature, or influencing others to our will, it is the control over our own brain’s reaction to stress (and the unknown) that enables us to live happier lives. Self-control isn’t about holding back. Self-control isn’t about the suppression of a desire for or from something. It is about opening bigger doorways to provide for brighter landscapes and better opportunities to help you enjoy being alive.

Life seeks enjoyment.

Enjoyment is seeking life (as well as ”new life”) to enjoy itself. As in the LARGER SELF. Things will rearrange themselves in order for you to have peak experiences. This is the nature of being.

Humans, like all things alive, in concept, thru intention, and with formation, experience existence in many ways. Interpretation is a matter of reflection. And for many reasons much of our society fears this, and uses excesses as it’s rationale to avoid self-reflection. Yet with a little self-investigation we seem to gravitate to the most pleasurable experiences once we’ve taken the appropriate time to reflect on what has occurred before, … at least of which all of that we are informed to know about in order to reflect upon. If we get stuck reflecting over and over on calamity.. forms of that calamity will resurface. If we reflect on our blessings and fun, these forms will renew themselves until we are satisfied with them. And thus we put the “toy” down.

And only the ones we feel confident are ”right” for us to partake in and of in the first place. To what we know is out there at any given time is what can make us the happiest. We oft to trust that about life, that there is always something new and fun to experience, for there is no reason to stagnate or allow for boredom. Otherwise stay alive within the alternative.. Which is to say, continue to reflect and expect struggle and strife, conflict and frustration. ..But how many times can you bang head against a brick wall before you will finally get up and consider a new and more fun activity to partake in?

Life is only a struggle for those seeking the addiction to struggle. Those that remove themselves from struggle are those that got up and have begun to try something new.


Fulfillment Is About Growth!

Our lives are meant to be enjoyed and made peace with, I cannot repeat this enough. Nothing ever stops until we have made peace with it. Nothing is ever done until we are done. That is to say: full-filled. Fulfilled.

Peace is a re-action.
It is an ”allowing”. … an allowance

Peace is trust.

Trust opens the doors to calmness, relaxation, intuition, and inspiration. Of which, all call us to enthusiastically invent. It is thru invention, creation, artistic and scientific expression that life communicates to and thru us. It is via these expressions that life seeks us to value it. Because once something becomes valuable it no longer seeks a new mode of expression, …simply because it begins to seek to strengthen it’s very reach of such an expression… As well as the longevity of connectivity via such an expression.

From structure to strength, and stability to resilience, existence looks to us to receive it with open arms. We seek the incorporation of it and it seeks of us the same. For this is what makes us “well & healthy” within.

Mutual Benefit.


Acceptance is to allowance and trust, as inner-peace is to health and enjoyment.

Happy healing vibes to you all.
Hope you all enjoy your day!

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier

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No matter how smart you get, more people have got to ask the question: what are you getting smart for? All these wisdom seekers and intelligentsia.. ..trying to fix the issues of the past as if this will rebuild our current state of affairs. It will not.

We need a quantum leap in what we are getting smart “about”, what we are getting wise “about”, ..create a new “why”. Cuz that’s the key isn’t it, the why. Imagine a why not based in survival fear, or about money, or the arrogance of religious and political conquest. Imagine a place in human society where the words Faith & Belief, & even the term God don’t get people fighting, worrying incessantly about doing the right thing, or being the perfect person. It must go so far beyond these that such are rendered unnecessary thoughts, worries, or fears.

There is no measure / split between science and religion, between spiritualism and process.., perennial philosophy, nor the idealism of economics, someone’s lifestyle or human welfare in the general sense, ..all just an idea no matter how you sharpen your tooth with them. All are irrelevant without compassion aren’t they?

There needs be a new jumping-in / jumping-off point long before we even consider moving into this new era / area / arena. Otherwise we are back to square one.

Namaste / Good Tidings
Cordell Klier